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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 28 February 2019

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* Google’s DeepMind can predict wind patterns a day in advance >>
* Carbon dioxide is turned BACK into coal in world-first breakthrough >>
* Boeing’s ‘Wingman’ drone buddies up with pilot-flown jets >>

* Dow Jones’ watchlist of 2.4 million high-risk individuals has leaked >>
* How we’ll reinvent the future, by Bill Gates >>

* Nubia’s Alpha watch phone is the most ridiculous gadget at MWC 2019 >>
* Gremlin Free providesability to run both Shutdown and CPU attacks on hosts, containers, simple user interface, no cost. >>
* Google Duo video calls are available on the web >>

* BBC and ITV set to launch Netflix rival >>
* ‘Frogs in hot water?’ We’re getting used to weird weather as globe warms >>
* ‘Unclonable’ Digital Fingerprints Boost Iot Device Security >>

* AI that lets you alter any face with a quick doodle >>
* Police drones with lasers could help find a murder victim in Australia >>
* NASA lab scientists reproduce the marine equivalent of the ‘big bang’ >>

* Elon Musk says his ‘Starship’ will first fly humans to the moon >>
* Clouds May Hold the Key to Future Warming >>
* Tinder Now Has a ‘Spring Break’ Mode for College Hookups >>

* Listen to plants and animals with the Stemoscope >>
* Bring your wildest dreams to life with Hextbot >>
* San Francisco used an algorithm to help it reverse pot convictions >>

* How AI Helps GOAT Keep Sneakerheads a Step Ahead – Ep. 78 >>
* OneWeb Wants To Rebuild the Internet in Space, Connecting Billions Not on the Web >>
* I used a Mercedes-Benz as a Mario Kart controller, and it was amazing >>

* BMW continues to bet on the (Azure) cloud >>
* Microsoft flings open Azure Functions to Java workloads >>
* Ready Flyer One: Airborne Wind Energy Simulations Guide the Leap to Satisfying Global Energy Demand >>

* We’re ready for foldable phones, but are they ready for us? >>
* Automated Testing Considerations >>
* 5 Predictions for Serverless in 2019 >>

* TED; The self-assembling computer chips of the Future >>
* China to open 400 big data, AI majors in universities for global competition >>
* Scientists envision solar power station in space >>

* Op-Ed: China is not America’s enemy – unless you make an enemy out of nothing >>
* Beijing Expo 2019 prepares for interior decoration >>
* Shanghai’s Hongqiao train station to be the world’s first offering 5G coverage >>

* Light pollution has reached fragile habitats and may threaten wildlife >>
* New Huawei P30 Pro leaks show off teardrop notch and quad-camera array >>
* How you could BANK your hair to fend off baldness >>

* Try your hand at working in an Amazon warehouse with this game >>
* VW may pour $1.7 billion into Ford’s self-driving car venture >>
* Ultra-fast USB 3.2 is coming to desktop PCs in 2019 >>

* Samsung’s new 512GB flash chip is twice as fast as its predecessor >>
* When the Bully Is the Boss >>
* LA Hospital Patients Use Alexa for Hands-Free Communication >>

* Holes in 4G and 5G Networks Could Let Hackers Track Your Location >>
* Just what the world needs: budget-friendly kamikaze drones >>
* Jaguar’s 2020 XE uses AI to help you get comfortable >>

* Here’s Everything Coming to Netflix in March 2019 >>
* AI in Web Development: Reality or Hype >>
* Trends in Artificial Intelligence that are Changing the Way We Talk >>

* Universal Binaries, Front-End Training, ML Myths, and Recommended Books >>
* Fighting Legalese with Digital, Personalized Contracts >>
* D-Wave announces its next-gen quantum computing platform >>

* Comparing the Galaxy S10+ and the Xperia 1 to the iPhone XS Max >>
* Comparing the Galaxy S10, Nokia 9 and LG G8: Cameras galore >>
* Boeing’s autonomous fighter jet could arrive next year >>

* 4 Ways Sales Teams Could Get More Value Out of AI >>
* 12 Ways to Help Women in Retail Advance into Management >>
* Robust Aging With National Exercise, Supplementation and Treatment Programs >>

* Billionaire Antiaging Investor Jim Mellon Predicts We Will Live to 115-150 Years >>
* Weekly Space Hangout: Feb 27, 2019 – Dr. Ellen Stofan, Director of the National Air and Space Museum >>
* NASA has Cleared Crew Dragon to Fly. Demo-1 Launches on March 2 >>

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