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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 29 November 2018

* Luminar and Volvo Show Off High-Res, Long-Range Lidar >>
* SpaceX Will Launch 64 Satellites Tomorrow >>
* To Crack the Toughest Optimization Problems, Just Add Lasers >>

* Scientists Melt Gold at Room Temperature >>
* AWS launches a base station for satellites as a service >>
* Hackers leaked NSA hacking tools to quietly hijack thousands of computers >>

* AWS goes blockchain: Cloud giant announces two distributed ledger services >>
* Software Quality as a Competitive Differentiator >>

* North Sea Deployment Shows How Quadruped Robots Can Be Commercially Useful >>
* Elon Musk Says Life on Mars Will Be Very Hard >>
* Google Fi wireless service now works with iPhones and most Android phones, but there’s a catch >>

* YouBionic adds creepy hands to SpotMini, the creepy robot dog >>
* AWS announced Glacier Deep Archive to replace tape archives >>
* New Zealand blocks wireless carrier from using Huawei equipment >>

* Google’s Sundar Pichai will face Congress next week >>
* Phiar raises $3 million for an AR navigation app for drivers >>
* Why We Need to Audit Algorithms >>

* Elon Musk’s Boring Company nixes one L.A. tunnel, moves onto next project >>
* YouTube big clue that $12-a-month Premium service is headed for extinction after eight months >>
* Intelligent framework aims to optimize data transfer in 5G networks >>

* Is Employee Engagement Just a Reflection of Personality? >>
* Four short links: 28 November 2018 >>
* Minority Report: AI studies CCTV to predict violent crimes BEFORE they happen will be rolled out in UK >>

* Horizon: The first open source reinforcement learning platform for large-scale products and services >>
* SpaceX’s Next Launch Will Spark a Space Internet Showdown >>
* CRISPR scientist says another woman is pregnant with an edited embryo >>

* China leaves Huawei founder off honor roll marking 40 years of economic success >>
* Luminar and Volvo use LiDAR to figure out pedestrian activity >>
* Waymo reportedly returns safety drivers to its autonomous cars >>

* YouTube Will Remove All Pop-up Annotations on January 15 >>
* Audi and Disney are creating media for self-driving cars >>
* Lasers could take 3-D printing to next level >>

* Facebook Gaming launches charity livestreams >>
* 5G Will Cover Roughly 1.5 Billion People By 2024, Researchers Say >>
* Disney and Google expand strategic relationship >>

* Average American Family Emits Over Four Hot Air Balloon Volumes of CO2 per Year >>
* Old Lunar Data Gets New Life, With Help From Seismologists >>
* How super rich companies harm us all — and try to cover it up >>

* New research finds there is no “right thing” to say when you want to be supportive >>
* Australia to build a pirate-proof fence: Brace yourselves, Google >>
* Hubble’s First Picture After Returning to Service. The Telescope is Fully Operational Again with Three Working Gyros >>

* InSight Deploys its Solar Cells, Prepared for Surface Operations on Mars! >>
* Astronomy Cast Ep. 507: From Fiction to Fact : Ion Drive >>
* ‘Massage parlour’ location looks like Amazon stealth-testing secret new wireless network >>
* California Battery and EV Car Mandates Will Help Tesla Reach $1 trillion by 2030 >>

* Using Google Drive: Your Guide to Cloud Storage >>
* Fearful of bias, Google blocks gender-based pronouns from new AI tool >>
* I worked in the prison system for 5 years. Here’s what it does to a person. >>

* CO2 emissions RISE for the first time in four years >>
* Some honeybees have four parents or no mother – and we don’t know why >>
* Inside the Plans for Chinese Mega-Collider That Will Dwarf the LHC >>

* Smart Meters Speed Showers >>
* Could the fountain of youth be found in antibiotics? The drugs may EXTEND your life by culling older cells that have lost the ability to divide >>
* The Insect Apocalypse Is Here >>

* China Plans to Build a Deep Sea Base Run Entirely by AI >>
* Biologists discover an unusual hallmark of aging in neurons >>

* AI system may accelerate search for cancer discoveries >>
* Gene therapy for blood disorders >>

* ‘Internet of electricity’ and zero-carbon molecules will help decarbonise Europe >>
* Artificial joint restores wrist-like movements to forearm amputees >>
* Scientists develop minimally invasive brain probe >>

* Paving the way: An accelerator on a microchip >>
* Researchers create first model of how plastic waste moves in the environment >>
* Rumored 8K multi-aspect sensor could point to 4K super camera >>

* Researchers Create Algorithm for Shifting the Center of Gravity in 3D Printed Objects >>
* VW wants to ensure EVs are delivering your packages >>
* Unagi’s high-end electric scooter is a mix of design and power >>

* Socket To Me >>
* Zepeto Is the Avatar-Based Social Network for Teens That’s Dominating the App Store >>
* Instagram is now using AI to describe photos for users with visual impairments >>

* Virtual Desktop (Mobile) Review: The Best Way To Access Your PC From Oculus Go >>
* Hackers are using leaked NSA hacking tools to quietly hijack thousands of computers >>
* AWS launches Amazon Forecast to make time series predictions easier >>

* Amazon debuts a scale model autonomous car to teach developers machine learning >>
* Achieving the first milestone in your IoT led transformation roadmap >>
* AWS announces new Inferentia machine learning chip >>

* The Ultimate Guide To Starting Your First Iot Project >>
* Swarms Of Drones Can Now Plant Trees In Areas Devastated By Fires >>
* Humans Teamed up With a New Kind of AI to Crush a Notoriously Difficult Video Game >>

* Language Server Protocol (LSP) support for vim & neovim, featured as VSCode >>
* DevOps to get more exciting in 2019 >>
* DevOps: Principles, Practices, and the DevOps Engineer Role >>

* Unrepentant Chinese scientist He Jiankui apologises for sparking global controversy, but says he is proud of his achievement >>
* Japan eyes stealth fighters, vessel upgrades amid concerns over China’s growing clout >>

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