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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 19 August 2018

* Boffins build smallest transistor, controlled by an atom >>
* Microsoft’s Glasses Monitor Blood Pressure >>
* New 5G networks aimed at cord cutters >>

* Scientists Are Developing A Unique Identifier For Your Brain >>
* Linux Study Argues Monolithic OS Design Leads To Critical Exploits >>
* Windows Subsystem for Linux >>

* Researchers calculate that sound has negative mass and negative gravity >>
* Miso Robotics: new age of robots working in the kitchen >>

* In a cashless society, mobile payments are the change homeless people need >>
* Bill Gates offers a simple explanation for why the economy works differently now >>

* Scientists are baffled by mysterious space object nicknamed ‘the cow’ >>
* New AI system will help us discover the most effective behaviour change strategies >>
* This Week’s Awesome Stories From Around the Web >>

* Oldest galaxies in the universe discovered right on our doorstep >>
* The Universe as We Understand It May Be Impossible >>
* Lockheed Martin gives first look into where astronauts may live on missions to deep space >>

* Australian fossil bacteria dating back 3.4 billion years could be earliest evidence of life >>
* Build a model to predict the impact of weather on urban air quality >>

* Google is using AI to run its data center cooling systems >>
* NYU Medical School Students Will Get Free Tuition >>
* MIT can secure cloud-based AI without slowing it down >>

* Aubrey de Grey — We Will End Aging >>
* Within 5 years, World could widely accept within striking distance of post aging world >>
* Uber is investing its revenue in everything from scooters and bikes to flying taxis >>

* CRISPR powers the hunt for new, better antidepressants >>
* Mysterious X-37B unmanned Nasa space plane nears one year in orbit >>
* How to Make a Robot Use Theory of Mind >>

* Would you subscribe to toilet paper or organic tampons? >>
* Inside Boeing’s CST-100 Starliner Spaceship Hangar >>
* ‘Foreign Object’ on Mars Spotted by Curiosity Rover Is Just a Rock >>

* Including population control in climate policy risks human tragedy >>
* Future robot swarms should copy lazy ants who let others do the work >>
* The incredible 3D printed ‘gills’ that could let humans LIVE underwater >>

* OpenAI Is Beating Humans At ‘Dota 2’ Because It’s Basically Cheating >>
* New drug target may curb cocaine relapse >>
* Scientists discover strange ‘inside-out’ nebula >>

* Let this AI bot turn your words into vaguely-recognizable pictures >>
* Deploy a TensorFlow trained image classification model to AWS DeepLens >>

* Settling Arguments About Hydrogen With 168 Giant Lasers >>
* DNA Nanostructures Strenghtened to Survive Harsh Environments >>
* Netflix is testing ads and people are freaking out >>

* Arecibo Observatory: Watching for Asteroids, Waiting for E.T. >>
* NASA Says RS-25 Engine Test for New Megarocket a Success Despite Ending Early >>
* Mysterious Midsize Black Holes Lurk at the Hearts of Tiny Galaxies >>

* Whiteboard Session: How to Work Successfully Across Borders >>
* Scrum and Technical Excellence >>
* Agile – Roots and Current State >>

* “Unorthodox” AI Helps Identify Best Cancer Treatments >>
* Boring Company 3 mile long 150mph hyperloop subway to Dodger stadium could ready by end of 2019 >>
* Video Friday: Teaching a Robot to Pick Up a Knife, and More >>

* AI Is the Future—But Where Are the Women? >>
* Nuclear energy generation should add 26 GWe in 2018 and 2019 >>
* Astronaut Snaps ‘Mind-Blowing’ Aurora Picture from Space >>

* Elon Musk will have to prove funding at time of Tesla buyout tweet or risk jail like Martha Stewart >>
* SEC subpoenas Tesla about privitization but Cornell Law Prof thinks Elon is safe from SEC >>
* Elon Musk says past year “the most difficult and painful year of my career” >>
* Elon Musk says Tesla could build $25,000 EV in about ‘three years’ >>

* Claimed Room Temperature Superconductor awaits independent confirmation >>
* Six injections a year of Fasenra fixes root cause of extreme Asthma in many people >>
* SpaceX on track for an April 2019 manned crewed dragon space mission >>

* Power the Small Cells to Prepare for 5G >>
* Researchers projected post-2008 crisis growth through 2100 and then talked about 7% economic cost of climate damage >>
* GitHub goes off the Rails as Microsoft closes in >>

* Gillmor Gang: Private Lives >>
* Company Embeds Microchips in Its Employees, and They Love It >>
* Flight-Simulator Enthusiasts Confident of Real-World Skills >>

* How next-gen motion capture will supercharge VR arcades >>
* Cortana-powered thermostat to work with Alexa, Google Assistant >>
* Bot Panic Hits Amazon’s Mechanical Turk >>

* Klarity uses AI to strip drudgery from contract review >>
* Safety-first AI for autonomous data center cooling and industrial control >>
* The Curious Case of a Revolutionary (But Imaginary?) Superconductor >>

* Sidewalk Labs’ Bid to Reinvent Toronto Starts With Shape-Shifting Streets >>
* More efficient security for cloud-based machine learning >>
* Why universal basic income costs far less than you think >>

* The Reality Ecosystem: What AR/VR/XR needs to go big >>
* Autonomous retail startup Inokyo’s first store feels like stealing >>
* China is the fastest growing smart speaker market >>

* Tiny ASTERIA satellite achieves a first for CubeSats >>
* Wifi Could Be Used To Detect Guns and Bombs, Researchers >>

* Two MIT students just solved Richard Feynman’s famed physics puzzle >>
* $15 million for 100 qubit trapped ion quantum computer project >>

* Why vaccine opponents think they know more than medical experts >>
* HIV drug reduces virus, boosts immunity in hard-to-treat patients >>
* Scientists figure out why stellar black holes explode in size >>

* HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier heads to US to carry first aircraft >>
* Many Exoplanets may contain upto 50% water. Much more than Earth’s 0.02% (by weight) water content. >>

* AI in the Works >>
* First mouse model to mimic lung disease could speed discovery of effective treatments >>
* With Q#, Microsoft is throwing programmers the keys to quantum >>

* Hundreds of autism genes found to be triggered by a single key protein >>
* Wheat gene map to help ‘feed the world’ >>
* AI can peer pressure you, too >>

* Google One launches with cheaper cloud storage plans >>
* Physicists fight laser chaos with quantum chaos to improve laser performance >>

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