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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 09 December 2018

* DeepMind Achieves Holy Grail: An AI That Can Master Games Like Chess and Go Without Human Help >>
* Human Stem Cell Trial Successful Against Age-Related Frailty >>
* World’s First Insect Vaccine Could Help Bees Fight Off Deadly Disease >>

* Simulated One Gravity Living on the Moon and Mars With a Supertrain >>
* Implant Stimulates Brain from Inside a Blood Vessel >>
* Watch AI conjure up an entire city from scratch >>

* Hear the wind on Mars for the first time, thanks to the InSight lander >>
* Chinese spacecraft blasts off in bid to be the first to land on the dark side of the moon >>
* Microsoft Wants to Stop AI’s ‘Race to the Bottom’ >>

* Most Powerful Ion Drive in Space Is Ready for Its Visit to Mercury >>
* 5 Important Artificial Intelligence Predictions (For 2019) Everyone Should Read >>
* Kubernetes, welcome to the coin mines. Crooks dig into open containers to craft crypto-cash >>

* A Smartphone App and 3D Printed Attachment for HIV Detection >>
* 2,000 MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) Getting Started in December: Enroll Today >>
* Major breakthrough in quest for cancer vaccine >>

* China Will Help Tesla Go to Foxconn Scale to Stop Air Pollution and Save the Planet >>
* The 8-dimensional space that must be searched for alien life >>
* China Will Ensure Tesla Survives by Getting Gigafactory Built and Operating in 6 to 12 Months Instead of Years >>

* Amazon planning to launch its cashierless Go stores at airports around the world >>
* Predictim Claims Its AI Can Flag ‘Risky’ Babysitters. >>
* Hamburg is building a test magnetic ‘hyperloop’ track to deliver parcels at up to 750mph >>

* Brits are going up to THREE DAYS without speaking to anyone else because they are so glued to their smartphones >>
* Computer vision in the dark using recurrent CNNs >>
* MIT engineers repurpose wasp venom as an antibiotic drug >>

* Technologist Vivienne Ming: ‘AI is a human right’ >>
* Talking Tech: 2018 year in review >>

* Satellite map reveals that animal waste pollution is much worse than thought >>
* ‘Sun in a box’ could power an entire CITY using renewable energy stored in vast vats of molten silicon >>
* Lizard Dreams May Not Be So Different From Your Own >>

* More than half of the global population is now online with 3.9 billion people connected to the Internet >>
* NASA’s VISIONS-2 Rockets Take To Space To Photograph Earth’s Leaky Atmosphere >>
* Germany’s Federal Network Agency Catches Flak For 5G Rules >>

* Elon Musk to unveil Boring Company’s first tunnel under Los Angeles on December 18th >>
* Mystery of ‘monster’ dying star devouring its companion: X-rays could reveal fastest-growing white dwarf ever seen >>
* China and Tesla Fix Each Others Most Important Problems >>

* US Homeland Security installs AI cameras at the White House >>
* Apple releases its first Beddit sleep monitoring device >>
* ‘Captain Marvel’ 2nd Trailer Arrives … And an Exciting Character Emerges >>

* Were Those Strange Waves Rippling Across Earth Caused By Magma Shfits? >>
* Great Dying’: Rapid Warming Caused Largest Extinction Event Ever, Report Says >>
* NASA and SpaceX reschedule the first crew capsule test flight >>

* Mice Given an Experimental Gene Therapy Don’t Get Fat >>
* The nation-state of the internet >>
* 50 years ago, Douglas Engelbart’s ‘Mother of All Demos’ changed personal technology forever >>

* Is it possible to reverse ‘chemo brain?’ >>
* Microsoft Edge Browser Cancellation Was an Ironic Surrender to the Chrome Near Monopoly >>
* Navy Making Enhanced Bacteria for Tripwire Submarine Detection >>

* Asteroid 2003 SD220 is 2000 Meters Long and Will Pass Within 7 Million Miles Dec 24 >>
* Pivotal announces new serverless framework >>
* A world first: Luxembourg’s public transport to be free for all >>

* What Multinationals Need to Do to Succeed in Africa >>
* IBM selling Lotus Notes/Domino business to HCL for $1.8B >>
* Microsoft details principles that guide its facial recognition work >>

* Qualcomm’s 8cx chipset just might make always-on PCs worth using >>
* Why 5G Hype Is Out of Control This Week >>
* Facial Recognition Has To Be Regulated To Protect the Public, Says AI Report >>

* Google’s messaging app strategy is still a mess >>
* Google will now have access to data on 330 million more web users >>
* Interstellar asteroid ‘Oumuamua slipped by NASA space telescope unseen >>

* Scientists discover new dinosaur that was the size of a dog >>
* Genetic disorders should be the focus of CRISPR gene editing trials >>
* Who’s a Smart Dog?! >>

* “Superhuman” AI Triumphs Playing the Toughest Board Games >>
* Stay up late to watch ULA launch a secret satellite with its most powerful rocket >>
* Comment: Huawei reveals the real trade war with China >>

* Rocket Lab to Launch 10 Cubesats for NASA Next Week >>
* Ultraprecise Atomic Clock Network on the Hunt For Dark Matter >>
* Kepler Telescope Captures First Moments of a Star’s Death >>

* Video Friday: Space Station’s New Robot Helper, and More >>
* Racing ahead with artificial intelligence >>

* Huawei’s CFO Is Being Accused of Fraud, and Her Main Defense Is a PowerPoint >>
* Huawei Arrest Tests China’s Leaders as Fear and Anger Grip Elite >>

* Report: Slack is prepping an IPO for next year, with Goldman Sachs as its lead underwriter >>
* Elon Musk tells ’60 Minutes’ he has ‘no idea’ how to smoke weed >>
* A.I. as Talent Scout: Unorthodox Hires, and Maybe Lower Pay >>

* Inside Docker and Microsoft’s new open source standard >>

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