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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 7 February 2019

* Penny-Sized Ionocraft Flies With No Moving Parts >>
* The future of cloud-native programming >>
* An AI is playing Pictionary to figure out how the world works >>

* Highlights from the O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference in New York 2019 >>
* Broadband industry loves bullshit names; You’ve heard of 5G; now meet 5G E, 5G TF, and 10G >>
* Pictionary-Playing AI Sketches the Future of Human-Machine Collaborations >>

* Sail-Drones on the High Seas: robotics + sensors tracking the world >>
* 170+ live online training courses opened for March and April >>
* The industry effect; What’s the single biggest determinant of how your company performs relative to others? >>

* Digital ecosystems; Opportunities through the Internet of Things >>
* Ideas for Helping Remote Colleagues Bond >>
* A Crypto Exchange CEO Dies—With the Only Key to $137 Million >>

* Elon Musk’s New Plan is to Get to the Moon as Fast as Possible >>
* If your flight is delayed, these AI lawyers and bots can help you get compensated >>
* 3 emerging trends tech leaders should watch >>

* Mouse toes partially regrown after amputation thanks to two proteins >>
* Tech Is Splitting the U.S. Work Force in Two >>
* AlphaPilot AI Drone Innovation Challenge >>

* Companies Are Failing in Their Efforts to Become Data-Driven >>
* Digital Exchange Loses $137 Million As Founder Takes Passwords To the Grave >>
* Burwood Hospital pioneers use of ‘smart speakers’ for patient care >>

* Caltech Building Agile Humanoid Robot by Combining Legs With Thrusters >>
* McCormick and IBM team up to add AI-fueled flavors >>
* Using AI to Develop New Flavor Experiences >>

* DXC Technology automates triage of support tickets using AWS machine learning >>
* How Big Would a Generation Ship Need to be to Keep a Crew of 500 Alive for the Journey to Another Star? >>
* How to learn a new language while you sleep >>

* Self-driving Cars, Traffic and Parking Problems >>
* Progress Towards Perfect Spin-½ Qubit Buckyball Quantum Computers >>
* Finalist Quantum Computer Resistant Algorithms Selected in Long Standardization Process >>

* Efficient Adversarial Robustness Evaluation of AI Models with Limited Access >>
* Google Assistant’s interpreter mode is ready to translate >>
* How to Choose Your First AI Project >>

* This is how Disney is going to compete against Netflix >>
* A New Google Chrome Extension Will Detect Your Unsafe Passwords >>
* Welcome to the year of the Pig! >>

* Career advice for architects >>
* Facebook finally lets you unsend messages in Messenger >>
* Alan Kay, 2018: The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Create It. But Is It Already Too Late? >>

* IBM Research Releases ‘Diversity in Faces’ Dataset to Advance Study of Fairness in Facial Recognition Systems >>
* IBM Completes Blockchain Trial Tracking a 28-Ton Shipment of Oranges >>
* An Algorithm to Predict the Age of Your Lab Mice >>

* This Wild Moon Base Idea Came from Architecture Students (Video) >>
* China Approved Four New Nuclear Reactors and New Wind Farms >>
* Smart Grid Experiment Saves Participants the Equivalent of One Electric Bill Per Year >>

* What happens when an astronaut gets sick in space? >>
* event | AI Paris >>
* Artificial intelligence and machine learning adoption in European enterprise >>

* Observing hydrogen’s effects in metal >>
* Adobe is Considering Whether it Wants To Design Its Own Chips >>
* Microsoft uses AI to bring the Met’s art collection to the web—and your Instagram >>

* Apple Just Endorsed AT&T’s Fake 5G E Network >>
* How to Figure Out a Drone’s Angular Field of View >>

* Earth’s Magnetic North Pole Was Moving So Fast, Geophysicists Had to Update the Map >>
* SpaceX, Boeing (and NASA) Push Back 1st Test Launches of Private Spaceships >>
* The World’s 1st Interplanetary Cubesats Go Silent Beyond Mars >>

* 5 things still standing in the way of self-driving vehicles >>
* Re-inventing the stethoscope: AI-powered tool can spot pneumonia by listening to how a patient BREATHES >>
* Australia has been home to hopping kangaroos for 20 million years >>

* Brutal Australian Summer Heat Spurs Climate Research >>
* DNA-eating bacteria lurk beneath the Atlantic Ocean floor >>
* How Earth’s changing ecosystems may have driven human evolution >>

* Targeting Certain Brain Cells Can Switch Off Pain >>
* Brain drain? Women’s brains appear younger than men’s, study finds >>
* NASA’s first deep space CubeSats, WALL-E and EVE, go silent >>

* Boeing unveils rendering of hypersonic jet that would fly from US to Japan in 3 hours >>
* “Invisible” reusable labels are written and read using light >>
* Compounding Knowledge >>

* How to Run a 500-Year Long Science Experiment >>
* a16z Podcast: Product-Market Sales Fit (What Comes First?) >>

* Powering the Next Wave of Intelligent Devices With Machine Learning >>
* The Strategy of Selecting an IoT Platform (2019) >>
* Python Bootcamp For ML >>

* How to Gain a competitive edge with an Open Source, Purpose built Time Series Database >>
* Cloud Waste To Hit Over $14 Billion in 2019 >>
* There’s No Good Reason to Trust Blockchain Technology >>

* Instacart and DoorDash’s Tip Policies Are Delivering Outrage >>
* China will build 4 nuclear aircraft carriers in drive to catch US Navy, experts say >>
* EU ban on Chinese technology in 5G revolution would hit trade, investment and cooperation, analysts say >>

* How DJI went from university dorm project to world’s biggest drone company >>
* How AI can help halt human sex trafficking >>
* Amazon is investing in baby-tracking tech, which is honestly a little terrifying >>

* Ship without Sailors: world’s first weather rocket launch from robotic vessel >>
* Quantum Repeater Trial Ignites Hopes for Long-Distance Quantum Cryptography and Computation >>
* NASA’s InSight Lander On Mars Deploys Shield for Quake-Tracking Seismometer >>

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