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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 29 February 2019

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* An Ingenious Injection Can Create Infrared Vision >>
* Earthquake-resistant paint could help brick buildings survive tremors >>
* Self-charging socks could track your exercise and power wearable tech >>

* Nreal’s mixed reality glasses can be powered by a 5G phone >>
* Bill Gates explains why we should all be optimists >>

* Energizer releases mega phone with 50 days of standby battery life >>
* Disney reportedly wants to buy AT&T’s stake in Hulu >>

* Etsy Crafts a Plan for Carbon-Neutral Online Shopping >>
* 10 Breakthrough Technologies 2019 >>
* Breakthrough Technologies, AI Habitat, Simplified Datomic, and Metrics >>

* Wireless Skin Sensors for Newborns Will Let Parents Cuddle Fragile Babies >>
* MWC Barcelona 2019: The Biggest Changes That 5G Will Bring to the IoT Will Be Invisible >>
* MWC 2019: Huawei Politics, Robots and Speedy 5G >>

* Human-driven climate change meets “gold standard” of scientific certainty >>
* Hands-on with Microsoft’s new HoloLens 2 >>

* Microsoft rolls out AI-driven Azure Sentinel >>
* Electric Container Ships Are Stuck on the Horizon >>
* HIV Drug Impact Foreshadows Antiaging Impact and Who Wins the Most >>

* India and Pakistan On the Verge of Another War >>
* MWC Barcelona 2019: Low Latency 5G Networks Could Be a Game-Changer for AR and VR (But Not Until 2020) >>
* NASA and SpaceX are on Track to Saturday Unmanned Crew Dragon Test Flight >>

* Engineered yeast can brew up the active ingredients in cannabis plants >>
* Can AI Detect Deepfakes To Help Ensure Integrity of U.S. 2020 Elections? >>
* Progress Towards Using Quantum Computers for Solving Quantum Chemistry and Machine Learning >>

* Sandia’s Robots Pull Apart Warheads to Recycle Thousands of Micro-Grenades >>
* Thailand Prepares to Install Floating Solar Plants at Eight Dams >>
* Will Tesla Reveal the Model Y Tomorrow? >>

* MWC Barcelona 2019: Europe Is Trying to Develop Standards for Hyperloops Before Everyone Builds Incompatible Tunnels >>
* Alternatives to DNA-Based Life >>
* Animal-AI Olympics Will Test AI on Intelligence Tasks Designed for Crows and Chimps >>

* Amazon Alexa exec says data privacy is vital to the success of voice assistants >>
* Amazon launches new tools that allow brands to proactively fight counterfeiting >>
* Amazon will let brands issue takedown strikes on fake listings >>

* Here are the most in-demand programming jobs and languages, according to Hired >>
* Researchers genetically modify yeast to ‘brew’ THC and CBD >>
* Controlling Internet Bound VPC Traffic Learn Why Your NAT Gateway May Not Be Up to the Task >>

* Why Is Customer Service So Bad? Because It’s Profitable. >>
* Why Visionary Leadership Fails >>
* Why your attention is like a piece of contested territory >>
* You created a machine learning application. Now make sure it’s secure. >>
* Your phone could soon recognise you on how you move or walk >>

* Thursday February 28, 2019 Mandatory Training >>
* The Surprising Power of Simply Asking Coworkers How They’re Doing >>
* The Ultimate Guide to Reinstalling Windows From Scratch >>

* The Feudal-age of Social Networks Is Over – Here’s What’s Next >>
* D-Wave Reveals 5000+ Qubit System With a More Connected Topology >>
* Modeling Vacuum Systems for Particle Accelerators >>

* Second-ever pair of semi-identical twins identified in Australia >>
* Belize’s Great Blue Hole as researchers release the first ever 3D map of the sinkhole >>
* Purple or brown? This 3D-printed cup changes colour in different light >>

* Trump’s border wall prototypes have been demolished >>
* Your genetic data can be exploited without you ever knowing about it >>
* Airlines reroute to avoid Pakistan >>

* Gymnastics, contortion and social media are changing yoga – and not in a good way >>
* Which is the bigger security risk? Huawei suggests it is the US CLOUD Act, not Chinese telecoms equipment >>
* Spacex Is Set To Launch A Crucial Test Flight For Nasa This Weekend >>

* Robots, teachers and health: How AI will affect NZ workplaces >>
* Software Testing Life Cycle >>
* Why Does a Dev Need to Know About DevOps? >>

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