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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 30 January 2019

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* $1,200 smart indoor dog toilet can bag up your pet’s mess (and spray air freshener) >>
* Noise-cancelling smart pillow that uses AI to block out your partner’s snoring >>
* Waze Beacons will help you navigate inside New York City tunnels >>

* Mind-reading implant can decode what your ears are hearing >>
* We’ve only just found out exactly how sperm wiggle their tails to swim >>
* What If Your Fitbit Could Run on a Wi-Fi Signal? >>
* Scientists turn Wi-Fi signals into ELECTRICITY in breakthrough >>

* Bill Gates-backed radar system applies for permission to detect and disable drones at the Superbowl >>
* Samsung to launch a smart-shirt that connects to your phone and can diagnose pneumonia, bronchitis, asthma and COPD >>
* Robot valets may soon be parking your car at this airport >>

* Salvador Dali’s AI clone will welcome visitors to his museum >>
* Nasty FaceTime bug could allow others to eavesdrop on your microphone or camera >>
* Scientists spot a new form of strange matter that could reveal what happened in the universe following the Big Bang >>

* Learning to teach to speed up learning >>
* Nvidia’s Quadro Virtual Workstations are now available on Azure >>
* Cisco extends ACI to public cloud >>

* Transplanting stem cells from donors’ eyes could ‘cure blindness’ after a world first study >>
* Why It Hurts to Lose Sleep >>
* Lost Sleep Ups Alzheimer’s Protein Levels >>

* Toshiba unveils new ‘indestructible’ robot with an extending arm to probe melted Fukushima nuclear fuel >>
* From Parkour to Surgery, Here Are the Top 10 Recent Advancements in Robotics >>
* AI recreates paintings using 3D printing >>

* Apex.AI Does the Invisible Work That Will Make Self-Driving Cars Possible >>
* Errors Found in Forensic Software Meant to Assess Age of Death of Skeletal Remains >>
* Can AI help crack the code of fusion power? >>

* Ford is letting some designers build cars in virtual reality >>
* How companies are building sustainable AI and ML initiatives >>
* Mayhem, the Machine That Finds Software Vulnerabilities, Then Patches Them >>

* Report: Apple’s video streaming service to launch this spring >>
* Not Enough Companies Are Ready for Brexit, No Matter What Happens Next >>
* To Improve Your Team, First Work on Yourself >>

* WeWork could challenge Starbucks in China with new on-demand service >>
* These Genetically Modified Chickens Can Lay Eggs With Cancer-Killing Drugs >>
* Scientists Prepare for Mission to Jupiter’s Icy Moon Europa >>

* It’s Time to Stop Treating R&D as a Discretionary Expenditure >>
* Chatbot from Planned Parenthood Can Answer Your Teen’s Sex Questions >>
* The Jobs After Automation Will Be to Satisfy Rising Standards and Competitive Demands >>

* Dilbert Tuesday January 29, 2019 >>
* Accelerated Evolution Biotechnologies Claims to Have a Breakthrough Cancer Cure >>
* Scientists may have found a way to kill cancer cells without chemotherapy >>

* Ultima Thule from New Horizons >>
* 365 Days of Sunshine: Time-Lapse Video Shows the Sun on Every Day of 2018 >>
* Bluetooth Direction Finding Is Like Super-Precise GPS for Connected Things >>

* World’s Largest Digital Sky Survey Issues Biggest Astronomical Data Release Ever >>
* Life on Earth may have been made possible by an ancient, violent collision >>
* Scientists make gene-edited chickens in bid to halt next pandemic >>

* Flying Cars and Skyports Versus Tunnels and Self-driving Electric Cars >>
* Is a slider better than a notch? >>
* The Real-world Ai Issue >>

* Powering the Next Wave of Intelligent IoT Devices With Machine Learning: Part 1 >>
* 6 Predictions for the Surveillance Industry 2019 >>
* Dialogflow Tutorials to Learn Chatbot Development >>

* The cost of Luxembourg’s free public transport plan >>
* I Cut Google Out Of My Life. It Screwed Up Everything >>
* The Man Who Invented Information Theory >>

* Gmail is back online after crashing for users around the world >>
* Instagram outage forces millions to look directly at the world for nearly half an hour >>
* Singapore HIV Registry Data Leaked Online in Health Breach >>

* How the US took more than a decade to build its case against Huawei >>
* Huawei charged with fraud and money laundering >>
* US announces criminal charges against Huawei, seeks to extradite its CFO >>

* NVIDIA is the latest tech giant blaming China’s economy for poor sales >>
* Will rising food costs after Brexit really cause thousands of deaths? >>

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