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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 28 January 2019

* Microsoft and MIT can detect AI ‘blind spots’ in self-driving cars >>
* StarCraft is a deep, complicated war strategy game. Google’s AlphaStar AI crushed it. >>
* Austin teen arrested for robbing bank using e-scooter as his getaway vehicle >>

* VW just shut down part of its electric car charging network over a safety concern >>
* Bill Gates Promises Congress $1 Billion To Build Nuclear Reactors For Fighting Climate Change >>
* Using an atomic force microscope as a nanoscopic shovel >>

* Chinese Companies OneSpace and iSpace are preparing for First Orbital Launches >>
* ICYMI: China Has Launched 2 Rockets So Far This Year, Placing 5 Satellites in Orbit >>
* Swarm Raises $25 Million for Smallsat Constellation >>

* Who owns your face? >>
* Scientists are working on a pill for loneliness >>
* Samsung is ditching plastic packaging >>

* AI Helps Amputees Walk With a Robotic Knee >>
* AI technology accelerates and augments legal work >>

* Too few cybersecurity professionals is a gigantic problem for 2019 >>
* Securing The Cloud >>
* Blue Origin starts building the factory for New Glenn’s engines >>

* Jeff Bezos, Has Given Just 0.09% Of Fortune To Charity >>
* Scientists Created The First Successful Human-Animal Hybrids >>
* Advancing Vehicle-to-Grid Tech: Why Solar Energy Needs Your Electric Car >>

* Everything coming to Netflix in February >>
* A new trailer for The Wandering Earth shows off a desperate plan to save the planet >>
* ‘Build the wall’ with fiber optics >>

* a16z Podcast: Connecting Hearts, Bodies, and Networks to Cure Cancer >>
* Thinking Algorithmic In Assembly >>
* DevOps Radio: A DevOps Transformation is Never “Done” >>

* The State of AI in 2019: Top 5 Trends to Watch Out For >>
* Thoughts on Recent Research Paper and Associated Article on Amazon Rekognition >>
* From the Northern to the Southern Cross >>

* A Child’s Puzzle Helped Uncover How Magnets Really Work >>
* A simple data analysis disproves the argument for building a border wall >>
* Electrifying stroke recovery solution defies traditional thinking >>

* Can AI Really Be a Game Changer in Cervical Cancer Screenings? >>
* AI is sending people to jail—and getting it wrong >>
* How spaceflight changes the brain: Study on 15 astronauts reveals micro-gravity alters white matter and causes brain to float higher in the skull >>

* A Guide to BaaS—for people who do not understand SaaS >>

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