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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 1 January 2019

Futureseek 2018 Review >>

* New Horizons Spacecraft Makes New Year’s Day Flyby of Ultima Thule, the Farthest Rendezvous Ever >>
* NASA Probe Slips into Orbit Around Asteroid Bennu >>
* China’s Chang’e 4 Mission Ready for Farside Moon Landing >>
* SpaceX Starship Assembled Body Within Days As Teased by Elon Musk >>

* MIT researchers are now 3D-printing glass >>
* Microsoft’s prediction of technology in 2019 is well, you’ll see >>
* Why IoT Has Consistently Fallen Short of Predictions >>

* NASA gives go-ahead for ‘Dream Chaser’ mini spaceplane >>
* Young people’s blood is being tested as a treatment for Parkinson’s >>
* Gillmor Gang: Next >>

* AI creates fake ‘master’ fingerprints are so realistic they could hack into a THIRD of smartphones >>
* Scarlett Johansson slams deepfakes, says she can’t stop the internet from pasting her face on porn >>
* Amazon will build more Whole Foods stores to expand Prime Now >>

* A skin test after a traumatic event may identify those at risk of PTSD >>
* These species went extinct in 2018. More may be doomed to follow in 2019. >>
* The Mystery of Sleep >>

* 2019 China tech: trade war likely to cast shadow as AI, e-commerce, smartphone progress continues >>
* Singularity Hub’s Top Articles of the Year >>
* The Most Surprising Tech Breakthroughs of 2018 >>

* This clever AI hid data from its creators to cheat at its appointed task >>
* With Drone Deliveries on the Horizon, Europe Moves to Set Ground Rules >>
* What to expect from CES 2019 >>

* 10 predictions about the media industry in the New Year >>
* Physicists record “lifetime” of graphene qubits >>
* Google is testing group calling in Duo >>

* Why Huawei Gives the US and Its Allies Security Nightmares >>
* Stream More Than 500,000 Movies and TV Shows With SelectTV >>
* US Military Going Beyond Helicopters >>

* What I learned at work this year >>
* The Most Watched Space Videos of 2018! >>
* Russian Cosmonaut says that the Hole in the ISS was Drilled From the Inside >>

* The Best Tech Quotes of the Year >>
* 83 Things That Blew Our Minds in 2018 >>
* This Year SpaceX Made Us All Believe in Reusable Rockets >>

* Physicists puzzled by strange numbers that could explain reality >>
* Dev vs. Ops: The State of Accountability >>
* Why Is Jeff Bezos on a Horse? 2018 Is Nearly Over, So Here Are Some Random Guesses >>

* China: slowing economy and inequality force new priorities for rulers >>
* Industrial IoT, fog computing consortia wed to bolster industry influence >>
* AT&T portable battery will charge both your Apple Watch and iPhone >>

* Elon Musk wants testers for Tesla’s long-awaited ‘full self-driving’ A.I. chip >>
* a16z Podcast: Talent, Tech Trends, and Culture >>
* 7 Predictions for AI in 2019 >>

* Wireless ‘pacemaker for the brain’ could offer new treatment for neurological disorders >>
* New version of memory could power AI phones, smart devices >>
* The Most Promising Automotive Technologies for 2019 >>

* Brain ‘pacemaker’ could prevent tremors and seizures for Parkinson’s and epilepsy sufferers >>
* Everything coming to Netflix in January — and what’s leaving >>
* What Happens When An Algorithm Cuts Your Health Care >>

* Will Mimicking The Nervous System Advance Artificial Intelligence? >>
* Police helicopter in near collision with drone above motorway >>
* Beijing uses face-detecting smart locks to curb public housing abuses >>

* Top 10 Chinese news stories of 2018 >>
* Conceptual Analysis for AI Alignment >>
* Vodafone Dressed a Drone Up Like Santa’s Sleigh for the UK’s First 4G Drone Delivery >>

* Russia and China’s new missiles could scare the US president away from deploying aircraft carriers >>
* The US Air Force’s future air-superiority fighter could cost three times as much as an F-35, watchdog warns >>
* A Stealthy Anti-Ship Missile Could Help U.S. Turn The Table On Chinese Navy >>

* A day in Guangzhou – a city with smart tech and amazing history >>
* Awe-Inspiring Images From Underneath A Well-Worn USS Nimitz, The Navy’s Oldest Carrier >>
* Why is the US military seeing so many readiness problems with their new technology? >>

* Kim Jong Un Says He’s Ready for More Talks With Trump >>
* China launches six Yunhai-2 satellites for atmospheric environment research >>
* 10 predictions about the media industry in the New Year >>

* How to Build a Better Tech Talent Pipeline >>
* Tuesday January 01, 2019 >>

* US-China trade war ‘just tip of iceberg’ hiding deeper problems in bilateral relationship, says Alibaba executive chairman Jack Ma >>
* US trade war forces businesses to rethink Chinese investments amid fears dispute will drag on into new year >>
* 7 exercises to master in 2019 >>

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