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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 13 February 2019

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* IBM AI fails to beat human debating champion >>
* IBM brings Watson to any cloud >>
* Amazon looked to the past to build the future >>

* We didn’t see this coming; By Bill and Melinda Gates >>
* Bill Gates On The Vergecast >>
* White House Executive Order Prioritizes AI for R&D Budgets >>

* Controversial fossils suggest life began to move 2.1 billion years ago >>
* The first creature able to MOVE! ‘Slug-like’ multi-cellular organism >>
* The Next Era of Globalization Will Be Shaped by Customers, Technology, and Value Chains >>

* 3 Digital Strategies for Companies That Have Fallen Behind >>
* Is Your Digital Transformation Focused on the Wrong Strategy? >>
* Digital transformation transforms into … digitally determined >>

* Amazon buys mesh WiFi startup Eero to connect smart homes >>
* Hands-on with an Alpha build of Google Maps’ Augmented Reality mode >>
* Russia plans to test a kill switch that disconnects the country from the internet >>

* A Popular Electric Scooter Can Be Hacked to Speed Up or Stop >>
* Mars One could live again thanks to a mystery investor >>
* Morning After: The ‘Mars One’ dream is over? >>

* AT&T’s streaming service won’t have original shows until 2020 >>
* Daily Crunch: SoftBank bets big on autonomous delivery >>
* AI-guided material changes could lead to diamond CPUs >>

* IBM Working to Increase Food Supply to Feed Growing World Population >>
* SpaceX’s Raptor Engine Hits Power Level for Starship Launches, Elon Musk Says >>
* Scary Map Shows How Climate Change Will Transform Your City >>

* Google Fi SIM cards are now on sale at Best Buy >>
* Lilt is building a machine translation business with humans at the core >>
* New Google Docs toolkit can automate tasks >>

* Smart cat shelter uses AI to let strays inside — but no dogs allowed >>
* Using artificial intelligence to engineer materials’ properties >>
* Robot Melts Its Bones to Change How It Walks >>

* The trap of early feedback >>
* UK Police Forces on Microsoft’s platform have some new toys in their arsenal >>

* Adobe’s latest Lightroom CC uses AI to ‘enhance’ RAW images >>
* 7 problems with Trump’s “American AI” Initiative >>
* A.I. Analyzed 50,000 Living Rooms Around The World >>

* A Machine Gets High Marks for Diagnosing Sick Children >>
* Without Ancient Star, Earth Could Be A Icy, Watery Wasteland >>
* How the Brain Creates a Timeline of the Past >>

* Move the problem solvers closer to the problem to be solved >>
* Microservices: Organizational Practices, Part 2 >>
* How the Internet of Things Is Leveraging AI to Gain a Competitive Advantage >>

* The Path to Production: How And Where to Segregate Test Environments >>
* Blue Cloud Mirror Architecture Diagrams >>
* Build Your First Chatbot With SAP Conversational AI >>

* Deep Reinforced Learning: Addressing Complex Enterprise Challenges >>
* China to lift another ten million people out of poverty in 2019 >>
* Gallium nitride is the silicon of the future >>

* British defence minister more like Mr Bean >>
* Why polar bears invaded a Russian village >>
* Jeff Bezos’ super yacht? >>

* China’s gig economy losing ability to absorb laid off factory workers >>
* Huawei gets vote of confidence from Philippines’ Globe Telecom, which says security concerns somewhat overblown >>
* ‘Friends’ won’t always be there for Netflix: How Warner streaming could affect your shows >>

* A human just triumphed over IBM’s 6-year-old AI debater >>
* Harrison Ford: Climate change ‘greatest moral crisis of our time’ >>
* This is how many dates you have to go on before you find ‘The One’ >>

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