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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 4 February 2019

* China’s corruption-busting AI system ‘Zero Trust’ being turned off for being too efficient? >>
* The Real-world Ai Issue >>

* Stem cell breakthrough could help cure type 1 diabetes >>
* No Chemo, No Cancer: Trial Eradicates All Signs of Breast Tumors in Only 11 Days >>
* Researchers want to revolutionise AI by combining Quantum computers and Neural Networks >>

* India opens its first center for human spaceflight >>
* Is It Time To Ditch Google Analytics? >>
* First Private Lunar Lander Passes Launch Tests At Spacex Facility >>

* Seminar Highlight: Martin Rees on Space Exploration >>
* Super Bowl 2019: How to watch the big game online >>

* A New Kind of Doctor’s Office >>
* Michael Rose — Evolutionary Biology of Diet, Aging, and Mismatch >>
* “Sun in a Box”: A New Way to Store Renewable Energy for the Grid >>

* Pirate-Powered CDNs Operate Innovative Illicit Streaming Model >>
* How Machine Learning Could Keep Dangerous DNA Out of Terrorists’ Hands >>
* Facebook engineer pictures a future where Portal can tell when you are angry >>

* The Deep Roots of Fake News >>
* 5G in the IoT: How the next generation of wireless technology will transform the IoT >>
* ‘2020 class warfare?’: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the left face off against billionaires in a fight to tax the rich >>

* This Is the Purest Beam of Light in the World >>
* Lego Movie World Opening at Florida Park >>
* Hyperfast Shock Waves from a Supernova Heat Atoms to Blazing-Hot Temperatures >>

* Nissan cancels investment plan for UK plant >>
* Complexity Penalties in Statistical Learning >>
* Can DeepMind’s AI Really Beat Human Starcraft II Champions? >>

* Xbox Live will soon connect players on Android, iOS and Switch >>
* Pictures of the SpaceX Upgrades to Launch Complex 39A >>
* Rich Kids Are Cheating in School With Apple Watches >>

* A Trip Behind The Spectacle At Davos >>
* Foundations Built for a General Theory of Neural Networks >>
* a16z Podcast: Product-Market Sales Fit (What Comes First?) >>

* What’s Next for Education Startups (Part II) >>
* How Will AI Impact Your Business in 2019? >>
* Paid Wi-Fi to become a trend on airplanes >>

* Beijing Winter Olympics to be the first games powered by green electricity >>
* Spring Festival Travel Rush – Take me home >>
* Apple, The Iphone, And The Innovator’s Dilemma >>

* Developments In Software And Technology Are On Course To Displace Millions Of Jobs >>

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