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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 16 August 2018

* Grabb-It wants to turn your car’s window into a trippy video billboard >>
* NVIDIA’s Turing GPUs can process 8K video in real time >>
* Coinbase acquires Distributed Systems to build ‘Login with Coinbase’ >>

* Spinning Heat Shield Concept Could Provide A Lightweight Way To Survive Atmospheric Re-entry >>
* Freezing And Storing Donated Organs Could Eliminate Some Transplant Waitlists >>
* Bots didn’t flop; they just became invisible >>

* Ever wondered how long it would take to watch EVERYTHING new on Netflix? 3,274 hours >>
* Weird circles in the sky may be signs of a universe before ours >>
* Sticking brain cells together with glue could boost and protect memory >>
* Scientists have invented a crystal device thinner than a human hair that could ‘turbocharge’ internet speeds >>

* WiFi can be used to spot weapons and bombs inside stadiums and schools, researchers find >>
* Jaw-dropping photo of crimson blobs uncovered in the Cairngorms sparks a frenzy online >>
* US police testing AI that learns to spot crimes in CCTV footage >>

* Google may launch a smartwatch-focused AI fitness coach >>
* Children ‘At Risk of Robot Influence’ >>
* Los Angeles will be the first US city to use subway body scanners >>
* AI for Code Encourages Collaborative, Open Scientific Discovery >>

* ‘Chemo Spray’ As Alternative to Intravenous Cancer Therapy? >>
* Google manager shares his secrets for building an effective team >>
* Building reinforcement learning applications with Ray >>
* Google just made it much harder to build a serious quantum computer >>

* New ‘Network 2030’ Group Asks: What Comes After 5G? >>
* Haru: An Experimental Social Robot From Honda Research >>

* StarVR One: 90 FPS, SteamVR Tracking 2.0 With ‘Nearly’ Human FoV >>
* Hands-On: VRGineers XTAL Is A 5K, 170-Degree FOV Headset With Hand-Tracking >>
* Researchers tap AI for more efficient road maintenance >>

* Announcing the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Hackathon: Build Intelligent Applications using machine learning APIs and serverless >>
* AT&T faces $224 million lawsuit over cryptocurrency theft >>
* Microsoft’s phone-to-Windows app is available for Android >>
* Verizon looks to Apple and Google for live TV over 5G >>

* Build an automatic alert system to easily moderate content at scale with Amazon Rekognition Video >>
* Boffins get fish drunk to prove what any bouncer already knows >>
* Microsoft’s Chinese chatbot inspired by images to write poetry >>

* Square sellers no longer need signatures for card payments >>
* Serverless? It doesn’t have to be all or nothing >>
* Alibaba and Elastic slingshot searchable, analyticky cloud … outside China >>

* Networking Myths Dispelled >>
* Coinbase Doubles Down on the Future of Digital Identity >>
* Researchers reverse congenital blindness in mice >>

* Marine heatwaves could be 40 TIMES more frequent and last a whopping 112 days each by the end of this century >>
* We have finally figured out how to snap spaghetti into two pieces >>
* People Think Differently Around Robots — Especially When They’re Mean >>

* Propellantless interstellar travel using electric fields that is better than laser driven sails >>
* Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is a great gaming phone >>
* Robots will never replace teachers but can boost children’s education >>

* Visual Studio gains some go-faster stripes for Android emulation >>
* Android 9 Pie (Go edition) arrives this fall >>
* Doctors will grow human tissue on the International Space Station >>

* Prepared for artificial intelligence on its roads and infrastructure? >>
* India To Launch First Manned Space Mission By 2022 >>
* StarVR’s latest enterprise headset features built-in eye tracking >>
* 256GB SanDisk flash drives give you SSD-sized storage on the go >>

* Alexa-Cortana integration is now available in a public preview >>
* Samsung’s Exynos modem will make 5G phones real >>
* How 3-D Printing Exposes the Fallacy of Federal Gun Laws >>
* Bikinis and TED Talks: Can This All-Asian Competition Truly Disrupt Beauty Pageants? >>

* LHC Physicists Embrace Brute-Force Approach to Particle Hunt >>
* Robots come alive in Beijing >>
* India will send a manned flight into space for the first time by 2022 >>

* 5G: The future of the mobile industry >>
* All the TV shows that have been canceled in 2018 >>
* Omega Centauri: Improbable Venue for Life? >>

* Step Inside SpaceX’s New Crew Dragon Spaceship (Photos) >>
* Iron and Titanium Found on ‘Ultrahot Jupiter,’ an Exoplanet First >>
* Trump Touts Space Force While Signing $717 Billion Defense Bill >>
* Lockheed Martin: Aerospace Giant >>

* Germany’s Car Industry Can’t Build Its Own Battery Cells >>
* Virtual reality training helps hospital staff survive a disaster >>
* New Technology Enables the First 3D Full-Color X-Rays of Our Bodies >>

* Power struggle among Chinese regulators stalls approvals of new video and smartphone games >>
* 34-mile Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge, world’s longest sea bridge when it opens later this year. >>
* From plans to actions, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area development proceeds >>

* Chinese scientists intend to chase solar eclipse in space >>
* China’s smartphone giants target India with new devices under separate sub-brands >>
* Alibaba offers cloud computing for Southeast Asia’s retailers to embrace digitisation and big data >>

* DevOps at Nike: There Is No Finish Line >>
* Why DevOps Requires Buy-In From Everyone >>
* The Intervention of AI >>

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