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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 4 September 2018

* AI predicts a person’s choices before they have even made up their mind >>
* The ‘pac-man’ that could gobble up plastic from the Great Garbage Patch is ready for launch >>
* We have the power to halt evolution itself – should we use it? >>

* Computer the size of Euro coin; VoCore2 tiny computer can play tiny Doom >>
* Lioness gives birth to world’s first TEST-TUBE cubs >>

* AI powered listening posts are now helping to protect endangered elephants from poachers over 580-sq-miles in an African national park >>
* The US Army is making a laser-powered drone that can fly indefinitely >>

* AI scans satellite images and predicts how many residents are overweight based on parks, fast food stores and other buildings in the area >>
* Water meters must be compulsory in all households to cope with climate change, warns environment expert >>
* Lab-grown brain bits open windows to the mind — and a maze of ethical dilemmas >>

* Apple self driving car ‘in autonomous mode’ rear ended by a Nissan >>
* Plastic waste could power the cars of the future after a scientific breakthrough that turns rubbish into usable hydrogen fuel >>
* Original Content By TechCrunch >>

* NASA’s public CO2 challenge could help astronauts endure on Mars >>
* MIT Students Solve the Spaghetti Breaking Mystery That Stumped Richard Feynman >>
* Supreme Court to Rule Whether Pirate Streaming Damages Are Fair >>

* New Device Prints Using Sound Waves >>
* Scientists engineer way to prevent immune response to gene therapy in mice >>
* Japan’s Obayashi will have tiny cubsat test to learn about tethers for space elevators >>
* Scientists begin hunt for a door into the ‘dark sector’ of the universe that lies hidden from view >>

* Home of the Future will offer mesmerizing entertainment >>
* How the most neurotic people spend 41 minutes a day longer on chores >>
* Buzz Aldrin shames Neil Armstrong biopic for not showing planting of US flag >>
* Jaguar develops new self-driving car that looks at pedestrians at zebra crossings >>

* Superbridge over Gibraltar >>
* Superlong Tunnels now and in the near future >>
* How sickled red blood cells stick to blood vessels >>

* China’s Internet Obsesses Over Arrest of JD.com Founder Richard Liu >>
* High-flying people with large salaries are better at waiting for what they want, a study has found. >>
* Google at 20: how a search engine became a literal extension of our mind >>

* Jeff Bezos said he wanted to build ‘space hotels’ in his 1982 high school graduation speech >>
* New AI Tech Turning Heads in Video Manipulation >>
* The AI that could bring the dead back to life by creating ‘perfect’ lipsync videos (and it could also help spot fake videos online) >>

* Governments ‘Not on Track’ To Cap Temperatures at Below 2 Degrees: UN >>
* Point of no return for climate action is point when Geoengineering will start >>
* Artificial Intelligence Could Run The World Better Than Humans Ever Could >>

* Huawei’s new flagship smartphone now has a launch date >>
* Tesla’s Roadster prompts Koenigsegg to rethink its supercars >>
* Survival of the Richest >>

* America Is Moving Toward an Oligarchical Socialism >>
* The latest trailer for Universal Pictures’ “First Man” about Neil Armstrong is absolutely perfect >>
* China’s top 500 firms unveiled >>

* China sharing virus samples, WHO says >>
* Continuous Delivery: A Step Up From Continuous Integration >>
* Tackling the Risks of Prediction Machines >>

* Why Machine Learning Systems Are Non-Testable >>
* There Was A Strange Time In History When The US Had Its Mail Delivered By Missiles >>

* Google releases free AI tool to help companies identify child sexual abuse material >>
* Introduction to Integration Patterns >>
* New trailers: The Predator, True Detective, and more >>

* The best of IFA 2018; 8K, Alexa and one weird gaming rig >>
* Like Smartphone Vendors, Laptop OEMs Are Increasingly Moving To Near Bezel-Less Displays >>
* Frontiers >>

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