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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 5 September 2018

* Xiaomi’s Mi Mix 3 might be the first 5G phone ever >>
* Amazon is the latest $1 trillion tech company >>
* MIT researchers teach a neural network to recognize depression >>

* Space station air leak caused by man-made drill hole, reports say >>
* Supercar makers will push 2000+ horsepower to beat new Tesla Roadster >>
* Think you can save money by going Serverless? >>

* Using AI to Design Deep Learning Architectures >>
* Atlassian acquires OpsGenie, launches Jira Ops for managing incidents >>
* DevOps darling Atlassian gets into the monitoring business with OpsGenie gobble >>

* Silicon Valley Wants To Use Algorithms For Debt Collection >>
* Mystery of the Cargo Ships That Sink When Their Cargo Suddenly Liquefies >>
* Researchers tap AI in fight against elephant poachers >>
* These two CRISPR experts are coming to Disrupt SF 2018 >>

* Britain Faces an AI Brain Drain as Tech Giants Raid Top Universities >>
* AI beats doctors at predicting heart disease deaths >>
* Researchers use AI to treat metastatic cancer patient >>

* Going hundreds to millions of times beyond blockbody limit for radiative heat transfer >>
* SpaceX Second Falcon Heavy Launch in about 4-5 months >>
* Orion space battleships could still be built in a nuclear space race >>

* MIT Energy Initiative study reports on the future of nuclear energy >>
* Netflix and Amazon will have to make more European content by law >>
* Google offers AI toolkit to report child sex abuse images >>

* Scientists invented way to create ‘unlimited renewable energy’ by turning sunlight into fuel in ‘milestone’ discovery >>
* The real danger of deepfake videos is that we may question everything >>
* Brazil museum fire: Drone footage >>

* Samsung wants to force its folding Galaxy phone on us this year >>
* SpaceX Mars and Moon Colonization with titanium alloy bulldozers and materials processing >>
* Sound-based liquid printing could lead to new designer drugs >>
* New Book Announcement: Click Here to Kill Everybody >>

* Next generation cosmic microwave background telescopes could detect Planet 9 >>
* In first month of data the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite has likely found 100-200 exoplanets >>
* How to use data to improve product design >>

* Watch tomorrow’s Jack Dorsey congressional hearings right here >>
* Jack Dorsey: Twitter isn’t guided by ‘political ideology’ >>
* Google Wants To Kill The Url >>

* Metallic Nanoparticles Come to the Rescue of DRAM >>
* NASA Development of machines to build on Mars and the Moon >>
* Amazon second to reach $1 trillion market value >>

* Build secure applications on blockchain using Esprezzo >>
* Aerojet Rocketdyne Tests Out Its New Advanced Ion Engine System >>
* US Geological Survey Is Getting Serious About Space Resources and Mining >>

* Peep the future of distributed ledgers, Hyperledger, Parity Technologies and Tradeshift >>
* One secret to building affordable nuclear: stick with tried-and-true designs >>

* Watch SpaceX’s Dragon Bid Farewell to Space Station in This Incredible 4K Video >>
* Brazil’s Biggest Meteorite Survives Museum-Destroying Fire >>
* Mars Ice House: Tour a Concept Martian Home in Pictures >>

* Mercedes-Benz unveils the EQC to kick off $12 billion electric offensive >>
* Volvo’s performance EV brand is all about service. >>
* Mercedes-Benz unveils its first electric SUV >>

* How memory bandwidth is killing AMD’s 32-core Threadripper performance >>
* The US Army is Building Drones That Never Need To Land >>
* Tesla car owner became so frustrated with the company’s poor customer service he ended up fixing his car himself >>

* Become a gaming pro with these online courses >>
* Magnetic Nanobots Are the Future of Healthcare >>
* Canadian startup uses AI to help companies hire new talent >>

* Can an online test really tell if you have a healthy heart? >>
* The American Dream is slipping away faster than we thought >>
* It’s the year 2038–here’s how we’ll eat 20 years in the future >>

* Japanese hotels; motion-sensing dinosaurs that greet you at reception and egg-shaped machines that sing you to sleep >>
* Robot with flexible joints like a human arm and operated by a surgeon using joysticks will perform keyhole surgery on NHS patients by next year >>
* People calling Neil Armstrong biopic unpatriotic are stuck in 1969 >>

* Nanobots can now swarm like fish to perform complex medical tasks >>
* Designer keen to scrap plastic 3D printing waste >>
* The Verge fall movie preview, September 2018 >>

* Why sand scarcity is about more than ‘running out’ of sand >>
* This Penrose Triangle Illusion Puzzle Is Wrecking Our Brains >>
* FarmBot Automates Home Gardening From Seed to Harvest >>

* College is Dying, Design Your Own Education. >>
* Continuous Delivery: A Step Up From Continuous Integration >>
* Jenkins Configuration as Code: Sensitive Data >>

* Your Goals Could Be Holding Your DevOps Teams Back >>
* Develop Your Company’s Culture of Communication to Support Your Automated Workflow >>
* How AI Will Change Decision-Making For Businesses >>
* The Business Case for Unit Testing — Part 2 >>

* All Things Sales! 16 Mini-Lessons for Startup Founders >>
* China starts developing civilian passenger airship >>
* Mass Transit Optimization for Buses: The Depot Problem >>

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