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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 28 December 2018

* Surgical Singularity Is Approaching >>
* 2019 Preview: AI to best humans at one of world’s most complex games >>
* Beyond Pluto: Spacecraft to fly by distant space rock ‘Ultima Thule’ on New Year’s Day >>

* Disney’s ‘Star Wars’ theme park trailer takes you inside its rides >>
* Epic Games, the creator of Fortnite, banked a $3 billion profit in 2018 >>
* Alphabet is re-working its Wing delivery drones to be less noisy >>

* Real-time readouts of thinking in rats >>
* Reading Minds, Year Gotchas, LSTM Conversation, and Fast Scanning >>
* The biggest technology failures of 2018 >>

* India Curbs Power of Amazon and Walmart to Sell Products Online >>
* 12-step program for ‘tech addicts’: Young people turn to AA-style meetings >>
* How China got a head start in fintech, and why the West won’t catch up >>

* From autonomous cars to foldable phones, 2019 looks promising for 5G wireless technology >>
* Future AI: Turing multiplexing, air gels, hyper-neural nets >>
* The Milestones of Human Progress We Reached in 2018 >>

* Rotating Detonation Engines Could Propel Hypersonic Flight >>
* Chinese government will use home sharing data to monitor travelers >>
* Boring Machines for Deep Underground Lairs and Starting Underground Worlds >>

* Researchers are putting fish into augmented reality tanks >>
* IPFS Project Roadmap v0.4.0 >>
* The Global Hypersonic Arms Race Has Just Started >>

* AI Automatically Sorts Cancer Cells >>
* Tuning Infrared Antennas with Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics >>
* Don’t Fear the Robot Overlords—Embrace Them as Coworkers >>

* Experience New Horizons’ Encounter with a New World using Mobile Apps >>
* Technical mishaps occurred in trains, planes, automobiles, and many more places >>
* Dream on: My year pursuing the third state of being >>

* Samsung’s 2019 TVs will support input devices, like keyboards and mice for your PC >>
* Wake-up Timer Saves Power For I.O.T. Sensors >>
* Mind-Bending Study Suggests Time Did Actually Exist Before The Big Bang >>
* Don’t Fear the Robot Overlords—Embrace Them as Coworkers >>

* MIT research honored with Physics World “Breakthrough of the Year” awards >>
* UK army tests eagle-inspired paragliding drone for delivering supplies >>
* Five Times the Internet Was Actually Fun in 2018 >>

* Elon Musk defends his “pedo guy” tweets in defamation suit: They weren’t “statements of fact” >>
* LG’s latest sound bars feature Dolby Atmos and Google Assistant >>
* Is Smart Technology Making Us Dumb? >>

* China’s H-20 Stealth Bomber Copy of the US B2 Leads a New Wave of Military Gear >>
* SpaceX’s Starship goes sci-fi shiny with stainless steel skin >>
* This Roomba Can Turn Cleaning Maps Into ‘Doom’ Levels >>

* A new solar technology could be the next big boost for renewable energy >>
* Amazon advertises for NZ staff – but it’s not what you might think >>
* US stock markets rally after pre-Christmas slump >>

* Amazon advised US government on a portal that could make it billions >>
* Trump’s not the problem. He’s a symbol of 4 bigger issues. >>
* Japan Announces Withdrawal From International Whaling Commission, To Resume Commercial Whaling >>

* Artificial General Intelligence is Nowhere Close To Being a Reality >>
* Rich people give more to charity when you make them feel powerful >>
* One Giant Step for a Chess-Playing Machine >>

* Rolls-Royce’s Fully Autonomous Ship Could Set Sail Soon >>
* Alexa crashed on Christmas Day >>
* Samsung’s latest experiments include an ASMR recorder >>

* 2019 Preview: Teeth will reveal our species’ deep evolutionary past >>
* What’s Next In Syria After The Us Withdraws? >>
* Wristband That Detects Opioid Overdose Joins U.S. Race for Tech Solutions >>

* China Starts Operating Most Powerful Single Nuclear Reactor >>
* The 12 cleverest tech ideas of 2018 >>
* 40 Games We Can’t Wait To Play In 2019 >>

* Amazon announces a record-breaking holiday, ‘tens of millions’ of new Prime subscribers >>
* Boeing plans unmanned electric aircraft future >>
* Facebook and Valve Are On Diverging Paths For VR In 2019 >>

* The Verge 2018 tech report card: Facebook >>
* The Verge 2018 tech report card: Amazon >>
* The Verge 2018 tech report card: Samsung >>
* The Verge 2018 tech report card: Google >>

* Why Chinese Companies Suck at User Engagement >>
* The Beginner’s Guide to AI >>
* 9 Skills to Transition Into AI Development >>
* Exploring the many benefits of using edge computing in IoT devices >>

* The Unending Chasm, and How to Survive It >>
* a16z Podcast: How the Internet Happened >>
* White House said to mull new year executive order to bar Huawei, ZTE purchases >>

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