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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 20 December 2018

* Enabling Faster, More Capable Robots With Real-Time Motion Planning >>
* The Brain’s Autopilot Mechanism Steers Consciousness >>
* Real-time readouts of thinking in rats >>

* Elon Musk’s LA tunnel turns Teslas into a ‘rail-guided train’ >>
* Elon Musk’s underground tunnel has potential, but leaves a lot to be desired >>
* Elon Musk’s vision for transport is a 3D network of tunnels for autonomous electric vehicles >>
* Boring Tunnel Will Be 2.5 to 7.5 Times Faster Than LA Commuter Traffic >>

* Manhole Covers Serve as Antennas Expanding Wireless Network Coverage >>
* Who do we trust when human and machine intelligence disagree >>
* LG set to finally start selling radical TV you can ROLL UP like a poster >>

* Scientists discover rare big bang fossil hiding in space >>
* Physicists just explained why the moon appears to wobble >>
* Both sexes unconsciously do the same thing when they meet someone they are attracted to >>

* Microsoft officially announces ‘Windows Sandbox’ for running applications in isolation >>
* Light-Sensitive Adhesive Tech Could Revolutionize Band-Aids >>
* 5 Questions We Should Be Asking About Automation and Jobs >>

* Air transport turnover in a single day is now more than the whole year of 1978 >>
* SpaceX Fundraising Exactly Covers 800 Satellites for Operational Starlink Service >>
* SpaceX Dragon 2 Crew Capsule Target January 17, 2019 Launch >>

* Exercise may lower high blood pressure as much as medication >>
* The 5G wars have entered the petty stage >>
* Dark Matter Hunters Pivot After Years of Failed Searches >>

* How Does My Garden Grow? With Drones, Sensors, and AI All in a Row >>
* Forget Cats, This Neural Network Spots Solar Panels >>
* New System Delivers Power Wirelessly to Multiple Devices >>

* Blue Origin to Launch Next New Shepard Test Flight Tuesday >>
* Come Back Tomorrow: All Four of Today’s Rocket Launches Postponed >>
* World’s First Private Moon Lander Will Carry Israeli Time Capsule >>

* Kroger adds driverless vehicles to its grocery delivery fleet >>
* Observable Notebooks, Disinformation Report, Chained Blocking, and Trivia from 2018 >>
* Researchers Demonstrate Teleportation Using On-Demand Photons From Quantum Dots >>

* Sound could replace lasers in surgery >>
* The very first dinosaurs probably evolved in South America >>

* Air Force Launch Commander ‘Not Confident’ GPS 3 Satellite Will Lift Off as Scheduled >>
* Blue Origin Delays New Shepard Launch Due to Ground Issue >>
* NASA Looks to Private Companies for Help Building Reusable Moon Landers for Astronauts >>

* Amazon’s three-pronged plan for taking over your home >>
* This sleek electric car prototype charges in the sun >>
* New software could save 745 species in Brazil’s Atlantic Forest without hurting agribusiness >>

* 2018 brought the electric car to everyone >>
* Here is Amazon’s customer service phone number >>
* NASA Reveals Data Breach, Employees’ Personal Information at Risk >>

* UK Chip-Maker Arm is Working on an AI-Powered Smart Chip That Can Tell if You Smell >>
* Japan’s latest companion robot is the fuzzy, expressive Lovot >>
* Not Everyone Can Build a Digital Ad Business, Plus Debating Radical Transparency >>

* Deep automation in machine learning >>
* Baby Receives World’s First Drone-Delivered Vaccine >>
* AT and T launches 5G network in the U.S., but don’t get too excited yet >>

* Google AI Principles updates, six months in >>
* Test your knowledge of the year’s top trends with Game of the Year >>
* NeuNetS: Automating Neural Network Model Synthesis for Broader Adoption of AI >>

* Analyzing contact center calls—Part 1: Use Amazon Transcribe and Amazon Comprehend to analyze customer sentiment >>
* Weekly Space Hangout: Dec 19, 2018: News Roundup >>
* Did You Know that the Earth Loses Several Hundred Tons of Atmosphere to Space Every Day? >>

* 15 essential Google Assistant commands you’ll find yourself using every day >>
* Uber cleared to resume self-driving tests in Pennsylvania >>
* Google Transformed Cloud Storage Traffic Into Cool Data Art >>

* Ex-Uber engineer claims to travel 3,099 miles in a self-driving car >>
* Uber’s new Jump e-bikes have swappable batteries >>
* UK Police Are Testing Facial Recognition on Christmas Shoppers in London this Week >>

* VW’s Robo-Cars Get a Boost From Luminar’s Lidar >>
* Denver airport is first in the US to use FULL BODY scanner in bid to slash queuing times >>
* Scientists spent 20 YEARS studying remains of 198 million-year- old fossil finally identify it as world’s oldest meat-eating dinosaur >>

* Gene-edited farm animals are being created by scientists >>
* Japanese telescope detects water in a bunch of asteroids >>
* Inside Shenzhen’s race to outdo Silicon Valley >>

* India Launches Hefty Communications Satellite Into Orbit to Cap Busy 2018 >>
* Why Japan Is a Rare Holdout in Asia’s Cash-Free Future >>
* InSight engineers have made a Martian rock garden >>

* The Year Alexa Grew Up >>
* AT&T Says It Will (Kinda Sorta) Start Offering a 5G Network >>
* Tesla rolls out classic Pole Position game for in-car touchscreen with controller support >>

* Hangzhou launches bilingual taxi service >>
* SpaceX shows off first completed Crew Dragon spaceship with new Falcon 9 >>
* Boring Company’s unveiling showed another Musk-driven disruption in the making >>

* Can blockchain break shackles of 40 million people caught in modern slavery? >>
* Alibaba uses AI to speed up detection of pregnant pigs seven times, boosting efficiency of China’s hog farms >>
* New Zealand scolds Google for violating court order by naming man accused of killing British backpacker >>

* Report Finds Huge Gender Gap in Artificial Intelligence Workforce >>
* Geoffrey Hinton and Demis Hassabis: AGI is nowhere close to being a reality >>
* Software Delivery with DevOps and AWS >>

* Enterprise Kubernetes: 5 Insights from KubeCon 2018 >>
* How Automation, AI, and ML Are Changing Business Operations? >>
* Deep Neural Networks With Python >>

* This free online tool uses AI to quickly remove the background from images >>
* VRgineers Exploring An Affordable Consumer Version Of High End ‘XTAL’ Headset >>
* Facebook Open Sources ‘DeepFocus’ VR Research >>

* Is Asynchronous SpaceWarp 2.0 Releasing Soon? >>

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