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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 10 February 2019

* Watch IBM’s AI System Debate a Human Champion Live at Think 2019 >>
* Scientists Develop First Fabric That Automatically Cools or Heats Depending on Conditions >>
* A painless pill containing tiny needles may one day replace injections >>

* LG’s next flagship is getting a 3D front-facing camera >>
* Mind Reading Computers Directly Convert Brain Signals into Speech >>
* Take a look at the world’s largest 3D-printed rocket engine >>

* The real reason America is scared of Huawei: internet-connected everything >>
* Google DENIES it’s to blame for recent Nest camera hacks but warns owners to reset passwords after numerous devices were taken over remotely >>

* Richard Branson claims he’ll fly to space in JULY >>
* Tyrannosaurus rex might have accidentally helped fruit grow >>
* Game theory says Brexit negotiations are now all about avoiding blame >>

* AI Hears Your Anger in 1.2 Seconds >>
* Amazon invests in a self-driving car startup >>
* Amazon joins Microsoft in calling for regulation of facial recognition tech >>

* Apple is cracking down on apps that secretly record your screen >>
* Biologists answer fundamental question about cell size >>
* Networked freezers at grocery stores are vulnerable to hacking >>

* Remotely Operated Home Robot Can Do Your Laundry >>
* Silent speech recognition enables covert communication >>
* A deeper connection between Google Analytics 360 and Salesforce Sales Cloud >>

* Jeff Bezos accuses National Enquirer of blackmailing him — publishes details himself >>
* AMI defends ‘good faith negotiations’ with Jeff Bezos >>
* looks like National Enquirer is using Amazon’s cloud to host its website >>
* Does Jeff Bezos Have a Legal Case Against The National Enquirer? >>

* Kepler beams back final image from its almost decade-long journey >>
* Neuroscience Is Going to Change How Businesses Understand Their Customers >>
* Amazon SPYING on sellers? taking five-second long videos using facial recognition of vendors >>

* Hubble Space Telescope Captures Dynamic Atmospheres of Neptune and Uranus >>
* How Leaders Can Open Up to Their Teams Without Oversharing >>
* Video Friday: Robotic Gecko Gripper, and More >>

* Unleashing perovskites’ potential for solar cells >>
* Universal income study finds money for nothing won’t make us work less >>
* SpaceX Super Heavy Booster Will Have a Welded Support Structure >>

* Five alternatives to Google you might like to try in 2019 >>
* Qantas Cancels Order for the Threatened Airbus A380 >>
* Researchers Find Further Evidence That Schizophrenia is Connected to Our Guts >>

* Scaling and accelerating a digital transformation >>
* Tackling Europe’s gap in digital and AI >>
* Nearly one billion people have no form of legal ID. Going digital could change that >>

* From lifelong learning to lifelong employability >>
* Some Thoughts on Facial Recognition Legislation >>
* Boring Company Talks Silicon Valley Tunnel But They Should Make Cheaper Subway Tunnels >>

* Robust Plasma Propulsion Ignition System Developed for Cubesats >>
* SpaceX Raptor Has More Than the Power Needed for Super Heavy Booster and Starship >>
* SpaceX and Boeing Have New Commercial Crew Launch Date Targets >>

* Attenborough and the Empire of the Ants >>
* Reliable system was so reliable, no one noticed its licence had expired… until it was too late >>
* Computers Can Read Minds But Digital Big Brother Has Better Technology >>

* IBM Investing $2 Billion in an AI Center and Targets 1000 Times Improvement by 2029 >>
* AI Study of Human Genome Finds Unknown Human Ancestor >>
* At StartMIT, students gain advice for building a successful startup >>

* Imax Ditched VR—but Big Theaters Are Buying In >>
* New technique pinpoints milestones in the evolution of bacteria >>
* This Weird Robot Can Fold Your Laundry at a Snail’s Pace >>

* Facebook Acquires Visual Shopping Startup To Bolster AI Work >>
* Prada pastries, anti-aging houses and more >>
* They Fixed Pornography >>

* ‘X-ray gun’ helps researchers pinpoint origin of pottery found on ancient shipwreck 800 years ago >>
* Scientists want to build a space station INSIDE an asteroid and use artificial gravity >>
* Facebook status: Divorced. Why millennials ‘killed’ how you decouple in the digital age >>

* These tiny gummy-like robots may help prevent disease >>
* Everyone is Talking About our Post-Human Future. It’s a Fairytale >>
* Living on the Moon Could Happen Sooner than We Think >>

* Quantum Complexity Theory for Fish >>
* TED Interview | Future Arc of Technology: a special conversation >>
* The Lego Movie 2 Is an Intergalactic Romp Across the Final Frontier >>

* Something Is Not Quite Right In the Universe, Ultraprecise New Measurement Reveals >>
* Found! Fastest-Orbiting Asteroid Zips Around Sun in Just 165 Days >>
* New trailers: Shaft, The Twilight Zone, Child’s Play, and more >>

* Why The Future Of Life Insurance May Depend On Your Online Presence >>
* 19 Things The Matrix Predicted About Life in 2019 >>
* Beijing hub is home to 10 major AI labs driving China’s tech ambitions >>

* Perceived anti-China bias and dearth of jobs have Chinese science students in US mulling their options >>
* China’s first aircraft carrier may become test bed for top flight electromagnetic warplane launcher >>
* Why Real-Time, AI-Based Anomaly Detection Is a No-Brainer >>

* How IoT Can Play a Role in Omnichannel Retail Experience >>
* Better Together: Humanity + Machine Learning >>
* Google completely terminated our new business via our Google Play Developer Account >>

* Modern Robotics >>
* Democrat Proposes Jail Time For Tech Companies Who Steal Your Data >>
* Fortnite Is the Future, but Probably Not for the Reasons You Think >>

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