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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 2 November 2018

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* Spinal Stimulator Implant Gives Paralytic Patients a Chance to Regain Movement >>
* Google Walkout: Employees Stage Protest Over Handling of Sexual Harassment >>
* Tesla electric vehicles will park themselves in 2019, Elon Musk says >>

* Uber Eats launches its new platform for corporate accounts >>
* Report: Apple is considering taking a stake in radio giant iHeartMedia >>
* Spoke enhances AI engine to power help desk ticketing system >>

* Lime will reportedly test car-sharing service in Seattle >>
* Scientists launch plan to map genes of all complex life on earth >>

* Flex Logix Says It Has Solved Deep Learning’s DRAM Problem >>
* MIT-developed AI learns language like a child does >>
* This neurosensor could predict hit TV shows with uncanny accuracy >>

* Solid-State Lidar Improves e-Tolling Profiling Data >>
* Shape shifting modular robots with autonomous capabilities >>
* Scientists Use Metamaterial to Make Chip-sized Synchrotron >>

* IBM to move Watson Health to a hybrid cloud >>
* The ‘Earth genome project’: Complete DNA codes of all 1.5 MILLION animals, plants and fungi will be sequenced to protect the planet’s biodiversity >>
* How to count whales from SPACE: Scientists are using satellites to track and monitor different species as they swim Earth’s oceans >>

* Rock, paper, scissors with 100 people could last a quadrillion rounds >>
* Health risks increase for babies born to fathers aged 45 or over >>
* A zap from a laser could make bigger quantum computers possible >>

* US Air Force SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch delayed til early 2019 >>
* Tesla Autopilot used to remotely switch parking spots >>
* This Photocell Generates Both Power and Hydrogen >>

* Quantum Physicists Found a New, Safer Way to Navigate >>
* Researchers help explain why machine learning algorithms sometimes generate nonsensical answers >>
* How Virtual Reality Can Transform Who You Are >>

* Google Home Assistant Brings Disney Books To Life Using Artificial Intelligence >>
* NASA Has a Wild Idea to Send 1 Probe to 7 Different Asteroids and It Could Launch In 2021 >>
* Do Not Stop — Go Directly to the Moon, Says Mars Society’s Robert Zubrin with ‘Lunar Direct’ Plan >>

* Does the ever-growing artificial intelligence sector need the services of blockchain technology? >>
* IT Wi-Fi kit bit by TI chip slip: Wireless gateways open to hijacking via BleedingBit chipset vuln >>
* Starship Launches Autonomous Ground Delivery Service in UK >>

* Neuroscientists highlight advances in microscopy, tissue engineering, and reporters of brain activity. >>
* First look at the ‘Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’ Adventure Mode >>
* DeepMap, a maker of HD maps for self-driving, raised at least $60M at a $450M valuation >>

* Soyuz rocket failure blamed on a bent sensor pin >>
* 5 Concepts That Will Help Your Team Be More Data-Driven >>

* Men Are More Likely to Act Unethically on Their Own Behalf, Women on Someone Else’s >>
* Four short links: 1 November 2018 >>
* Hyundai and Kia will outfit their cars with solar panels >>

* ASB, Greenlea claim blockchain first with meat export deal >>
* Segway Ninebot fire risk caused a Lime recall and new charging policy >>
* Facebook Could Be Unrecognizable by 2020 >>

* How Teaching Ai To Be Curious Helps Machines Learn For Themselves >>
* How NASA Will Use Robots To Create Rocket Fuel From Martian Soil >>
* Spinal implants are getting better at reversing paralysis >>
* Nasa spacecraft makes closest approach to sun >>

* Chinese consumers choose high-quality products thanks to consumption upgrade >>
* Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge brings business opportunities >>
* Baidu to start producing self-driving cars with FAW, Volvo in race for next crown in world’s biggest market >>

* How to Transform IT Operations with Machine Learning Apply Context >>
* DOES18: Challenges and Enablers for DevOps Success >>
* Top DevOps Experts You Should Know >>
* Feature Management for DevOps [Video] >>

* New McKinsey Survey Highlights Progress With Automation >>
* How AI Is Challenging Traditional Translators >>
* Role of Managed Service Providers in Software Development >>
* New JSON/YAML Plugin: Using YAML in JMeter >>
* Python 101, Episode #31: Parsing XML With the lxml Package [Video] >>

* Barcelona Ferry Crashes Into Crane, All Hell Breaks Loose >>

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