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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 21 December 2018

* A Bug-Like Robot Uses Electricity to Walk Upside Down >>
* Deep Beneath Your Feet, They Live in the Octillions >>
* Robot hand that plays Jingle Bells could help us make better limbs >>

* 7 Cloud Predictions for 2019 >>
* Trends in data, machine learning, and AI >>
* Stanford AI found nearly every solar panel in the US >>

* Device that works like a lung makes clean fuel from water >>
* Next X: Nutrition futures >>
* Google’s Cloud Spanner database adds new features and regions >>

* When AI is the Product: The Rise of AI-Based Consumer Apps >>
* SpaceX’s Reusable Dragon 2 Crew Capsule Is Covered in Solar Panels >>
* Why a Spider-Eyed “Sex Helmet” Could Be the Future of VR Video >>

* Macaulay Culkin is “Home Alone” again in new Google ad >>
* How busting some moves on the dance floor is good for your brain >>
* 3-D Printing on Mars >>

* This Drone Seamlessly Transitions Between Swimming and Flying >>
* IT asset disposition in the age of IoT >>
* The advantages of edge computing >>

* Self-powered electric bandages could speed up healing >>
* Drone fires net to catch rogue drones >>
* ‘Effects Cannot Be Overstated’: When Tech Invaded Media >>

* 3D-printed electronic pill can wirelessly dispense medicine from inside stomach >>
* China makes ‘big progress’ on nuclear strike range with new submarine-launched missile >>
* China slammed by US and more than a dozen allies for ‘massive hacking campaign’ >>

* Chinese Billionaire Jack Ma Says the US Wasted Trillions on Warfare Instead of Investing in Infrastructure >>
* The coolest things that happened in science in 2018 >>
* Power your website with on-demand translated reviews using Amazon Translate >>

* Love ’em or hate ’em, e-scooters are here to stay >>
* The ‘Future Book’ Is Here, but It’s Not What We Expected >>
* Look Back at How Much Space News Got Packed Into 2018 >>

* Future graduates will need creativity and empathy – not just technical skills >>
* China tests new sub-launched ballistic missile that will raise the stakes in a nuclear war with the US >>
* Global Trade Tensions Boil Over at Staid W.T.O. Forum >>

* Storms halt SpaceX’s first U.S. national security space mission >>
* NASA is using HoloLens AR headsets to build its new spacecraft faster >>
* Researchers demonstrate teleportation using on-demand photons from quantum dots >>

* The Next Big Data Debacle Could Involve Amazon and China >>
* Google Photos doubles Live Albums limit to 20,000 images >>
* What is neural architecture search? >>

* 5G Networks Under Construction >>
* Starchy food may reduce autoimmune reactions in people with lupus >>
* Researchers create a bacteria-based drug delivery system that outperforms conventional methods >>

* Mighty morphing materials take complex shapes >>
* Why component testing pays off in the long run >>
* Rugby union in limbo over prospect of no-deal Brexit >>

* Saturn is Losing its Rings, Fast. They Could be Gone Within 100 Million Years >>
* New Ethernet Protocol Keeps the Industrial IoT in Sync >>
* Spaceship Models With No Imagination Limits And Near Movie FX Model Quality >>

* The Secret to Leading Organizational Change Is Empathy >>
* Drones ground flights at UK’s second largest airport >>
* Industries must adopt ethics along with technology >>

* Google Lens Can Now Recognize a Billion Items >>

* Rolls-Royce and Harvard create a machine with electrically charged sticky feet which can climb vertical surfaces and upside down to check jet engines >>
* Burnout, Stress Lead More Companies To Try a Four-Day Work Week >>
* Brava’s light-powered smart oven is too expensive to make sense >>

* Thai Man Has Been Sharing His Home with a Crocodile for 20 Years >>
* 9 Must-Have Tools for Software Testers >>
* John Giannandrea named to Apple’s executive team >>

* Hands-free monitoring with Thundra Python Layer >>
* Industry Predictions: AI 2018 and Key Trends for 2019 >>
* Team New Zealand confirm foil arm issues with new America’s Cup boats >>

* Xbox is poised to dominate the next console generation >>
* Up close and hands-on with Sony’s Aibo >>
* An Approach To Automating Application Resiliency Testing With Kubernetes >>

* 8 Essential Traits of Self-Service Machine Learning >>
* Your Guide to Chatbot Content Strategy >>
* Robots as a Platform: Are You Ready? >>

* What can we expect of AI in 2019? >>
* 9 Must-Have Tools for Software Testers >>
* The Best IoT Platforms Today >>

* Benefits of a Purpose Built Platform >>
* Industry Predictions: AI, Machine Learning, Analytics & Data Science Main Developments in 2018 and Key Trends for 2019 >>

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