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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 31 January 2019

* Samsung develops the first 1TB storage chip for phones >>
* Ingestible, expanding pill monitors the stomach for up to a month >>
* iRobot’s robotic lawnmower was 10 years in the making >>

* Scientists are working on a ‘shark-proof’ swimsuit >>
* Can AI help crack the code of fusion power? >>
* Chinese computer engineer builds world’s first AI cat shelter for stray cats >>

* The Need for Carbon Fiber Could Ground the Flying-Car Future >>
* So far 2019 has set 33 records for heat, but none for cold >>
* 5G Devices Are about to Change Your Life >>

* Boeing 787 Suffers Rare Dual Engine Failure on Landing >>
* Scientists Use ‘Half A Mosquito-Worth’ of DNA to Produce Whole Genome >>

* India’s largest bank SBI leaked account data on millions of customers >>
* Stream Apple Music for free on American Airlines flights >>

* IBM builds a more diverse million-face data set to help reduce bias in AI >>
* Engineers program marine robots to take calculated risks >>
* Optimizing solar farms with smart drones >>

* Listen: ‘Active Matter’ Could Give Robots And Clothes More Life >>
* Renewable power? Scientists discover ideal wing shape for quick flight opening possibilities of harvesting energy >>
* NASA’s Parker Solar Probe just completed its first trip around the sun >>

* Mind-Altering Cat Parasite Linked To Schizophrenia in Largest Study Yet >>
* What Will Software Look Like Once Anyone Can Create It? >>
* Amazon’s voice-controlled, popcorn-ordering microwave is just $42 today >>

* This robot will play with your pet when you can’t >>
* Boeing Could Build New 797 Jets and Lower Ticket Prices by 40% by mid-2020s >>
* Future of Flying? First Class Cabins May Be Mixed with Economy Seats >>

* SpaceX Applies for Permission for Two Falcon Heavy Launches >>
* Hanford Nuclear Waste Cleanup Makes Progress, But Questions Loom >>
* How AI is solving one of music’s most expensive problems >>

* 10 years in the making iRobot New Terra Robotic Lawnmower >>
* Dibert: Wednesday January 30, 2019 Best Product >>
* Drones Help Rid Galapagos Island of Invasive Rats >>

* Neural Electrodes Snake Around Blood Vessels, Up Nerves >>
* Do Data Scientists Need Certification? >>
* Future AI: The Explorer and the Philosopher >>

* Physicists Made a Flying Army of Laser Schrödinger’s Cats >>
* Blue Origin’s 1st New Shepard Rocket to Carry People Is in ‘the Barn’ >>
* The Lagoon Nebula Glistens in Starry Deep-Space Image >>

* Genome sequencing could become a routine part of health care in the UK >>
* Here’s How Much Ice Antarctica Is Losing—It’s a Lot >>
* Disney and HBO say companies will face massive investment demands >>

* AI Tradeoff: Accuracy or Robustness? >>
* Software Needs an Assembly Line >>
* 10 CES Takeaways Rising Up in the Age of Data >>

* An Open Source Platform for IoT with support for LoRaWAN >>
* Operationalization of Machine Learning Models: Part 2 >>
* So you want to provision a test environment >>

* Tesla just changed its Model S and Model X pricing >>
* China continues 5G push despite economic slowdown and Huawei setbacks >>
* Google is using 3D printers to re-create ancient artifacts >>

* A five foot ROBOT tour guide Betty will lead visitors around Blenheim Palace and post selfies on social media >>
* IBM Research Releases ‘Diversity in Faces’ Dataset to Advance Study of Fairness in Facial Recognition Systems >>
* 5G changes how we work, play, and collaborate >>

* Scientists Identify Key Neural Mechanisms Behind an LSD Trip >>
* Canon And Nikon Are Off To A Strong Start With Their First Full-frame Mirrorless Cameras >>
* Roomba’s creator made an autonomous lawnmower robot >>

* Amazon will fund computer science classes at over 130 New York City high schools >>
* China’s DJI turns its eye to enterprise uses like agriculture >>
* China is home to most extensive expressways and high-speed rail in the world >>

* a16z Podcast: Finding Go-to-Market Fit in the Enterprise >>
* Getting Cozy With WebViews, Part 2 >>

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