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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 24 January 2019

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* Xiaomi’s flexible phone concept folds on both sides >>
* Chinese army AI can track people across different CCTV cameras >>

* How cellphone companies will help you thwart robocalls >>
* Toyota and Panasonic may team up to make EV batteries >>
* The Military Is Looking At Ways To Intercept Nukes From Space — But Experts Say It’s Not Feasible >>

* Amazon warehouse workers are getting utility belts that ward off robots >>
* Rocket Lab snags DARPA launch contract for first 2019 mission >>

* Garmin’s latest golf GPS can throw you into virtual tournaments >>
* SpaceX To Shift Starship Work From California To Texas >>
* 9 trends to watch in systems engineering and operations >>

* X-ray scans powered by AI could slash waiting times for expert diagnosis from 11 days to less than THREE >>
* Alibaba unveils futuristic Chinese hotel complete with facial recognition checkin, robot room service and ‘barbots’ that mix cocktails >>
* Scientists Take Temp Of Atoms In Supernova Shock Wave >>

* SpaceX is Lifts a Bulk Head into the Starhopper and Landing Pad Area Seems Ready for Paving >>
* Modeling Sensors and Instrument Transformers >>
* The trinity of errors in financial models: An introductory analysis using TensorFlow Probability >>

* CTO of General Fusion Forecasts Ten Years to Commercial Fusion >>
* Elon Musk and CERN Confirm Discussions for Cheaper Future Collider >>
* Astronomy Cast Ep. 514: Planetary Protection Protocols >>

* Hulu in February 2019 >>
* Greenland ice melting faster than scientists had thought, nears ‘tipping point’ >>
* Postmates’ quest to design a delivery robot that people don’t hate >>

* China Transforms, and a Factory Owner Struggles to Follow >>
* Steam-Powered Spacecraft Could Explore the Asteroid Belt Forever, Refueling Itself in Space >>

* The Era of “Move Fast and Break Things” Is Over >>
* Oracle’s priorities for 2019? Repeat this handy mantra: Applications! Automation! Integration! >>

* Data science and AI set for growth in 2019 >>
* Vectorly reinvents itself to maximize its impact on mobile learning >>
* Elon Musk says Tesla vehicles will soon get a ‘Sentry Mode’ >>

* Swedish researchers have recreated how birds see the world using a special camera. >>
* Breakthrough in earthquake prediction as scientists find big quakes follow a ‘silent slip’ >>
* Scientists recreate ‘freak wave’ that can reach 100ft high for first time – and find they perfectly mirror Hokusai’s ‘Great Wave’ print from 1800 >>

* Gene-edited ‘superchickens’ resistant to flu in bid to halt human pandemic >>
* Apple to put THREE cameras on the upcoming iPhone 11 >>
* 10 powerful quotes to inspire your meditation practice >>

* Scientists engineer new CRISPR platform for DNA targeting >>
* Google Gives Wikimedia Millions—plus Machine Learning Tools >>
* Google Says Data is More Like Sunlight Than Oil >>

* Converging AI and Real-Time Analytics to Transform Travel >>
* Another autonomous robot is here to deliver snacks for college students >>
* Scientists turn carbon emissions into usable energy >>

* Scientists analyzed the gamma rays emitted during the NPDGamma Experiment and found parity-violating asymmetry >>
* Saturn’s Rings are Only 10 to 100 Million Years Old >>
* Reality Regained: An Inquiry into the Data Age >>

* Nuclear Fusion Commercialization Race >>
* NASA Switches Astronaut on Boeing’s 1st Crewed Starliner Spacecraft Test Flight >>
* Tesla Cars With Autopilot 2+ Hardware Will Watch Over the Car in Sentry Mode >>

* NVIDIA Launches New Robotics Lab in Seattle >>
* Developing a Distributed Autonomous Test Framework >>
* SpaceX Stainless Steel Rocket Will Be Lighter and Stronger and Have 65X Lower Cost Material, >>

* Tata Communications’ Countrywide Internet of Things Will Manage the Chaos in India’s Booming Cities >>
* How to Lead at Every Stage of Your Engineering Career >>
* Russia Will Test a New Sodium Fast Reactor and Reprocessing to Handle All Nuclear Waste >>

* Exclusive: 600-million-year old blobs are earliest animals ever found >>
* How virtual reality can help you manage pain >>
* The future of artificial intelligence in retail >>

* Gene Therapy Promotes Nerve Regeneration >>
* The Top Biotech and Medicine Advances to Expect in 2019 >>
* Xiaomi’s folding phone is the best we’ve seen so far >>

* Top Web Development Trends To Watch In 2019 >>
* Top 10 Trending Artificial Intelligence Frameworks and Libraries >>

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