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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 29 January 2019

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* MIT hopes to automatically ‘de-bias’ face detection AI >>
* The emptiness of space has a structure we could use to send messages >>
* Google Assistant may scan your face to personalize commands >>

* Blood test can diagnose fetal genetic disorders early in pregnancy >>
* AI-tuned robotic knee helps amputees walk within minutes >>
* Chinese HIV experiment prompts call for gene-editing controls >>

* Android Q might include an equivalent to Apple’s Face ID >>
* China tests new generation of faster, bigger maglev >>
* Medical AI, Opinion Mapping, Voting-Free Democracy, and a Typed Graph Database >>

* Scientists bring new insight into how animals see >>
* Martin Rees: Prospects for Humanity >>
* This App Lets Kenya’s Farmers Monitor Crops From Eyes in the Sky >>

* How AI is revolutionising drug industry by cutting pharmaceutical development time, says leading company >>
* The State Of Ai In 2019 >>
* A new trailer for The Wandering Earth shows off a desperate plan to save the planet >>

* China releases footage of ‘Guam killer’ DF-26 ballistic missile in ‘clear message to the US’ >>
* Young Americans seen as ‘future of China-US relations’ as scholars reflect on soft power >>
* The 8-dimensional space that must be searched for alien life >>

* Gene Drives Shown to Work in Female Mice >>
* Women could use their own uteruses as incubators for IVF embryos >>
* MIT Has Invented Slightly Eerie Lasers That Transmit Whispers Only You Can Hear >>

* Antibiotic resistant superbug gene discovered in remote Arctic area thought to be among ‘last pristine ecosystems’ on Earth >>
* Apollo astronauts might have found a piece of Earth on the moon >>
* China still leading in global shipbuilding industry >>

* Scientists may have found a way to kill cancer cells without chemotherapy >>
* Japanese Government Plans To Hack Into Citizens’ IoT Devices >>
* Research: People Use Less Energy When They Think Their Neighbors Care About the Environment >>

* This video of a bricklayer using Hololens is the future of construction >>
* New Blue Origin New Glenn Rocket and a Successful First Commercial Sub-orbital Payload >>
* Life’s Chaotic: Let’s Learn About Entropy >>

* Artificial Intelligence and the Starship >>
* 4 big trends for the sharing economy in 2019 >>

* 2019 Executive Insights on DevOps >>
* 11 Reasons To Use Selenium for Automation Testing >>
* The Basics of Voice Search Optimization >>

* Computer Vision Systems Applied to Real Business Problems >>
* 3 Ways Securing Your APIs Just Got Easier >>
* How To Sound Like A Cloud Expert >>

* What it Means to Be a Data-Driven Enterprise and How to Become One >>
* How to Implement DevOps Testing >>
* Reasons for the Failure of Agile in Organization >>

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