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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 9 August 2018

* MIT’s tool for tracking police surveillance: a cryptographic ledger >>
* Artificial intelligence can now help write Wikipedia pages for overlooked scientists >>
* Amphibio is a 3D-printed shirt that lets you breathe underwater >>

* The longest sea-crossing bridge EVER is about to open >>
* Elon Musk: Mars colony meeting attendees told to keep it ‘secret’ >>
* US Navy wants to fire a slime cannon at boats to stop them escaping >>

* Amazon launches grocery pickup in 30 minutes at Whole Foods >>
* When Working in Virtual Reality Makes You Sick >>
* Why Even AI-Powered Factories Will Have Jobs for Humans >>

* Scientists discovered 44 exoplanets all at once >>

* Neutron stars bend light so much we see their front and back at once >>
* Rigetti Computing hopes to have a functioning 128 qubit quantum computer within 12 months >>
* Why Hawaii Got Electricity Before Most of the Rest of the World >>

* Ikea Opens First India Store >>
* AI can now tell your boss what skills you lack—and how you can get them >>
* The underwater drones that hunt for oil spills beneath the waves >>

* Bungy masters A J Hackett’s top secret attraction has been revealed >>
* Autonomous drones could herd birds away from airports >>
* Sound waves are a form of antigravity because they have negative mass >>

* Anki’s Vector Is a Little AI-Powered Robot Now on Kickstarter for $200 >>
* New methods confirmed 44 exoplanets including 16 earth sized exoplanets >>
* Artificial Intelligence creating new drugs from scratch by efficiently searching huge molecular possibilities >>

* Plate Tectonics: Necessary for Habitability? >>
* Astronauts Zip-Line to Safety in These NASA Emergency Evacuation Test Photos >>
* The Universe Is Expanding. But Astrophysicists Aren’t Sure How Fast. >>

* SpaceX Hosting Hush-Hush Mars Workshop This Week >>
* Should the Moon Be Quarantined? >>
* “Summer’s almost over” >>

* Russia will spend $24 billion to develop a large rocket by 2028 >>
* Another possibility for antiaging drugs for removing senescent cells >>
* Japan’s newly revealed Railgun compared to China and US Railguns >>

* Tanks of the Future will be Ninja’s – quiet and hard to detect >>
* New lands of immigrants are Australia and Canada who will have combined 100+ million within 35 years >>
* Supermicro breathes in, shimmies a PB of Intel flash into one rack unit >>

* Magic Leap’s mixed reality headset might launch today >>
* Magic Leap’s headset is real, but that may not be enough >>
* Magic Leap One is an AR headset that costs a king’s ransom >>
* I Tried Magic Leap And Saw A Flawed Glimpse Of Mixed Reality’s Amazing Potential >>
* Magic Leap One AR headset is out now for $2,295 >>

* Google’s Pixel 3 XL could come with Pixel Bud-style headphones >>
* Facebook builds its own AR games for Messenger video chat >>
* You Can Learn Everything Online Except for the Things You Can’t >>

* Can Elon Musk Really Take Tesla Private? >>
* Here’s how Elon Musk could take Tesla private >>

* Tesla’s production problems extend to its solar roof business, too >>
* ‘Incredible Hulk’ Comet Will Soon Whiz Past Earth >>

* AI giant SenseTime leads $199M investment in Chinese video tech startup >>
* Oracle Challenges Pentagon’s $10 Billion Cloud Computing Contract >>
* Oracle launches autonomous database for online transaction processing >>

* Samsung commits $22 billion to AI, 5G and future tech >>
* Google Assistant’s visual smart home controls are on the way >>
* P2P Piracy Is Alive and Growing, Research Suggests >>

* Scientists Take a Harder Look at Genetic Engineering of Human Embryos >>
* How Engineering the Climate Could Mess With Our Food >>
* Lockheed, Dynetics and Raytheon are competing to build a 100 kilowatt laser >>

* IKEA-Building Robot Conquers Touchy-Feely Challenge >>
* Scientists reveal 43 most common answers to explain why men struggle to find a girlfriend >>
* Future heatwaves will knock nuclear, gas and coal power plants offline >>

* Google products consume more than 1/3 of our digital lives >>
* NASA embarks on a mission to ‘touch’ the sun >>
* Study: Robots can now manipulate people >>

* Chatbots’ impact on the payments ecosystem and how merchants can capitalize on them >>
* The History of Artificial Intelligence >>
* Million-fold increase in the power of waves near Jupiter’s moon Ganymede >>

* University ‘love course’ is no easy grade >>
* Some Americans Will Get to Vote via Blockchain This November >>
* DevOps Tools Are Not Magic Bullets! >>

* Meet the Shenzhen billionaire behind the world’s thinnest flexible display >>
* Yangtze set to become a ‘highway on the water’ >>
* Shenzhen mech robot start-up wants to take us back to the good old days when robots were fun toys >>

* Making Machine Learning Accessible for Enterprises: Part 2 Making Machine Learning Accessible for Enterprises: Part 2 >>
* AI spots 40,000 prominent scientists overlooked by Wikipedia >>

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