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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 10 January 2019

* SpaceX StarHopper is in One Piece and Could Fly in 4 Weeks >>
* UBTECH Shows Off Massive Upgrades to Walker Humanoid Robot >>
* Walker the Robot Is Here to Help Manage Your Smart Home >>

* Bots, britches, and bees >>
* The state of artificial intelligence >>
* Kubernetes co-founder Joe Beda to kick off our Continuous Lifecycle London conference >>

* Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and wife MacKenzie to divorce after 25 years of marriage >>
* IKEA’s smart window blinds hit the US April 1st >>
* CES 2019: IBM’s hourly weather reports will cover entire Earth >>

* Google Assistant will soon be able to translate conversations on-the-fly with ‘Interpreter Mode’ >>
* The Google Assistant can now check you in to your flight and book you a hotel room >>
* Google Assistant is coming to Google Maps today >>
* Google woos smart home device makers with launch of Google Assistant Connect >>
* Google activity cards now help you find previous searches >>
* Google’s New Interpreter Mode Translates Your Conversation >>

* ‘Deepsqueak’ Program Decodes Rat Speak >>
* UK police force is dropping tricky cases on advice of an algorithm >>
* Food shopping delivered by ROBOT: autonomous buggy service that whisks groceries to your door in 15 MINUTES >>

* a16z Podcast: What’s Next for Marketplace Startups (Hint: Services) >>
* CES 2019: The expanding door that fights parcel thieves >>

* Verizon and Disney think 5G can ‘transform’ entertainment >>
* HTC Vive Pro Eye hands-on: Everything is prettier with gaze-tracking >>
* The cute, programmable Misty II robot is $800 cheaper than we thought >>

* Lasers used in self-driving cars could be deployed along Mexican perimeter >>
* Drones are causing airport chaos – why can’t we stop them? >>
* Biodegradable Sensor Wraps Around Healing Artery >>

* A New Idea about What Triggers Alzheimer’s >>
* Chinese company debuts ‘world’s cheapest electric car’ >>
* Introducing Scratch 3.0 >>

* Dilbert: Ai Is Stupid For An Hour >>
* A New Phone Design to Facilitate the Shift From 4G to 5G >>
* IBM Q System One is a Commercial Integrated Quantum Computer >>

* CBS’ Picard series will loosely tie in with JJ Abrams’ ‘Star Trek’ >>
* $1,800 Smart Cat Treadmill Will Give Your Overweight Pet a Workout >>
* Walmart will offer autonomous grocery deliveries in Arizona >>

* Microsoft will help train LG’s self-driving car software >>
* Mercedes and NVIDIA team up to build next-gen AI vehicles >>
* CES 2019 recap: Day One >>

* Oculus Rift can stream live VR to Facebook >>
* It’s the golden age of traditional retail, not its end days >>
* This new HDHomeRun DVR makes life easier for cord-cutters >>

* Baidu’s self-driving car platform can handle parking and speed bumps >>
* Verizon and Disney think 5G can ‘transform’ entertainment >>
* Best Tech of CES 2019 >>

* Intel Studios shows off volumetric video capturing with ‘Grease’ >>
* This Wearable AI Translator Lets You Talk in Different Languages >>
* The best and worst of CES 2019: Monster displays, VR in cars and crazy personal gadgets >>

* SanDisk’s Extreme Pro portable SSD is so fast you can edit video on it >>
* Welcome to 2019: Your Exchange server can be pwned by an email >>
* I don’t want to live in LG’s vision of the future >>

* Here’s everything Google announced at CES 2019 >>
* US Telcos Selling Access To Their Customers’ Location Data, Data Reaches Bounty Hunters and Others >>
* Watch Intel’s CES 2019 press event in under 10 minutes >>

* Biggest Space Movies to Watch in 2019 >>
* Phoenix Mars Lander: The First Spacecraft to Taste Martian Water >>
* Elon Musk’s ‘Tintin’ Starship prototype to take its first test flight within weeks >>

* The wheelchair you can control with your FACE >>
* Self-cleaning spacesuits could help astronauts cope with Martian dust >>
* An AI conference warns us why we need to mind our language >>

* Robots of the future won’t look much like C3PO or the Terminator >>
* Ready for 10G? As wireless carriers push 5G, cable industry makes a case to keep broadband >>
* CES 2019: ‘Award-winning’ sex toy for women withdrawn from show >>

* Dinosaur-Killing Asteroid Triggered Mile-High Tsunami That Spread Through Earth’s Oceans >>
* Astronomy Cast Ep. 512: Direct Imaging of Exoplanets >>
* How Does My Garden Grow? With Drones, Sensors, and AI All in a Row >>

* Baidu’s self-driving car platform can handle parking and speed bumps >>
* Develop Mainframe Software with Open Source SCMs and IBM Dependency Based Build >>
* Breaking Down the DevSecOps Approach >>

* DJI drones can fly over crowds if it wears this certified parachute >>
* Astronomers find another source of repeating radio bursts from outside our galaxy >>
* CES 2019: Playing Beat Saber On The Pimax 8K Is Pretty Amazing >>

* China to speed up development of hydrogen economy >>
* China’s digital economy creates new jobs amid challenges >>
* Chinese warships dock in Cambodia amid rumours Beijing is building a new naval base there >>

* US negotiators push ‘needed structural changes’ on forced technology transfers and IP protection during trade talks with China >>

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