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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 15 January 2019

* Airbags Could Protect Humanoid Robots From Catastrophic Falls >>
* China wants ‘to build a house on the Moon using 3-D printing technology’ and reveals it intends to return again THIS YEAR >>
* This steam-powered spacecraft could explore the universe forever >>

* These future-proof parking garages can easily morph into offices or housing >>
* SpaceX will Start Building the Super Heavy First Stage Booster This Spring >>
* CES 2019: The sat nav of the future has arrived >>

* A child’s mix of gut bacteria may determine if they get allergies >>
* Weird star system has double binary stars and wonky planetary nursery >>
* Ready, SETI, go! Alien-hunting database dating back to 1960 is set up to help academics and amateurs looks for signs of extra-terrestrial life >>

* Ford reveals ‘docking station’ technology that allows pushchair to fit in the boot without needing to collapse it >>
* Solar Farms Shine a Ray of Hope on Bees and Butterflies >>
* Here’s how we can make work work for all of us >>

* The human brain works backwards to retrieve memories >>
* Why you may need a tech break, especially women >>
* 5000 times faster than a computer >>

* Bio-Printers Are Churning out Living Fixes to Broken Spines >>
* Oppo rumor says a phone with 10x optical zoom is coming this week >>
* Chinese netizens excited about 2.5-day weekend policy >>

* The most powerful person in Silicon Valley >>
* Automattic announces Newspack to help news organizations publish and monetize >>
* Geoengineering could solve our climate problems if anyone allowed it >>

* Police ended a gas station standoff by using a robot to deliver a vape pen >>
* Fads in belief >>
* World’s Longest Aircraft Gets Full-Production Go-Ahead >>

* ‘Game of Thrones’ teaser trailer hypes up the final season >>
* Apple’s AirPower Wireless Charging Mat Is In Production >>
* China to collect samples from moon this year >>

* Manufacturing Software the DevOps Way >>

* a16z Podcast: The Science and Business of Innovative Medicines >>
* a16z Podcast: All about Synthetic Biology >>
* What’s Next for Education Startups >>

* All-in-one workspace >>
* Select Your Age Interested in reading advice from others? Select an age to see what others have to say. >>
* Serverless computing: one step forward, two steps back >>

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