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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 11 February 2019

* What Games Are Humans Still Better at Than AI? >>
* Monkeys With Superpower Eyes Could Help Cure Color Blindness >>
* How disruptive technologies are opening up innovative opportunities in services >>

* a16z Podcast: Voting, Security, and Governance in Blockchains >>
* What to expect from Mobile World Congress 2019 >>
* Virgin Galactic donates SpaceShipTwo rocket motor to the Smithsonian >>

* AMS 2019 Day 1: 3D Printing in Surgical Planning and Dental Industry >>
* AMS 2019 Day 3: Keynote Speaker Lars Neumann from TRUMPF Discusses 3D Printed Medical Devices >>
* American Media lawyer denies attempt at blackmail, extortion of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos >>

* China’s blockbuster The Wandering Earth is rich, gorgeous, and goofy >>
* How to watch the 2019 Grammy Awards online >>
* Dojo on stress >>

* Hi-tech dystopian plot or low-key incentive scheme? The complex reality of China’s social credit system? >>
* Are Chinese students in the US a national security threat, or an economic benefit to both countries? >>
* How tech guards the US-Mexico border >>

* Nearly 4,000 Pirate Sites Are Blocked by ISPs Around The World >>
* Kingdom Hearts 3 lets you meet Buzz Lightyear, Mickey Mouse, but it has a baffling backstory >>
* The modern Chinese woman: what she’s like, what she wears, her role models, and why Western brands don’t get her >>

* SpaceX Seeks Approval For Up To 1M Earth Stations for Its Satellite Service >>
* Amazon’s Self-Driving Bet and More Car News This Week >>
* Does relationship compatibility depend on your GENES? Researcher claims DNA could affect the quality of your marriage >>

* Roscosmos Chief Dmitry Rogozin Teases New Russian Super-Heavy Rocket Yenisei >>
* Earth Once Swallowed Its Own Superocean. Could It Happen Again? >>
* On Being A Principal Engineer >>

* Is Another AI Winter Coming? >>
* Token Economics #1: Why do we need Token Economics, still? >>
* Retail Giants like Walmart, Carrefour and Auchan Adopting Blockchain Technology >>

* The Pros and Cons Of Pair Programming >>
* OverOps Employs Machine Learning to Measure Application Reliability >>
* Monitoring Docker Swarm >>

* Don’t Confuse Business Process Management with Network Automation >>
* An Overview of Migration Services Offered By AWS >>
* Challenges and Tips for Taking Legacy Systems to the Cloud >>

* Cloud Migration Best Practices: How to Move Your Project to Kubernetes >>
* Can AI Predict If You Will Age Healthily Or Not? >>
* Chinese developers’ New Year’s resolution – diversify into robotics, green cars and Beijing’s other pet projects >>

* Is the Next Big Thing In Tech — Disconnecting From It? >>
* Interview of Doug Plata on Developing a Moon Base With Current Technology >>

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