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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 30 November 2018

* AWS re:Invent 2018 >>
* AWS re:Invent 2018 Recordings >>

* AWS is bringing the cloud on prem with Outposts >>
* Amazon Unveils Elastic Inference, FSx for Windows File Server, Inferentia, Self-driving Racing League DeepRacer, SageMaker Ground Truth, and Outposts >>
* Amazon’s plan to capture space data: Firm launches web service ground stations >>
* Amazon Wants You to Code the AI Brain for This Little Car >>
* Amazon debuts a scale model autonomous car to teach developers machine learning >>
* Amazon Textract brings intelligence to OCR >>
* AWS launches Security Hub to help customers manage security & compliance >>
* AWS boss insists Amazon will have dumped Oracle database by end of 2019 >>
* Announcing Ruby Support for AWS Lambda >>

* Potential arthritis treatment prevents cartilage breakdown >>
* Mars 2020 landing site offers unique opportunities >>
* CeBIT, World’s Largest IT Conference, Canned >>

* LG patents ‘hexacamera’ 16 lenses that can create 3D images and cut people out of your photos >>
* 4 Days of Intensive Therapy Can Reverse OCD for Years >>
* Easyship, a Stripe for global e-commerce shipping, raises $4M >>

* In China, your car could be talking to the government >>
* Fruity, woody, or minty! ‘Digital smells’ sent via electrodes placed inside your nose could let you transmit ODOURS in messaging and dating apps >>
* The First Frontier for Medical AI Is the Pathology Lab >>
* Why Alphabet’s Glucose Sensor Failed >>

* Scientists in the U.S. and Japan Get Serious About Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions >>
* Good news in the fight to stop one of the world’s oldest diseases >>
* Microsoft wins $480M military contract to outfit soldiers with HoloLens AR tech >>

* Three kinds of corporate mediocrity >>
* The Future 100: 2019 >>
* What will be hot for Cisco in 2019? Software, SD-WAN, security, high-speed data-centre networking >>

* IBM Aims To Meld AI With Human Resources With Watson Suite >>
* AI faithfully recreates paintings with the help of 3D printing >>
* Nubia’s latest gaming phone comes with up to 10GB of RAM >>

* The next watchOS update will reportedly include the ECG app >>
* A new way to provide cooling without power >>
* MIT continues progress toward greenhouse gas reductions >>

* The hidden messages sent between Earth’s polar regions revealed >>
* Hope for tackling miscarriages, stillbirths and premature as scientists grow ‘mini-placentas’ for future trials >>
* AR technology helps the blind navigate by making objects ‘talk >>

* Security Sci-Fi, AWS Toys, Quantum Ledger, and Insecurity in Software in Hardware >>
* We May Soon Be Able To See the First, Supergiant Stars in the Universe >>
* CubeSats Deliver at Mars >>
* Landing on Mars Really Messes with Your Work Schedule >>

* Senator Seeks Assurances on JWST and WFIRST Funding >>
* FCC License Application Sheds Light on SpaceX Vehicle Testing Plans >>
* Breaking Through to Next Levels of Technology >>

* Ep. 507: From Fiction to Fact : Ion Drive >>
* Peter Zeihan Makes Bad Predictions With Bad Premises >>
* SpaceX Super Heavy Starship has Breakthrough Design Improvements >>

* Forget DeepFakes. This robo-Rembrant with AI for brains is not bad at knocking off paintings >>
* Bezos and Musk Will Both be Trillionaires in the Space Internet Age >>
* Turn Industrial Machines into Innovation Machines with AWS IoT >>

* Making AI algorithms crazy fast using chips powered by light >>
* Best VPN services of 2018: Reviews and buying advice >>

* Gene therapy eases Parkinson’s symptoms by rewiring parts of the brain >>
* What’s the Fastest 100 Meter Dash a Human Can Run? >>
* Miniature placentas grown in lab give positive pregnancy test result >>

* Why our hair grows in some places and not others >>
* Video: Introducing the world’s first ‘self-driving hotel suite’ that could revolutionise travel >>
* Freeze-dried Polio Vaccine >>

* Agtech startup Imago AI is using computer vision to boost crop yields >>
* MWM Immersive is finally combining virtual reality and location-based immersive theater >>
* Edtech unicorn Udacity lays off 125 people in global strategy shift >>

* Europe’s ride-hailing companies aren’t scared of Uber >>
* NASA To Announce First Commercial ‘Moon Partnerships’ >>
* Work safely in the cloud with Chrome Enterprise >>

* Do Brain Waves Conduct Neural Activity Like a Symphony? >>
* Scientists warn the world’s food systems are ‘failing us’ as emissions speed up climate change and put crops at greater risk from extreme weather >>
* How to put your robot vacuum to work as a personal bartender >>

* Measuring cancer cell “fitness” reveals drug susceptibility >>
* AI-enabled fire hydrants keep an ear out for pipe leaks >>
* The Next Fifteen Years With SpaceX, Mars and Space >>

* The Ultimate Guide To Starting Your First IoT Project >>
* ML-Enabled Robots in Agricultural Farms >>
* Beginner’s Guide: Image Recognition And Deep Learning >>

* The Anti-Transformation Transformation of Agile and DevOps >>
* Leading the Transformation – Stories from the Trenches >>
* Amazon’s next healthcare move is software that can mine medical records >>

* a16z Podcast: The Internet Is His Religion >>
* a16z Video: When Software Eats the Real (Estate) World >>

* NeurIPS | 2018 Dec 2nd-8th, 2018 >>
* Hacking inner peace >>
* Disrupt Berlin 2018 kicks off >>

* ‘Scientists are now very sure that the babies really were gene-edited’ >>
* US Army to use Microsoft’s Hololens for combat missions >>
* Prehistoric whales used to simply suck their food out of the ocean >>

* China to set up evaluation system to better business climate >>
* J-11 fighter jets prepare for night flight >>

* Amazon wants to get Alexa into your car >>
* Amazon makes lift-and-shift play for Windows File, Lustre workloads >>
* AWS launches Amazon Forecast to make time series predictions easier >>
* Amazon SageMaker now comes with new capabilities for accelerating machine learning experimentation >>
* Semantic Segmentation algorithm is now available in Amazon SageMaker >>
* Introducing Amazon Translate Custom Terminology >>
* Introducing medical language processing with Amazon Comprehend Medical >>

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