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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 11 January 2019

* A manicure by LASER? Anjou shows off $699 nail printer that can add ANY image to your fingers in 30 seconds >>
* BotBoxer debuts $20,000 AI punching bag that will learn your style and always ‘goes for your weakest point’ >>
* From Disney and Audi’s new ‘Holoride’ experience that puts VR games in every car >>

* AI created images of food just by reading the recipes >>
* Scientists prove males ARE more sensitive to pain than women >>
* Bumblebees lose sleep looking after the young by napping half as much >>

* Meet Caper, the AI self-checkout shopping cart >>
* CES is more than just cars. It’s also about electric motorcycles and flying cars. >>
* Future of Roller Coasters >>

* A conference room full of holograms is the future of work >>
* Wallabot keeps a wireless eye on nodding drivers >>

* Tokyo’s talking subway robots: City launches six-foot automatons that can speak, English, Japanese, Chinese and Korean to help visitors ahead of 2020 Olympic Games >>
* Baidu Cloud launches its open-source edge computing platform >>
* Device that works like a lung makes clean fuel from water >>

* Revolutionary radio telescope detects bevy of fast radio bursts >>
* Radio wave bursts from space keep hitting Earth and we don’t know why >>
* This Smart Glove Could Be the Future of Physical Therapy >>

* More Trouble for the Hubble Telescope as a Primary Camera Malfunctions >>
* Wireless energy transfer unveiled at CES >>
* Google’s smart home tech to work as a translator >>

* CES 2019: It’s the Year of Virtual Assistants and 5G >>
* Watch AMD’s CES press event in under 9 minutes >>
* Neofect’s robotic glove is nearly ready to help those with hand paralysis >>

* The world’s first 1-terabyte SDXC card is here >>
* A self-driving delivery car brought me a burger at CES >>
* Wireless Tech Company Finds Way To Charge Drones In Flight >>

* Smart bra developer uses tech for better fit >>
* CES 2019: Bosch develops tiny laser to put touchscreens in your wardrobe >>
* Technological change often happens gradually, then suddenly. Tim O’Reilly explores areas poised for sudden shifts. >>

* Too many smart home devices? Get the Logitech Harmony Hub >>
* CES 2019: Baby tech >>
* LG’s new TV rolls up when you’re done watching >>

* How Intel sees itself playing a role in the 5G rollout >>
* This Huge Black Hole Is Spinning at Half the Speed of Light! >>
* Japan’s Hayabusa2 Probe to Snag 1st Asteroid Sample Next Month >>

* LG Has 20X65 Foot Curved TV Waterfall Display at CES >>

* Space Telescopes of the Future: NASA Has 4 Ideas for Great Observatory to Fly in 2030s >>
* The Best Of Ces 2019 >>
* 1,700 MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) Getting Started in January: Enroll Today >>

* Bell Unveiled a Full Scale VTOL Air Taxi at CES >>
* What Are Elliptical Galaxies? >>
* Brightest Gravitationally Lensed Object Ever Seen is 600 Trillion Times Brighter than our Sun >>

* New Mach 3 Shell Will Triple the Range on Over 1000 US Navy and Army Guns >>
* The Race to Develop the World’s Best Quantum Tech >>
* SpaceX Starship Follows the GrassHopper to Falcon 9 Development Path >>

* D-Wave Systems New Pegasus Architecture and 5640 Qubit Future >>
* ElliQ, A Social Home Robot for Older Adults, Now Available for Pre-Order >>
* Amazon takes aim at MongoDB with launch of Mongo-compatible DocumentDB >>

* China’s State Grid Corp Crushes Power Transmission Records >>
* Scientists Could Soon Develop ‘Mosquito Birth Control’ to Prevent Diseases >>
* CES 2019: Cortana’s gone underground >>

* So You Automated Your Coworkers Out of a Job >>
* Samsung will unveil the Galaxy S10 February 20 in San Francisco >>
* AWS Launches Fully-Managed Document Database Service >>

* The Morning After: AT&T tries to explain its 5G fib >>
* Google just might power the streaming box of your dreams in 2019 >>
* Google Chrome Labs experiment is Etch A Sketch for your browser >>

* DJI drones can fly over crowds, if they pack a parachute >>
* AI-assisted imposters, IoT and crypto-jacking: cyber security in 2019 >>
* Dilbert; Thursday January 10, 2019 Ai With Bad Analogies >>

* The Sun Will Turn Into a Giant Crystal Ball After It Dies >>
* How Jason Antic Created ‘De-Oldify,’ a Popular Tool That Makes Old Photos Look New – Ep. 76 >>
* 2019: The Future of AI Technologies >>

* AI and Criminal Interrogations >>
* Evolution of Automation: To Intelligent Automation and Beyond >>
* These Star Trek-style translation devices are smashing the language barrier, thanks to AI and cloud computing >>

* Fixing broken satellites in space could save companies big money >>
* Lovot is the first robot I can see myself getting emotionally attached to >>
* Meet Caper, the AI self-checkout shopping cart Autonomous retail beyond Amazon Go >>

* China expected to roll out commercial 3D-printed houses in 2019 >>
* World’s first L4 self-driving sweeper car debuts in North China’s Inner Mongolia >>
* These Star Trek-style translation devices are smashing the language barrier, thanks to AI and cloud computing >>

* Is the US right to cry foul about forced technology transfer to do business in China >>

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