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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 14 November 2018

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* AI capable of outlining in a single chart information from thousands of scientific papers >>
* Enriching Humanity in a Digitized World >>
* AI toilets which scan your urine and faeces before you flush could one day ‘pick up on diseases earlier’ >>

* Amazon’s HQ2 Hunger Games Are Over, and Jeff Bezos Won >>
* Amazon’s HQ2 will be split between NYC and Arlington, Virginia >>
* Zhongguancun: Beijing’s innovation hub is at the centre of China’s aim to become a tech powerhouse >>

* Google went down after traffic was routed through China and Russia >>
* Monkeys and dogs judge humans by how they treat others >>
* Where to now? 40 years after the big economic experiment that changed China >>

* Ferrari’s 1.97-Second Pit Stop >>
* How to build a growth team – lessons from Uber, Hubspot, and others (50 slides) >>
* Monitoring Your Competitors GitHub Orgs, Repos, and Employee Repos for Signals >>

* The Genius Neuroscientist Who Might Hold the Key to True AI >>
* How to Teach Artificial Intelligence Some Common Sense >>
* How machine learning systems sometimes surprise us >>

* Internet-Era Ways of Working, Too-Smart AI, Wi-Fi Vision, and Materials Science AI >>
* The connection paradox: Why are workplaces more isolating than ever? >>
* Managing risk in machine learning >>

* Growing demand for oil will lead to shortage and high prices in 2020s >>
* This 5-minute neck scan can spot dementia 10 years before it emerges >>
* What happens when you learn how much your coworkers make? >>

* At This Point Everybody Is Qualified. Michelle Obama Jokes Sasha Should Run in 2020 >>
* Blockchain startup Ripple aims to overtake Swift banking network >>
* How to Teach Artificial Intelligence Some Common Sense >>

* A DevOps on AWS Enterprise Transformation >>

* Intel speeds up its 5G modem plans >>
* What’s next? The top media executives on the job market >>
* What Vets Think of ‘23andMe for Dogs’ >>

* Volkswagen drivers can unlock their cars with Siri >>
* China Airshow shows J-20 with missile bay open and new missiles >>
* Tesla air filters beat california wildfire air pollution >>

* World economic change to 2040 is Asia from South America to Southern Europe level >>
* China has the most top 500 supercomputers but US has the most supercomputer power >>
* Marvel Comic legend Stan Lee has died at 95 >>

* Google’s Project Fi gets an improved VPN service >>
* Russian operatives apparently did not hack the midterm elections >>
* China may have developed a quantum radar that can spot stealth planes >>

* Lack of sunspots could bring a ‘Space Age record’ for cold temperatures above Earth >>
* Mystery “space cow” is a weird new type of powerful space explosion >>
* Arm Leads Project to Develop an Armpi >>

* Hubble Telescope Has Found a Smile in Space to Warm Your Heart >>
* Scientists have discovered that neurological response to posture is separate from movement. >>
* Ray Kurzweil — The Path to The Singularity >>

* A Decade of Commercial Space Travel — What’s Next? >>
* Cutting-edge £1.2m eco-yacht is powered by 30 solar panels on the roof and is as ‘silent as a canoe’ >>
* Fear of the AI; If the Government dared, it could do so much more with what it knows about you. >>

* The plastic backlash: what’s behind our sudden rage >>
* Americans are in the midst of a sex recession. >>
* Atolla uses machine learning to address your skin care needs >>

* China’s latest financial data paints a bleak economic outlook amid trade war with US >>
* Made in China 2025: China has a competitive AI game plan but success will need cooperation >>
* Data Science with Python in Visual Studio Code >>

* What’s new in Ruby 2.6? >>
* The UK Is Developing Autonomous Killer Robots >>
* British Companies Are Implanting Microchips in Their Employees >>

* Implementing Data-Driven Testing Using Google Sheets >>
* Our 5G Futures at 5G Techritory >>
* Top 10 Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Data Science Courses for Beginners >>

* Intel Launches New Core i9-9980XE 18-Core CPU With 4.5GHz Boost Clock >>
* Summarizing CIIE in 9 keywords >>
* Continuous Alignment of Product Management >>

** Internet-era ways of working; Definition of digital says: “Applying the culture, processes, business models & technologies of
internet-era to respond to people’s raised expectations.”

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