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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 18 December 2018

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* Elon Musk prepares for The Boring Company tunnel opening party >>
* Bloodhound supersonic car project saved >>
* We’ve added letters to the genetic code – and the results are amazing >>

* Amazon declares war on loss-making ‘CRaP’ >>
* Virgin Galactic Flight Wins Praise From Government and Industry >>
* DARPA’s Next Project: Design A Space Development Agency >>

* China and Japan Push for a Global Charging Standard for EVs >>
* “Ideas That Matter”: A new partnership with CBS This Morning and popular TED speakers >>

* The Google Assistant can now alert you of potential flight delays >>
* Can Users Control and Understand a UI Driven by Machine Learning? >>
* Help Your Team Overcome Digital Distractions to Be More Innovative >>

* Huawei announces Nova 4 with hole-punch display and 48-megapixel camera >>
* Speculative gadgets at the Future Interfaces Group >>
* Killed by Google >>

* AWS signs on to defend itself in Oracle’s JEDI RFP lawsuit against US government >>
* Serverlessness >>
* AWESOME Power of DNA: Pink pineapples, personalization everywhere, and sensing all the things >>

* How lab-on-a-chip technology is turning smartphones into food sensors >>
* Amazon Wants You to Code the AI Brain for This Little Car >>
* Why China’s electric-car industry is leaving Detroit, Japan, and Germany in the dust >>

* These faces show how far AI image generation has advanced in just four years >>
* Google is spending $1 billion to build a massive new campus in New York >>
* Huawei’s Nova 4 has a 48-megapixel rear camera and a ‘hole punch’ display >>

* MIT can shrink 3D objects down to nanoscale versions >>
* Students set up candlelight vigil for delivery robot which caught on fire >>
* Want To Recruit Better Engineers? Open Source Your Code >>

* Virtual reality gaming and the pursuit of “flow state” >>
* Fireball That Exploded Over Greenland Shook Earth, Triggering Seismic Sensors >>
* Rocket Lab launches NASA’s first dedicated cubesat mission >>

* 3D-printed heads let hackers – and cops – unlock your phone >>
* The VP882 virus ‘eavesdrops’ on bacteria to kill >>
* Google Hudson Square: our expanded New York campus >>

* Spend your holiday bonus on this self-flying 4K camera drone that just went on sale >>
* AI computer to deliver real time GDP data >>
* One small step for man: Neil Armstrong’s boot sold for $49,000 world ‘space auction’ >>

* Home Futures review – what living spaces teach us about our culture >>
* The disorientated ape: Why clever people can be terrible navigators >>
* We don’t need stars to navigate space – black holes work way better >>

* The truth about supplements: do they work and should you take them? >>
* Particles crossing to our world could open portal to dark-matter realm >>
* If you think black holes are strange, white holes will blow your mind >>

* DARPA head on AI dangers: ‘It’s not one of those things that keeps me up at night’ >>
* Free Capture App Lets You Scan 3D Objects With A Recent iPhone >>
* 5 Free eBooks to Help You Learn Machine Learning in 2019 >>

* 2018: The Winners and Losers >>
* The best gadgets of 2018 >>
* 22 predictions for social media in 2019 >>

* An Anticipated game has leaked a month early, and outraged fans have tracked down the alleged leaker >>
* The 29 hottest video games you shouldn’t miss in 2019 >>
* Machine Un-Learning: Why Forgetting Might Be the Key to AI >>

* Application Modernization of Legacy Applications [Infographic] >>
* Styles of Software Infrastructure Management >>
* Selenium 4 Is Releasing Soon: What Every QA Must Know >>

* DZone Research: IoT Concerns >>
* Introduction to Microservices Messaging Protocols >>
* Lessons From the Birth of Microservices at Google >>

* New Details About Tesla’s Gargantuan “megapack” Power Storage Unit >>
* This New $5,800 Headset is the Rolls Royce of Virtual Reality >>
* NASA’s Nuclear-Powered Tunneling Bot Could Hunt for Life on Europa >>

* China may step up efforts to create an alternative to US dollar hegemony >>
* China and Russia band together on controversial heating experiments to modify the atmosphere >>
* Future of Work: The Branch, by Eugene Lim >>

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