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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 3 September 2018

* New Artificial Intelligence Does Something Extraordinary — It Remembers >>
* Are Pig Organs Safe to Transplant Into Humans? Now We Have A Way To Find Out >>
* ‘Sonic’ Attacks On US Embassy Staff Could Have Been Weaponised Microwave Radiation >>

* Artificial intelligence spots obesity from space >>
* Tesla, software and disruption >>
* This new AI can track 200 eye movements to determine your personality traits >>

* Here’s How Singapore Solved It’s Housing Crisis >>
* Recommended Reading: AI the music producer >>

* Human intelligence and AI are vastly different — so let’s stop comparing them >>
* What Your Sleep Reveals About Your Personality >>
* China’s reform and opening up creates three major opportunities for Africa >>

* The future is here! Russia successfully tests exosuit enabling wearer to shoot machine gun 1-handed >>
* Reaction Pre-cooled Engines could deliver reusable hypersonic planes by 2025 >>
* How America Killed Transit >>

* China begins urgent visa reissue service for foreigners who lose passports >>
* China takes lead in 5G and AI technologies >>
* Jaunt Shows Off New Augmented Reality 360-degree Full Body Selfies >>

* Fly A Drone With These Epson Moverio AR Glasses >>
* Japan starts space elevator experiments >>
* Military robots are getting smaller and more capable >>

* Facebook’s AI Just Set A New Record In Translation And Why It Matters >>
* The Future Will Be Full Of Bullshit Jobs, And Other Facts >>
* ‘Happiness Tech’ Is On the Rise. Is It Working? >>

* The ‘Whitening’ of Asian Americans >>
* The Online Gig Economy’s ‘Race to the Bottom’ >>
* I grew up in a house that shared one phone charger — and survived >>

* How to Build a Culture of Continuous Testing in Your Organization >>
* Serverless Microservice Patterns for AWS >>
* Are you using the term ‘AI’ incorrectly? >>

* Stunning anti-ageing breakthrough could see humans live to 150 and regenerate organs by 2020 ‘for the price of a coffee a day’ >>
* Earth is set for BIG FREEZE as sun goes BLANK for majority of 2018 >>
* AI to ‘bring dead BACK to life’ with human REPLICAS in shock new 3D technology >>

* Why feature weights in a machine learning model are meaningless >>
* Getting Laid Off In Tech The Myth of Upper Middle-Class Security >>
* The Problem With Machine Learning In Healthcare >>

* Jenkins Configuration as Code: Look Ma, No Hands >>
* Introduction to Integration Patterns >>
* The Evolution of Systems Integration >>

* Stop future proofing software >>
* Serverless Best Practices >>
* Weed-killing robots use fewer pesticides on farms and food >>

* The Future Of Nuclear Engines >>
* China claims ‘great breakthroughs’ with rocket technology that could give it an edge in a high altitude fight >>
* The world’s oldest piece of solid cheese was found in an Egyptian tomb — and it reveals how important cheese was in human history >>

* Everything that’s wrong with the computers and laptops that Apple sells >>
* ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ puts spotlight on region’s inequalities >>
* How Linux’s Kernel Developers ‘Make C Less Dangerous’ >>

* One extra week to apply for Startup Battlefield Africa 2018 >>
* Is Windows Coming To Chromebooks? >>
* Is Chrome OS Threatening Windows? >>

* YouTube Download Sites Are the Biggest Piracy Threat To Music Industry, Industry Figures Say >>
* The State of Agile Software in 2018 >>
* Opinion: can-i-please-have-some-agile >>

* How to clean up your computer’s embarrassingly messy desktop >>
* Gender differences in “achievement motivation” may explain part of gender pay gap >>
* US Military looking at open ended hypersonic weapons development >>

* Struggling to multitask? Your brain might have hit full capacity >>
* CERN’s Pioneering Mini-accelerator Passes First Test >>

* Sony’s new HX99 compact camera does things your smartphone can’t >>
* Huawei launches advanced 7-nanometre smartphone chip ahead of Apple, Samsung >>

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