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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 16 September 2018

* SpaceX announces plan to announce plan to send someone around the moon in planned spaceship >>
* Robotic bumble bee sized drones will explore Mars by flying with flapping insect like wings >>
* BMW unveils its vision for the ‘iFuture’ of luxury vehicles >>

* Wait … pizza is a vegetable? Decoding regulations using machine learning >>
* AI: Quantifying forgiveness >>
* Practical ML today and tomorrow >>

* Leveraging the best of the past to power a better future >>
* The secret to great design >>
* How AI Can Save Our Humanity >>
* The data imperative >>

* Docker fave Alpine Linux suffers bug miscreants can exploit to poison containers >>
* How Bots Ruined Clicktivism >>
* Helping computers fill in the gaps between video frames >>

* Last Delta II Rocket Launches NASA Satellite to Map Earth’s Ice with Space Laser >>
* Breakthrough in schizophrenia identifies importance of immune cells >>
* Research reveals link between immunity, diabetes >>

* Apple Watch stole the show from this year’s new iPhones >>
* NVIDIA’s RTX cards are a gamble on the future of gaming >>
* The Intelligent Car is Here. Are You Ready? >>

* Brazil space station open for small satellite business >>
* India Shows off the Spacesuit its Astronauts Will be Using in 2022 >>
* Large Hadron Collider celebrates 10 years. What have we learned? >>

* The Exquisite, Intricate Insanity of Riding a Bike at 168 MPH >>
* The New ECG Apple Watch Could Do More Harm Than Good >>
* Elon Musk plan to build tower constructed with ‘lifesize LEGO-like bricks’ from leftover tunnels dirt >>

* Mary Meeker, ‘Queen of the Internet,’ Is Leaving Kleiner Perkins to Start a New Fund >>
* Timing Planetary Migration in the Early System >>
* The Closest Exoplanet to Earth Could Be ‘Highly Habitable’ >>

* Hydrogen can form ‘ghost bonds’ with something that isn’t even there >>
* Why a rake on the moon messed up our theories of life on Earth >>
* The Top 10 Emerging Technologies of 2018 >>

* Almost Half of US Cellphone Calls Will Be Scams By Next Year, Says Report >>
* Facebook’s AI Can Analyze Memes, but Can It Understand Them? >>
* a16z Podcast: What’s at the Core of the Latest Apple Announcement? >>

* How NASA Will Use a Space Laser to Measure Earth’s Thinning Ice Sheets >>
* Consolidate Robot and CNC Controllers in a Single Real-time Windows IPC >>
* Nuclear power and geoengineering are needed for climate solution >>

* Tiny camera lens may help link quantum computers to network >>
* Disrupting genetic processes reverses ageing in human cells >>
* Elon Musk Is Digging a Tunnel in a Residential Garage and Nobody Knows Exactly Why >>

* SpaceX Big Falcon SpaceShip has a new design with three larger fins >>
* SpaceX BFR will allow people to work and live in space and the hardest parts of engine development are done >>
* Woolly Mammoths would prevent the permafrost from melting and help save the planet >>

* The first common 3D-printed buildings might be army barracks >>
* Automated Weather Source; Amazon snatches up AWS.com >>
* The Netherlands Now Has The World’s First Recycled Plastic Bike Path >>

* Samsung teases a quad-camera Galaxy because smartphones are like razors now >>
* CEO’s Guide to Retirement >>
* Netflix’s newest program certifies post-production tools for Netflix Originals >>

* Mark Zuckerberg’s election integrity note contained an argument against breaking up Facebook >>
* US carriers create single sign-on service that could end passwords >>
* What Happens When Gig-Economy Workers Become Employees >>

* Google teases Pixel 3 launch in the wake of Apple’s iPhone event >>
* Plants can ‘feel’ you picking them! Video shows that leaves fire off pain signals to warn their neighbours of danger when attacked >>
* Limit access to a Jupyter notebook instance by IP address >>

* Classifying high-resolution chest x-ray medical images with Amazon SageMaker >>
* Why Can’t More Than Four People Have a Conversation at Once? >>
* How phytoplankton survive in ocean gyres with low nutrient supplies >>

* Your muscles are ready to run, whether you like it or not. >>
* 19 TV shows that have won the most Emmys >>
* World’s largest private yacht cost $600 million to build and has held the record for more than 5 years >>

* Age bias is subconscious, study indicates >>
* World speed record for polymer simulations shattered by over a hundred-fold >>
* Mind–Body Problems: My Meta-Solution to the Mystery of Who We Really Are >>

* Japan Delays Launch of New Space Station Cargo Ship Again >>
* US Missile Defense Agency seeks controls for high G maneuvers for hypersonic interceptors >>
* SpaceX Moon Orbit Tourist might be one of these Japanese Billionaires >>

* Progress to photonic quantum computation >>
* Swarm of probes could measure the mass of asteroids and comets >>
* Hulu’s ‘The First’ Confronts the Drama of Getting Humans to Mars >>

* Final Delta II Launch to Mark End of First Pioneering Era of US Rockets >>
* Why the Pentagon’s $10 billion JEDI deal has cloud companies going nuts >>
* 400GE is Revolutionary, Not Evolutionary >>

* Self-Driving Car Developers Should Put Pedestrians First >>
* Do robots dream of Prada? How artificial intelligence is reprogramming fashion >>
* Jeff Bezos says the ‘secret sauce’ to Amazon’s success is an ‘obsessive compulsive focus’ on customer over competitor >>

* China’s pockets may not be deep enough to bail out emerging markets >>
* This Week’s Awesome Stories From Around the Web >>
* Nuclear pasta in neutron stars may be the strongest material in the universe >>

* SpaceX President talks BFR and Mars exploration in laid-back Madrid Q&A session >>
* Scientists Are Developing New Ways to Treat Disease with Cells, Not Drugs >>
* Virtual Reality Simulation >>

* ISSUE 134: People First >>
* Chinese innovators help build global manufacturing advantages >>
* China becomes world’s first country with complete high-speed rail network >>

* The Rise of Non-Microservices Architectures >>
* Microservices in a Post-Kubernetes Era >>
* When to Rely on DevOps-as-a-Service >>
* The Role of Machine Learning in the Telecom Industry >>
* Machine learning—Is the emperor wearing clothes? >>

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