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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 15 August 2018

* Nvidia’s new Turing architecture is all about real-time ray tracing and AI >>
* Programming Languages May Finally Be Reaching a Status Quo >>

* StarVR’s One headset flaunts eye-tracking and a double-wide field of view >>
* Age-related diseases like cancer and dementia could be preventable after scientists rejuvenate old human cells in the lab >>
* Morning After: NVIDIA’s graphics upgrade and taking Tesla private >>

* The Future of Television Is … More Television >>
* Why Western Digital Firms Have Failed in China >>
* Researchers artificially generate immune cells integral to creating cancer vaccines >>

* MIT mathematicians solve age-old spaghetti mystery >>
* Google search knows where you were even if you disabled Location History >>
* AI Identifies Heat-Resistant Coral Reefs In Indonesia >>

* Universe packed with millions of planets, however gravity of nearby stars makes them uninhabitable >>
* NASA astronauts, SpaceX COO talk ‘Crew Dragon’ >>
* Is Dark Matter Real? >>

* Peek inside the new SpaceX capsule for NASA astronauts >>
* Scientists Have Discovered A Completely New Species Of Pterosaur That Flew The Skies 210 Million Years Ago >>
* This Free-Throw Line Dunk From A 6’6″, 285-Pound College Freshman Is Absurd >>
* Be a Better Programmer with these 40 Mathematics Courses >>

* How humans survived climate change 8,200 year ago >>
* SpaceX promises it’s still on course to send astronauts to the ISS next year >>
* FiveAI to start a trial of its shared autonomous car fleet in London in 2019 >>

* Temperatures will be ‘unusually warm’ for the next four years >>
* Movie theater plan to roll out immersive setups that surround viewers with THREE screens >>
* Researchers Find Source of Strange ‘Negative’ Gravity Researchers Find Source of Strange ‘Negative’ Gravity >>

* Sonatype offers developers free security scan tool on GitHub >>
* Soon you won’t need a wake word to talk to your car >>
* Designing AI to Make Decisions >>

* Australian law could force tech firms to hand over customer data >>
* Nvidia teaser suggests GeForce RTX 2080 will launch next week >>
* To Make Self-Driving Cars Safe, We Also Need Better Roads and Infrastructure >>

* Honda adds driver assist tech to all 2019 Civics >>
* Cancer breakthrough: Scientists discover how to target ‘undruggable cancers’ which affect 50% of case >>
* Artificial placenta created in the laboratory >>

* Amazing New Brain Map of Every Synapse Points to the Roots of Thinking >>
* Elon Musk’s Effort to Take Tesla Private to Get Board Oversight >>
* Best home weather station >>
* This bipedal robot has a flying head >>

* RideAlong is helping police officers de-escalate 911 calls with data designed for the field >>
* Hackers Can Falsify Patient Vitals >>
* Cytera Cellworks aims to bring cell culture automation to your dinner plate >>

* We may finally know why marijuana helps people with chronic gut problems >>
* TLS 1.3 approved as standard while spies weep >>
* OpenSSL key sniffed from radio signal >>

* Why Bill Gates Is Reading “Capitalism Without Capital” >>
* Not enough people are paying attention to this economic trend >>

* Drone Delivery Of The Future >>
* Linux 4.18 arrives fashionably late while Zorin OS shines up its Windows >>
* Perseid Meteor Show Wows Skywatchers with Celestial Fireworks (Photos) >>

* Aerial-Biped Is a Quadrotor With Legs That Can Fly-Walk >>
* Evidence in several Gamma Ray Bursts of events where time appears to repeat backwards >>
* SpaceX in talks with Japan and Europe for future Falcon Heavy launches >>
* How smart is your machine learning strategy? >>

* Aubrey de Grey indicates that all aspects of fighting the damage of aging are investable now >>
* Juvenescence investing $43.2 million in AgeX >>
* Electricity pricing in California will cause old people to not use life saving air conditioning in heat waves >>
* M86 in the Central Virgo Cluster >>

* Managers Think They’re Good at Coaching. They’re Not. >>
* Facebook buys Vidpresso to make live broadcasts more interactive >>
* In New Zealand, Soaring Prices Drive a Black Market in Avocados >>

* 2040? Shock as MIT computer model predicts END DATE for civilisation >>
* Closing in on Cancer >>
* Amazon Translate now available in the Memsource translation management system >>

* This Strange Nebula Looks Inside Out and Born-Again >>
* In Photos: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at SpaceX’s Crew Dragon Spaceship >>
* The Sun Is Actually One Of The Most Difficult Places To Reach In The Solar System. >>

* Electric flight is coming, but the batteries aren’t ready >>
* What It’s Like to Be a Really, Really, Really Ridiculously Good-Looking Man >>
* FBI warns of potential ATM bank heist that could steal millions globally >>

* Why the future of the power grid depends on giant batteries >>
* Nvidia unveils Turing architecture and GPUs with dedicated ray-tracing hardware >>
* Fierce competition in China’s nascent immuno-therapy cancer drugs market could compromise safety, say analysts >>

* Reform and opening up ushers China into bright future: People’s Daily >>
* China to stabilize foreign capital and expand opening up >>
* High Speeding: Exploring China By Bullet Train >>

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