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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 2 September 2018

* Clinc is building a voice AI system to replace humans in drive-through restaurants >>
* The best defense against deepfake AI might be . . . blinking >>
* This AI wants you to shop at a mall named “Steve” >>

* Scientists make a touch tablet that rolls and scrolls >>
* Electronic Pump Delivers Drugs to the Brain to Stop Seizures >>

* The end of de-icing? Scientists develop solar-powered material that stops water freezing on aeroplane wings, wind turbines and power lines >>
* MIT’s AI can tell if you’re depressed from the way you talk >>

* The Future of Human Longevity >>
* Learning to lie has cognitive benefits, study finds >>
* China to limit number of new online video games and restrict playing time >>

* DeepMind is testing AIs to see how well they understand our thoughts >>
* Artificial Intelligence Nails Predictions of Earthquake Aftershocks >>
* TransVision 2018: Madrid October 19-21 >>

* Cancer-tracking AI could save lives by predicting how tumours evolve >>
* Huawei’s 7nm Kirin 980 chip could give Qualcomm reason to worry >>
* The VacPac Pro fridge-freezer had its debut at IFA 2018 >>

* NASA has just 45 days to save Opportunity rover after huge Mars storm >>
* Want to spy for New Zealand? crack these codes >>
* Jet packs may still be a thing of the future, but the story of their past is fascinating >>
* The Bugs Are Coming, and They’ll Want More of Our Food >>

* Physicists Measure Gravity With Record Precision >>
* Pesky fruit flies can travel NINE MILES in one day using the sun and ‘compass cells’ in their brains to navigate >>
* The speed you type on a keyboard could reveal if you are in the early stages of Parkinson’s disease >>

* The buildings of the future will keep rearranging themselves >>
* Apple reports its first self-driving car crash >>
* Researchers reveal radical ‘scroll’ screen >>

* Desperate for Data Scientists >>
* A vibrant Space Program will inspire millions of children >>
* SpaceX Principle Mars Development Engineer gave some more details about Mars colonization >>
* Neato Introduces New Robot Vacuums, Adds Zone Cleaning to D7 >>

* Puppies treated with CRISPR show improvement from muscular dystrophy >>
* Windows 10 October 2018 Update is called ‘Windows 10 October 2018 Update’ >>
* Mars Opportunity rover will have 45 days to phone home >>

* We tried ‘Terminal 3’, the AR experience that puts viewers in the shoes of immigration officers >>
* Research: Cloud Computing Is Helping Smaller, Newer Firms Compete >>
* 2018 IFA tech trade show >>

* Telescope Pierces Into One Of The Biggest Nebulae In The Milky Way To Reveal Its Newly Forming (And Nearly Dying) Stars >>
* This Is The Habitat In Hawaii Helping Astronauts Preparing To Explore Mars >>
* Going Back to the Moon Won’t Break the Bank, NASA Chief Says >>

* Did a Micrometeoroid Poke a Hole in the Space Station? >>
* Astronauts Work to Seal Air Leak on Space Station. Here’s How. >>
* Sibling-in-Law >>

* China applying naval electromagnetic catapult launch for land based missiles >>
* India will become main driver of oil demand growth by 2024 >>
* Lancet opens the door to treating aging as a disease >>
* AI sucks at stopping online trolls spewing toxic comments >>

* AI can predict how cancers will progress, scientists find >>
* Chemical rockets will not be enough for civilizations around low-mass stars >>
* Giant 30-40 meter ground telescopes will begin direct imaging many more exoplanets around 2024 >>

* Virgin Orbit Performs LauncherOne Aircraft Flight Tests >>
* China number two in military spending starting in 2006 and India will be number three in 2019 >>
* India will be number three in world military spending >>

* ‘My robot makes me feel like I haven’t been forgotten’ >>
* Lockheed proposes F-22 hybrid upgrade using mostly proven technology >>
* C’mon, if you say your device is ‘unhackable’, you’re just asking for it: Bitfi retracts edgy claim >>

* Huawei will unveil the Mate 20 on October 16 >>
* Huawei AI Cube is the company’s first smart speaker >>
* A New Ejection Seat Makes Rocketing Out Of A B-2 Bomber Surprisingly Safe >>

* Neil Armstrong Biopic ‘First Man’ Lifts Off with Over-the-Moon Reviews >>
* The walking, squawking and snarling $250 Jurassic World robot raptor that can you can try and train >>
* San Francisco welcomes back scooters, but not Uber and Lyft >>

* Can India keep fast economic growth despite foreign oil dependence and high costs? >>
* India revolting against colonization by Technology Giants >>
* China, USA and India will compete for Asia Region Dominance in 2030s and beyond >>

* CRISPR gene editing successfully stopped Duchenne muscular dystrophy in dogs and human trials are next >>
* Video Friday: TORO Humanoid Robot Learning to Balance, and More >>
* Google goes bilingual, Facebook fleshes out translation and TensorFlow is dope, Microsoft is assisting fish farmers in Japan >>

* Apple is late to a self driving milestone — its first test car accident >>
* The average commuter is stuck in traffic 41 hours a year >>
* Boeing Wins Bid To Build the Navy’s Carrier-Launched Tanker Drone >>

* Linus Torvalds No Longer Knows the Whole Linux Kernel and That’s OK >>
* Mophie’s new battery packs can charge phones wirelessly >>
* Microwave Weapons Are Prime Suspect in Ills of U.S. Embassy Workers >>

* The 3D printed ‘digital twin’ of your heart that could save your life: AI system lets surgeons simulate surgery >>
* Why you SHOULD teach your child to lie: Learning how to fib can be good for preschoolers’ brains >>
* Hunt for alien life takes a huge step forward as researchers say ‘water worlds’ covered in deep oceans CAN support life >>

* Watch a printer that uses sound waves and inks made from honey >>
* These Stunning Designs Show What Our Future on Mars Might Look Like >>
* Mars Ice Home: A Red Planet Colony Concept in Pictures >>
* ‘Shameless’ Star William H. Macy Says Emmy Rossum ‘Made The Right Choice’ After Reports Of Her Departure >>

* A telephone for your microbiome >>
* Ageing in Human Cells Successfully Reversed in the Lab >>
* Turning Old Beer Bottles Into Sand >>

* The world’s smallest spacecraft could reach our nearest star >>
* Researchers Solve First Problem From Mathematical Physics Wish List >>
* Kiwi cat quotas? >>

* ISSUE 132: Smooth Operator >>
* Doctors hail breakthrough in muscular dystrophy treatment >>
* Robotel: Japan hotel staffed by robot dinosaurs >>

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