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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 31 October 2018

* Pizza Hut’s hydrogen delivery truck hauls a robotic kitchen >>
* CCTV AI tool could make finding criminals in security footage ‘as easy as Googling a description of them’ >>

* Dolphins Dumb Down Calls to Compete with Ship Noise >>
* Google to give $25m to humanitarian and environmental projects using AI >>

* Highlights from the O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference in London 2018 >>
* $150,000 HOVERBIKE: ‘Scorpion’ quadcopter goes up for preorder >>
* MIT experiment will let users to control free will of another person >>

* The end of chemotherapy? Scientists discover all cancerous cells have a KILL CODE that can be triggered without the gruelling treatment >>
* US warship shoots down missile in space in spectacular test of ‘kill vehicle’ that hits targets with the force of a 10-ton truck traveling at 600mph >>
* Our neighbouring galaxy is dying as it leaks gas at an alarming rate >>

* Samsung’s 48-megapixel camera sensor may pop up in the Galaxy S10 >>
* New solar cell generates hydrogen and electricity at the same time >>
* Samsung Galaxy S10 will be the first major smartphone to have an ALL-SCREEN display and ditch the annoying black frame >>

* NASA tests parachute that will land on the red planet with Mars 2020 mission and can open in four-tenths of a second >>
* AI ‘deep fake’ software that can be used to make bogus news videos being funded by UK government body >>
* Discussion of 80 Gigapascal super material potential for energy and space >>

* NASA just launched a new podcast to Mars >>
* Amazon Translate now offers 113 new language pairs >>
* Stratolaunch’s Rocket Carrier, the Biggest Airplane Ever Built, Aces Fastest Runway Test Yet >>

* A NASA Spacecraft Just Broke the Record for Closest Approach to Sun >>
* Southeast Asian Companies success model is copying from China >>
* AI can predict the structure of chemical compounds thousands of times faster than quantum chemistry >>

* IBM’s Call for Code Prize Goes to a Team With ‘Clusterducks’ >>
* Google AI listens to 15 years of sea-bottom recordings for hidden whale songs >>
* Oracle’s quest to make blockchain disappear completely >>

* Why software architects fail and what to do about it >>
* Google looks to AI interactions and cats to power its latest AR feature >>
* The challenges of migrating 150+ microservices to Kubernetes >>
* Are microservices a security threat? >>
* Potholes in the road from monolithic hell: Microservices adoption anti-patterns >>
* Career advice for architects >>
* Introducing serverless to your organization >>

* AI; A tale of a whale song >>
* IBM says buying Red Hat makes it the biggest in hybrid cloud >>
* What’s new for IoT: Trends for 2019 >>

* Police trial of Amazon facial recognition tech doesn’t seem to be going very well >>
* ‘Star Trek’ Predicts The Future Again As Humpbacks Fall Silent >>
* Scientists neutralize reactive nitrogen molecules to enhance cancer immunotherapy >>

* How NASA Will Use Robots to Create Rocket Fuel From Martian Soil >>
* Schools Enlist AI to Detect Vaping and Bullies in Bathrooms >>
* Bitcoin by itself can generate 2 degree warming by 2033 >>

* High-performance solar cells with lower cost >>
* Grumman develops more lethal explosives for hypersonic and other missiles >>
* Apple finally upgrades the Mac Mini: Here are the 7 main specs >>

* Sentieo raises $19M to be the AI-powered Bloomberg Terminal >>
* Cockroach Labs launches CockroachDB as managed service >>
* Open a Motion-Sensor Door With Vape Smoke >>

* Everything Apple announced at today’s hardware event >>
* The New iPad Pro Has The Old iPhone’s Bad Choices >>
* The biggest news from Apple’s iPad and Mac event >>

* Pizza Hut to show a pie-making robot in a Toyota at SEMA auto show in Las Vegas >>
* FDA approves first Microsoft HoloLens augmented reality system for surgical use >>

* Extend Agile and DevOps practices across hybrid IT >>
* Keys to DevOps Success >>
* Mocking With the Mockito Framework >>

* There’s No Way China’s Artificial Moon Will Work, Says Expert >>
* China launches space router for first time >>
* New Battery Tech Could Power a Flight from San Francisco to Los Angeles >>

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