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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 12 February 2019

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* Huge global extinction risk for insects could be worse than we thought >>
* Microsoft video teases HoloLens 2 ahead of MWC launch on 24th >>
* Google Docs gets an API for task automation >>

* Trump has a plan to keep America first in artificial intelligence >>
* China is home to more than half of world’s top AI unicorns as US battle heats up >>
* Why pick on Huawei when all advanced technologies, including those from US, carry security risks? >>

* Tinder-style app for cows tries to help the meat market >>
* AI paediatrician makes diagnoses from records better than some doctors >>

* Tencent-backed AI firm aims to free up parents and teachers from checking children’s maths homework >>
* Robot delivery startup Nuro raises nearly $1 billion from SoftBank >>

* Amazon’s Alexa will be used as a ‘virtual medical coach’ to monitor patients with diabetes, asthma or depression in their own homes >>
* Alexa-like bots will listen out for suicidal patients under NHS technology revolution >>
* Aurora cofounder and CEO Chris Urmson on the company’s new investor, Amazon, and much more >>

* ‘Apollo: Missions to the Moon’ documentary includes unheard audio >>
* ‘Drone swarms’ led by F-35 jets will overwhelm Britain’s enemies, Defence Secretary announces >>
* Greece strengthens presence in space with launch of new satellite >>

* Jeff Bezos’s lover’s brother leaked private texts: report >>
* Acoustic waves can monitor stiffness of living cells >>
* Japan’s Roadmap for Flying Cars 2023 >>

* The Next Wave of ‘Unicorn’ Start-Ups >>
* Research: When Gender Diversity Makes Firms More Productive >>
* Google’s augmented reality Maps are live for some users >>

* Why The Flow Of Ideas Is Vital For An Innovation Ecosystem >>
* DeepWalk: 5-Minute Interview >>
* How AI Developed for Video Games Can Treat Sepsis >>

* Google and Microsoft Warn That AI May Do Dumb Things >>
* Core technologies and tools for AI, big data, and cloud computing >>
* Airbus: People Want and Will Use Urban Air Services >>

* 2019 Tech Predictions: Smart Storage, Cloud’s Bull Run, Ubiquitous DevOps, and Glass-Box AI >>
* Developers Are The Problem, Not Monoliths >>
* A 3 day Python Bootcamp for ML Beginners >>

* Cities Are Secretly Testing Predictive Policing Software >>
* Smarter Education, Smarter AI >>
* 9 Ways Videos Build Customer Loyalty and Retention >>

* Yes, Sustainability Can Be a Strategy >>
* We’re one step closer to unified wireless charging standard for EVs >>
* What to Do When You Realize You’ve Made a Mistake >>

* Wayward Satellites Test Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity >>
* Forget glamping, these pop-up hotel rooms are the new rough luxury >>
* Why you should stop trying to have “the best” of everything >>

* Traditional TV usage is declining across every demographic >>
* The best audio editing software for beginning podcasters >>
* SpaceX Could Make Several Starlink Satellite Launches in 2019 >>

* Quantum Computing on the Cloud >>
* Giant Next-Generation Space Telescopes Could Be Built Off Earth >>
* Startup Accelerates AI at the Sensor >>

* Why It’s So Hard To Find An Interesting, Creative Job >>
* New Aladdin trailer introduces Will Smith’s Genie >>
* The Artificial Intelligence Engineer Master Class Bundle >>

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