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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 8 August 2018

* Oi, clickbait cop bot, jam this in your neural net: Hot new AI threatens to DESTROY web journos >>
* Researchers teach an AI how to dribble >>
* 80 year old billionaires are injecting Placental stem cells to boost lifespan and health >>

* Elon Musk Says He’s Considering Taking Tesla Private; Tesla Suspends Shares Expected Announcement >>
* Elon Musk made Tesla stock spike with hint the company will go private >>
* The Defense Department has produced the first tools for catching deepfakes >>

* Chinese scientists develop tattoo-like electronic skin >>
* What Your Boss Could Learn by Reading the Whole Company’s Emails >>
* Algorithms Help Power Grids Survive GPS Spoofs >>

* The Ultra-Pure, Super-Secret Sand That Makes Your Phone Possible >>
* SpaceX organizes inaugural conference to plan landings on Mars >>
* SpaceX hosting a Mars Workshop with 60 key scientists >>

* Data Studio’s new features help you tell more compelling stories >>
* Meet the new Google Classroom >>

* 92 Percent of Enterprises Struggle To Integrate Security Into DevOps >>
* Tesla’s Powerwall can store energy ahead of storms >>
* 5 findings from O’Reilly’s machine learning adoption survey companies should know >>

* Genetically Engineered Trees Can Avoid Spreading Too Far >>
* Biodiversity isn’t just pretty: it future-proofs our world >>
* Cramming Software With Thousands of Fake Bugs Could Make It More Secure, Researchers Say >>

* Samsung is building a high-speed 4TB SSD for everyone >>
* The age of hard drives is over as Samsung cranks out consumer QLC 4TB SSDs >>
* Google’s Duplex AI Scares Some People, but I Can’t Wait for It to Become a Thing >>

* Facial recognition tech to be used on Olympians and staff at Tokyo 2020 >>
* Boston Dynamics Is Getting Ready to Produce Lots of SpotMinis >>
* Global warming may become unstoppable even if we stick to Paris target >>

* That Newfound Mineral Isn’t Harder Than Diamond — But It Is from Space >>
* SpaceX Re-Launches ‘Block 5’ Rocket for 1st Time, Nails Landing Again >>
* Pleasant programming playground paves popular Python path >>

* IBM, ATMs – WTF? Big Blue to probe cash machines, IoT, vehicles, etc in new security labs >>
* Robots Replace Waiters at Chinese Restaurant Chain >>
* InfoWars fans flock to apps following recent bans >>

* China is constantly improving stealth planes, drones and engines >>
* China successfully tests Mach 6 hypersonic boost and glide weapon >>

* China is testing two prototype candidates for exascale supercomputers >>
* China is spending millions on engineering and geological work for the 84 mile rail tunnel to Taiwan >>
* First Ocean fish farm raising 1.5 million salmon three miles off Norway >>

* Scale, whose army of humans annotate raw data to train self-driving and other AI systems, nabs $18M >>
* Chinese AI startup Tianrang raises a $26M funding round, launches new project to apply ML to cities >>

Virgin Hyperloop One to build a research facility in Spain >>
Building a Smart Home From the Ground Up >>
Plants Are the World’s Dominant Life-Form >>

* China successfully tests its hypersonic Starry Sky-2 aircraft that will fire nuclear missiles capable of travelling at 4,563 miles-per-hour >>
* Extreme weather finally brings home the reality of climate change >>
* Facebook denies claims it’s after users’ financial data >>

* ‘Mossy cells’ offer new target in fight against brain disorders >>
* Ebola: What You Need to Know >>
* NASA says Kepler Space Telescope could have enough fuel to complete one last mission >>

* Women more likely to survive heart attacks if treated by female doctor >>
* “The Collapse of Moore’s Law” –DARPA’s Bold Plan to Reinvent Electronics >>
* Age of drones has a dangerous side >>

* Jupiter’s largest moon is emitting intense levels of ‘chorus waves’ >>
* Mystery radio waves from space are puzzling astronomers >>
* The World’s First Space Mining Program Launches in Colorado >>

* Scientists hope AI will illuminate the mystery of dark matter >>
* Toward An Archaeology of Exo-Civilizations >>
* NASA’s New Planet-Hunting Telescope Catches a Comet and Other Celestial Sights >>

* MoviePass failed so cinema can live >>
* What Happens When You Test Britain’s Sound Mirrors With Drones >>
* Great White Shark Launches Itself Out Of The Water, Nearly Takes Off Researcher’s Foot >>
* Four things to expect from the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 event >>

* Elon Musk says he might take Tesla private for $420 per share >>
* Deploying Machine Learning Models in the Cloud >>
* How AI Impacts UX Design >>
* Deep Learning Using Keras: Lessons Learned >>

* A Guide on Chatbots >>
* Waymo’s Phoenix Project Could Tell Us If Self-Driving Cars Can Improve Public Transportation >>
* Take a ride on Guizhou’s longest cableway! >>

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