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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 31 August 2018

* Phase One stuffs a 151-megapix >>
* Apple buys Denver startup building waveguide lenses for AR glasses >>
* This Lens-less Camera Is Built Specially for AI and Computer Vision Programs >>

* The Age of the Heroic Inventor Is Over >>
* Google sets Kubernetes free with $9m in its pocket for expenses K8s becomes captain of its own fate, in Google Cloud cabin >>

* (MOOC), Introduction to Computer Science using Python, has become the most popular MOOC in MIT history with 1.2 million enrollments to date. >>
* Daily commutes ‘should count as part of the working day’ because HALF of us spend our travel time to the office reading work emails, scientists say >>
* Netgear’s XR700 Nighthawk Pro Gaming Router features 10-gigabit ethernet >>

* AI software may help eggheads predict where aftershocks will strike >>
* The Google Assistant is now bilingual >>
* MIT researchers 3-D print colloidal crystals >>

* Model can more naturally detect depression in conversations >>
* Samsung and LG are bringing 8K smart TVs to market >>
* CERN’s Pioneering Mini-Accelerator Passes First Test >>

* Dyson’s EV ambitions include 10 miles of test tracks >>
* Netflix releases the trailer for Orson Welles’ final film >>
* Store Your Bitcoin Fortune in DNA >>

* Meet Martti, the Finnish Robocar That Uses 5G >>
* Announcing the winners of Disrupt SF 2018’s sponsored hackathon contests >>
* 3-D Printed Gun Blueprints Are Back, and Only New Laws Can Stop Them >>

* Hackers can spy on your computer screen just by listening to your webcam’s microphone, experts warn >>
* A warm-water time bomb could spell disaster for Arctic sea ice >>
* Opioid crisis: powerful but non-addictive drug could replace morphine >>

* Dyson wants to build a $260M hub to test its secretive EV >>
* Hulu Show ‘The First’ Details the Drama of a Near-Future Mars Misison in New Trailer >>
* Small Air Leak Detected on International Space Station >>

* Detecting Life’s Influence on Planetary Atmospheres >>
* How to identify high-quality and high-performing candidates >>
* Robot chefs, beauty hotels and more >>

* The AI telling US Open players how to beat their opponents: Coaches turn to algorithms to analyse hours of video >>
* Apple sees the (augmented) light, buys holo-glass tech startup >>
* Canada has future tech leadership with quantum computers, AI, nanotechnology, fusion and molten salt >>

* China building $145 million superconducting computer that is up to 1000 times more energy efficient >>
* Big read: In Elon Musk’s world, brakes are for cars, not CEOs >>
* California kicks its climate change fight into overdrive while Trump looks the other way >>
* How the Internet of Things will transform consumerism, enterprises, and governments over the next five years >>

* What explains America’s economic anomalies? >>
* 13 Hot Chips from Summer 2018 >>
* New Zealand penguins make mammoth migrations, traveling thousands of kilometers to feed >>
* *Crazy Rich Asians* >>

* The search for new drugs is coming to your house >>
* Apple buys AR display startup Akonia Holographics >>
* Facebook takes on YouTube with new video feature >>

* Lenovo’s New Yoga Book Stretches Laptop Design >>
* Firefox will soon start blocking trackers by default >>
* Turns out, not many people change their minds because of something they see on social media >>

* OpenStack’s latest release focuses on bare metal clouds and easier upgrades >>
* Vodafone AU, TPG propose ‘merger of equals’ >>

* Oracle Trying Hard To Make Sure Pentagon Knows Amazon Isn’t the Only Cloud Around >>
* Visual search on AWS—Part 1: Engine implementation with Amazon SageMaker >>
* Your digital assistant may have tons of new features it didn’t tell you about >>

* Could you qualify to be a full-fledged astronaut? >>
* LG shows off an 8K OLED and huge MicroLED TV, because Samsung >>
* Samsung’s first 8K QLED TV is coming to the U.S. in October >>

* The robot you can WEAR! LG unveils its new AI-powered SuitBot that ‘enhances’ leg movements to help warehouse workers lift heavy objects >>
* Netgear and Harman Kardon’s smart speaker doubles as a WiFi repeater >>
* Lenovo’s Yoga C630 laptop promises 25 hours on battery using Qualcomm’s next-gen Snapdragon 850 >>
* Lenovo’s ThinkPad X1 Extreme will tempt you away from a MacBook Pro >>

* Why did Lenovo stretch the ThinkPad X1 Extreme to 15 inches? To kill the MacBook Pro >>
* Crispr Halted Muscular Dystrophy in Dogs. Someday, It Might Cure Humans >>
* Apple’s next big event is September 12 >>

* Using lidar to assess destruction in Puerto Rico >>
* UberAir is looking for an international city for its flying taxis >>
* Apple takes a step towards its own version of Google Glass >>
* Another Juno Flyby, Another Amazing Sequence Of Images Of Jupiter >>

* Major F35 flaws are being hidden so they can claim development phase is done >>
* DNA editing before birth could one day massively expand lifespans >>
* A species of fish has passed the mirror test for the first time >>
* Samsung unveils new AI-powered televisions that have 16 TIMES the number of pixels as standard HD and promise to ‘upgrade’ the quality of everything you watch to 8K >>

* Multiple sclerosis drug is first to dramatically cut brain shrinkage >>
* Dark matter blasted by star explosions may explain misfit galaxies >>
* Scientists want to land on Mercury; Here’s why that’s tricky >>

* These Dreams Indicate Good Mental Health (S) >>
* The Chinese Air Force just released a video of its newest and deadliest war planes — here’s what they bring to a fight >>
* India is spending $1.4 billion on its first manned space mission >>

* Researchers spot something unique about human brains >>
* Why Technology Favors Tyranny >>
* In Major Breakthrough, Scientists Observe Higgs Boson Decay into Bottom Quarks >>

* Garmin’s new fitness tracker monitors your blood oxygen levels >>
* Honor teases new bezel-free Magic 2 smartphone with sliding camera >>
* This robot backpack is actually a helping pair of hands controlled by a human >>

* Huawei’s Nova 3i is the world’s slipperiest phone >>
* Are you using the term ‘AI’ incorrectly? >>
* The Role of API Gateways in API Security >>
* Testing ML Models on Dual Coding Principles >>

* The Role of a Modern Tester in The Era of ML and AI >>
* Avoiding Common Hurdles in Unit Testing >>
* People, Process, Product — DevOps: Part 1 >>

* Augmenting a DevOps Pipeline With Quality Engineering >>
* Advanced Artificial Intelligence Could Run The World Better Than Humans Ever Could >>
* China takes lead in 5G and AI technologies >>

* Belt and Road construction brings relevant countries effective investment rather than debt: official >>
* China and Africa broaden agricultural cooperation >>
* HQ-16 missile system fire in Gobi Desert >>
* New technology can help predict dangerous heart attacks >>

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