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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 27 February 2019

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* Nubia’s new wearable puts a 4-inch flexible smartphone on your wrist >>
* MWC Barcelona 2019: 5G Is Putting Robots’ Heads in the Cloud >>
* Climate change kills off clouds over the ocean in new simulation >>

* Building Robots That Can Go Where We Go >>
* MIND KIT Is a Modular Robotics Development Platform Now on Kickstarter >>
* Reimagining mobility: A CEO’s guide >>

* AI-powered waste management underway in China >>
* Google expands AI-powered grammar checker in Docs to all G Suite users >>
* 18,000mAh battery has a phone in it >>

* Microsoft: 20 billion connected devices by 2020. Vodafone, Arm: How about 1 trillion by 2035? >>
* China’s Tech Firms Are Mapping Pig Faces >>
* This image-recognition neural net can be trained from 1.2 million pictures in 90 seconds >>

* Netflix and the Economics of Bundling >>
* Superb AI generates customized training data for machine learning projects >>
* New SpaceX Starhopper Nose Cone Should Be Complete in a Few Days >>

* Google and Samsung simplify choosing Android in the Enterprise >>
* Google’s new AI grammar checker is now live in Google Docs >>
* Machine learning can boost the value of wind energy >>

* Alibaba-backed start-up Efinix sees big opportunities in China for its programmable AI chips >>
* Innovative Backup Power Solution for Data Centers >>
* Superintelligence as a Service is Coming and It Can Be Safe AGI >>

* A.I. Saves Phone Battery For When You Need It >>
* New Security Technology Detects Malicious Cyberattacks on Drones, Cars, and Robots >>
* The Samsung Galaxy S10 has a cryptocurrency wallet built in >>

* 5G will take connectivity to the next level >>
* A World Without Clouds >>
* Israeli lander sent to moon is carrying 30 MILLION PAGES of humankind’s ‘precious knowledge and biological heritage’ >>

* Tesla AI Chip Claimed to be Twenty Times Faster than Nvidia >>
* A map of Kim Jong-un’s slow train trip to Vietnam >>
* Independence problem solved though collaboration >>

* AI start-up Watrix identifies people based on how they walk >>
* An LA hospital will put Alexa in over 100 patients’ rooms >>
* Facebook says it has ‘work to do’ improving moderator job conditions >>

* It’s 2019 and Scientists Have Created Mind-Controlled Rat Cyborgs >>
* Ultimaker Introduces Cloud-Based Platform for 3D Printing >>
* Laser ‘drill’ sets a new world record in laser-driven electron acceleration >>

* BYD Starts Building a New Giant Battery Factory >>
* First Carbon Nanotube Mixed-Signal ICs >>
* Have Dark Forces Been Messing With the Cosmos? >>

* Extreme Electric Skateboard Can Go an Insane 45 MPH >>
* Thirty-Million-Page Backup of Humanity Headed To Moon Aboard Israeli Lander >>
* Vodafone CEO Says Banning Huawei Could Set Europe’s 5G Rollout Back Another Two Years >>

* Oxygen-tracking method could improve diabetes treatment >>
* Netflix is killing piracy in NZ: study >>
* Drupal 7 Will Reach End-of-Life in November of 2021 >>

* Apple Watch might finally add sleep tracking next year >>
* Court upholds AT&T’s purchase of Time Warner >>

* Four short links: Cloud Act, Content Moderation, Conference Diversity, and Exposing Secrets >>
* Folding phones aren’t ready and 5G isn’t here yet >>
* Google’s Flutter toolkit will get web-based dev tooling >>

* Light is expanding from smartphone cameras to self-driving cars >>
* Huawei P30 Pro turns up a month early in prototype form >>
* Chinese Scientists Building Solar Space Station, Projecting 3D Printing & Robotics Will Assist in Future >>

* How Artificially Brightened Clouds Could Stop Climate Change >>
* Would a ‘digital you’ make buying clothes online easier? >>

* It’s Time for Digital Products to Start Empowering Us >>
* When Tech Leaves No Space for Humans >>
* Scaling AI Startups >>

* In Business and IT, Action is the Best Way to Think >>
* Comparison of Traditional Versus Agile Planning >>
* Hackers Can Slip Invisible Malware into ‘Bare Metal’ Cloud Computers >>

* “Jing-jin-ji”: China’s regional city cluster takes shape >>
* Chinese tech behind the first-ever cotton seed germination on the moon >>
* How US trade negotiators are misreading China while ignoring America’s dangerously low savings rate >>

* The launch of an Israeli lunar lander may be the first of many private missions to the Moon >>
* NPM Enterprise JavaScript service released >>
* Backflip-To-Handstand Trick Will Make You Gasp >>

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