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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 3 January 2019

Futureseek 2018 Review >>

* China lunar rover successfully touches down on far side of moon >>
* China’s lunar probe sends first photo of dark side of moon >>
* IEEE Spectrum; TOP TECH 2019 >>

* 2018 ushered in ‘a potential space renaissance’ >>
* Google’s Project Soli that lets you control devices by moving your fingers in thin air is one step closer to reality after US approval >>
* Engineering a Biomedical Revolution in China >>

* World’s First Jetpack Racing League to Launch in 2019 >>
* Remember That $20 Million Ocean Cleanup Project? It Isn’t Working. >>
* Pimax Shipping Analyzed: When Will Backers Get Their 8K VR Headsets? >>

* The Pictures are Here! New Horizons Close Up View of 2014 MU69 >>
* LG’s 2019 TVs add HDMI 2.1 and 8K >>

* CES 2019 brings foldable TVs and self-driving suitcases >>
* Drinkable Cocktail Stymies Alzheimer’s Disease At Its Start >>

* In 2019, blockchains will start to become boring >>
* Google Wins US Approval For Radar-Based Hand Motion Sensor >>
* Chinese app developers have invaded India >>

* An Astronaut Accidentally Dialed 911 In Space >>
* Our Top 16 Podcasts and Videos of 2018 >>
* Hi-tech trends for 2019: the year of 5G, AI, self-driving cars – and a real ‘RoboCop’ >>

* Disney+ streaming service: Everything we know so far >>
* NASA spacecraft confirms successful flyby of distant Solar System object >>
* 250+ live online training courses opened for January, February, and March >>

* Nikki Haley gives up 1.6 million followers to satisfy the State Dept. >>
* Black-haired monkeys in Costa Rica are suddenly turning blonde >>
* NASA’s Juno mission just caught a volcanic eruption on Jupiter moon Io >>

* Tiny Solar Can Embed Power Generation in Clothing >>
* Two New Airport MegaHubs Will Lower International Airfares in 2019 >>

* OSIRIS-REx: Orbital Operations at Bennu >>
* India is Going to be Sending Three People to Space in Three Years >>
* Industrial Workers Will Soon Don Exoskeletons and Achieve Super Strength >>

* 5G Phones Are Coming Soon, But You Should Wait to Buy One >>
* Silicon Valley pledged to break up the boys’ club of investing in 2018. How did it do? >>
* Here’s First Image Of Ultima Thule, ‘Most Distant Object Ever Visited’ >>

* TestOps Infrastructure From Beginning to End: Theoretical Aspects (Part 1) >>
* ‘China, China, China’: Trump’s new Pentagon chief sets US defence priorities >>
* Unit Testing Using Mockito and PowerMock >>

* Who Will Lead In The Age Of Artificial Intelligence? >>
* Trend check: Best of our 2018 predictions >>

* Customizing computer-aided design >>
* The Far Side of the Moon: What China and the World Hope to Find >>
* Ever-growing Reality That We Might Be Able To Live Forever >>

* Baby chicks could be given faecal transplants to ward off infections >>
* ‘Genesis 2.0’ Review: How to Clone a Mammoth >>
* China Has Radio Antenna to Talk to Submarines and It Covers Five Times Area of NY City >>

* Rocket Launches, Trips to the Moon and More Space and Astronomy Events in 2019 >>
* Curbs on A.I. Exports? Silicon Valley Fears Losing Its Edge >>
* The Reunion: a new science-fiction story about surveillance in China >>

* AI could make it impossible for artists and novelists to make a living >>
* Automation saved this American manufacturer >>

* The end of China’s ridesharing gig >>
* Take Your Pills When Your Genes Are Most Active >>

* Caltech Scientists Use DNA Tiles To Play Tic-Tac-Toe at the Nanoscale >>
* Intel’s quest to build the world’s first true quantum computer >>
* Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s year in one chart >>

* Hackers claim to have insurance data linked to 9/11 attacks >>
* Anna Frebel is searching the stars for clues to the universe’s origins >>

* Three Raptor Engines Revealed SpaceX Starship Hopper >>
* SpaceX Super Heavy Starship Will Also Be Space Tugs and Cycler >>

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