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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 05 December 2018

* Phone app can diagnose anaemia from photos of fingernails >>
* Sculpted Wi-Fi waves can turn your whole office into a computer >>
* Alibaba already has a voice assistant way better than Google’s >>

* An Eye-Scanning Lie Detector Is Forging a Dystopian Future >>
* Intel’s AI wheelchair can be controlled by facial expressions >>
* Voice Technology, AI Summaries, Time Tracker, and Homomorphic Encryption >>

* Self-flying DRONES could be used to save people from high-rise blazes by locking onto the fire’s location and unfolding a safety net mid-air >>
* Scientists create mind-boggling ‘liquid crystal’ that gets THICKER when stretched and could revolutionise body armour and medical equipment >>
* Scientists develop 10-minute universal cancer test >>

* When AI is the Product: The Rise of AI-Based Consumer Apps >>
* Huge discovery as scientists develop 10-minute universal cancer test that could transform diagnosis >>

* When ballistic missiles can see By Bill Gates >>
* Nvidia Uses AI To Render Virtual Worlds In Real Time >>
* Quora says 100 million users may have been affected by data breach >>

* Walmart to roll out robot janitors: 360 floor scrubbing AI bots set to take to stores across America within weeks >>
* Toyota is testing its robot on 5G >>
* This Self-Driving Car Uses a Fold-Out Robot Arm to Deliver Parcels >>

* Scooters are everywhere. Shouldn’t they be smarter and sturdier? >>
* Madrid authorities order Lime, Wind, and Voi to halt e-scooter sharing in the Spanish city >>
* Your smartphone’s AI algorithms could tell if you are depressed >>

* Robot Janitors Are Coming To Mop Floors At a Walmart Near You >>
* Elon Musk Says Autopilot Will Soon Recognize Emergency Response Vehicles >>
* Watch the ISS’s New AI Robot Companion Act Like Kind of a Brat >>

* Alphabet’s Wing drones are heading to Europe >>
* Shall we have AI judging UK court cases? Top beak ponders the future >>
* Yet another mega-leak: 100 million Quora accounts compromised by system invaders >>

* Microsoft open sources the inference engine at the heart of its Windows machine-learning platform >>
* Microsoft and Docker team up to make packaging and running cloud-native applications easier >>
* On demand webcast: DevOps and security >>

* New Word Processor Wars: A Fresh Crop of Productivity Apps Are Trying To Reinvent Our Workday >>
* Will AWS Be Spun Off Into a Separate Company? >>
* ‘Human-caused’ climate change is causing sea levels to rise unevenly around the world >>

* Aliens Might Have Filled Space With Junk Like We Fill Our Oceans and Orbit >>
* Amazon’s Drone Delivery Promise Seems No Closer Five Years Later >>
* 7 technologies that will make farming smarter–and more productive >>

* NASA’s First-Ever Asteroid Return Mission Just Reached Its Target >>

* SpaceX Just Misses Catching Rocket Nose Cone — But Still Plans to Reuse It >>
* 4 Gravitational-Wave Detections Include Largest, Most Distant Black Hole Crash Ever >>
* Rocket Launch between Mountains >>

* What’s Next for NASA’s OSIRIS-REx Probe at Asteroid Bennu? >>
* Ultrahaptics Gets $45 Million to Commercialize Virtual Touch >>
* New machine learning method predicts additions to global list of threatened plant species >>

* At-risk nations plead for ‘justice’ at UN climate summit >>
* Mesmerizing video shows what would happen if an asteroid crashed into Earth’s oceans >>
* Tesla Model Y Will Have Three Rows of Seats by End of 2020 >>

* Innovative bike rack turns your biking into electricity >>
* YouTube rolls out autoplaying (but silent) videos on its mobile app’s >>
* Understanding how plants use sunlight >>

* China Is Both the Best and Worst Hope for Clean Energy >>
* Bose’s $199 audio AR sunglasses ship in January >>
* Microsoft is reportedly replacing Edge with a Chromium-based browser >>

* New partners and courses to develop tomorrow’s workforce >>
* Audi to spend nearly $16 billion on self-driving car tech, electrification through 2023 >>
* Google’s Flutter toolkit goes beyond mobile with Project Hummingbird >>

* AT&T says it’s getting that 5G Samsung phone, too >>
* New medical implants need a higher approval bar than toothbrushes >>
* Blending medicine and mechanical engineering >>

* We Need More Diversity in Our Genomic Databases >>
* Immune System Aging and its Contribution to Cardiovascular Disease >>
* Is visiting a robot brothel OK? Most people think sex with a machine IS morally acceptable >>

* Gene that lets you eat as much as you want holds promise against obesity >>
* With Augmented and Virtual Reality, Tour Your Office Before It’s Built >>
* Theoretically Possibility That Gene Edited Twins Received a Tiny Intelligence Enhancement >>

* Dual 8-Bit Breakthroughs Bring AI to the Edge >>
* Google lets you turn your phone into a virtual art gallery >>
* New drug combination could be more effective against melanoma >>

* 5G is coming! Verizon and Samsung to release the first ‘ultrafast’ phones in the U.S. next year >>
* We have all we need to beat the HIV epidemic – except political will >>
* This new tech is paving the way to build ‘super-soldiers’ >>

* Researchers develop accurate, non-invasive method to detect bladder cancer >>
* Neuroscientists pinpoint genes tied to dementia >>
* Scientists use EEG to decode how people navigate complex sequences >>

* Hotel chain offers a ‘social media sitter’ to handle your Instagram while you relax >>
* IGNITION 2018 >>
video >>

* New stem cell trial gives hope to arthritis sufferers >>
* Soyuz Rocket Launches Flawlessly, Weeks After Malfunction >>
* Most Valuable Company Title Moved Between Amazon, Apple and Microsoft >>

* 5g Is Weeks Away — And Today Marks Its First Real Test >>
* The rise of ‘alt meat’: Why chicken and beef will soon be lab-grown >>
* Lyft expands its scooter service to Austin >>

* How To Handle A Medical Emergency On A Deep Space Mission >>
* The NYPD has added 14 drones to its arsenal >>
* Google CEO Sundar Pichai to testify before House committee on December 11th >>

* The next three months crucial for both China and the US >>
* Stem cells do not exist in adult hearts: study >>
* Now locked in head-on rivalry, the US once helped China kick-start its science and technology ambitions >>

* US stocks plummet, with Dow down 700 points, amid fears about key recession indicator and China >>
* ‘Tariff Man’ Donald Trump says China trade war talks will end in March – unless they don’t >>

* Microservices Introduction (Monolithic vs. Microservice Architecture) >>
* AI/ML 2019 Predictions (Part 2) >>
* Cloud 2019 Predictions (Part 2) >>
* DevOps in 2019 (Part 2) >>
* How to Leverage Infrastructure-as-Code With DevOps Best Practices >>
* Microservices 2018 Surprises and 2019 Predictions >>

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