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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 28 August 2018

* China is building a police station powered by AI, not humans >>
* We’ve Finally Created an AI Network That’s Been Decades in the Making >>
* Spear-toting robot can guard coral reefs against invasive lionfish >>

* Microsoft is about to announce Xbox All Access subscription >>
* VMware pulls AWS’s Relational Database Service into the data center >>
* Electric scooters’ sudden invasion of American cities, explained >>

* JupyterCon 2018 >>
* Jupyter notebooks and the intersection of data science and data engineering >>
* Sea change: What happens when Jupyter becomes pervasive at a university? >>
* Beyond interactive: Scaling impact with notebooks at Netflix >>
* Disease prediction using the world’s largest clinical lab data set >>
* The future of data-driven discovery in the cloud >>
* Notebook Future, Arduino CLI, Robot Mind, and Conscious Computers >>

* We’re Almost Able to Cool Antimatter. Here’s Why That’s a Big Deal. >>
* World’s First Digital Teacher Just Debuted in New Zealand >>

* Artificial Intelligence Will Serve Humans, Not Enslave Them >>
* We Are Merging With Robots. That’s a Good Thing >>
* Self-driving cars: New book looks at how we’re racing toward the future, not always safely >>

* What are Sidechains and Childchains? >>
* NASA’s terrifying visualization of atmospheric aerosols >>
* AutoX is using its self-driving vehicles to deliver groceries >>

* A second Amazon Go cashier-less store has opened in downtown Seattle >>
* This New Supplement Could Change the Way You Age >>
* How to Make a Robot Use Theory of Mind >>
* How neutron star collisions could help aliens make contact with Earth >>

* India’s Biometric Database Is Creating A Perfect Surveillance State >>
* AI-altered video makes it look like you can dance >>
* Linux 4.19 Preparing Better CPU Security Mitigations, New EROFS File-System >>

* Toyota will reportedly invest $500 million in Uber >>
* We’re In The Milky Way’s Second Life. Star Formation Was Shut Down For Billions Of Years >>

* VMware on AWS comes to Australia >>
* It’s Not Technology That’s Disrupting Our Jobs >>
* Sexy selfies are on the rise – and it’s because of income inequality! >>

* Squishy Transistors for Shark-Like Electrical Sensors >>
* Smart Tags Add Touch Controls To Ordinary Objects >>
* VMware acquires CloudHealth Technologies for multi-cloud management >>

* Flashing checkerboard patterns let us see a picture that doesn’t exist >>
* This Is A 3d Map Of 400,000 Hot Massive Stars Located Within 10,000 Light-years From The Sun, Thanks To Gaia! >>
* E.T., Phone Earth? How Neutron-Star Crashes Could Help Aliens Call Us >>

* The best 3D printers you can buy >>
* Microsoft’s ‘Xbox All Access’ Lets You Pay for a Console in Monthly Installments >>
* Sun-powered car shines in American Solar Challenge >>

* Starkey’s AI Transforms Hearing Aids Into Smart Wearables >>
* Squishy Transistors for Shark-Like Electrical Sensors >>
* Honor Play is a gaming phone with ‘GPU Turbo’ and AI-powered rumble >>

* Hackable humans and digital dictators: Q&A with Yuval Noah Harari >>
* BBC Documentary — Mars A Traveller’s Guide | BBC Documentary 2017 >>
* Kairos’ Brian Brackeen to show off facial recognition tech at Disrupt SF >>

* How Microservices Saved the Internet >>
* Sony’s adorable new Aibo comes to the US >>
* Does Google Actually Make Us Dumber? >>

* Amazon rolls out collaborative wish lists to everyone >>
* Judge extends ban on publication of 3D-printed gun designs >>
* Vespa’s first electric scooter goes on sale in Europe this October >>

* ‘Disney Play’ is the company’s Netflix competitor >>
* Google Gboard can use selfies to create a ‘Mini’ version of you >>
* Oculus co-founder trashes Magic Leap headset in review, calling it a ‘tragic heap’ >>

* ‘Streets of Rage 4′ revives Sega’s beat ’em up classic >>
* Scientists Warn the UN of Capitalism’s Imminent Demise >>
* How to decode the secret language of birds >>

* These probiotics for bees are designed to boost insect immune systems >>
* Understanding glioblastoma, the most common—and lethal—form of brain cancer >>
* Swedrop Disposable Stormwater filter >>

* Inside The United Nations’ Effort To Regulate Autonomous Killer Robots >>

* Introduction to Docker Monitoring >>
* How Do Machines Learn? >>
* Python Machine Learning: Tasks and Applications >>
* What About the Testing You Can’t Automate? >>
* GitOps — Git Push All the Things >>

* Master JIRA, Scrum & Agile with This $29 Project Management Training >>

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