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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 4 August 2018

* Flexible Loudspeaker Made of Nanowires Will Stick to Your Skin and Play Music >>
* New Blood Test for Brain Injuries Returns Instant Results >>
* Mind-powered airships, male beauty salons and more >>

* Army will use lasers to cubesats for 50 times faster communication >>
* Google Maps now zooms out to a globe instead of a flat Earth >>
* This robotic coffee bar can prepare 3 drinks in 40 seconds >>

* Elon Musk Wants To Put An Arcade In Your Tesla >>
* Driver safety is ‘all talk’ with this AI real-time road coach >>
* Robots Are Renting Airbnbs To Get A Better Grip >>

* Meet The Astronauts Who Will Fly The First Private ‘space Taxis’ >>
* NASA names first astronauts for the inaugural commercial flights to the ISS >>
* Why AI Will Shift Decision-Making From the C-Suite to the Frontline >>

* Probe Memory Packs 138 Terabytes per Square Inch >>
* A View to the Cloud >>
* Using Artificial Intelligence To Fix Wikipedia’s Gender Problem >>

* Nutanix inks deal to swallow desktop apps-as-a-service cloud flinger >>
* Japan Space Agency will copy 2012 SpaceX Grasshopper rocket tests in 2019 >>
* Seaborg 100 MWe Molten Salt Reactor would fit on a regular truck and burn nuclear wast >>

* Robot Racecars Storm The Most Glamorous Hill In Motorsports >>
* Did ancient Mayan civilisation collapse because of a sudden drought? >>

* Lab-grown pig lungs are great news for the future of organ transplantation >>
* Sagewise pitches a service to verify claims and arbitrate disputes over blockchain transactions >>
* Will self-driving cars kill parking? >>

* Why the First Amendment may protect 3D-printed guns >>
* Remote control of the brain is coming: how will we use it? >>
* People with faster internet get less shut-eye because they give in to the temptation of late-night video games and social media use, reveals study >>

* Jeff Bezos ‘throws cash and staff’ at Blue Origin in bid to beat Elon Musk and Richard Branson >>
* Small dogs urinate higher up lamp posts to make themselves seem bigger >>
* Football teams secretly using AI to predict injuries before they occur >>

* The Coldest Place In Space Has Been Created. Next Challenge, Coldest Place In The Universe >>
* Canada’s new digital radio telescope is finding many Fast Radio Bursts as planned >>
* China space launch plans for 2020s and 2030s are to catch up to SpaceX reusable rockets >>

* Nkmos Wants To Turn All Your Devices Hands-free >>
* A Blueprint for Digital Companies’ Financial Reporting >>
* Facebook’s chief AI scientist says that Silicon Valley needs to work more closely with academia to build the future of artificial intelligence >>

* Machine Learning: From model to production using the cloud, Containers and DevOps >>
* MCubed early bird tickets? Here’s good news… AI cure for the summertime blues >>
* Bring your own pre-trained MXNet or TensorFlow models into Amazon SageMaker >>
* Use Amazon Mechanical Turk with Amazon SageMaker for supervised learning >>

* How Boeing’s Commercial CST-100 Starliner Spacecraft Works >>
* Take a Walk Through SpaceX’s Crew Dragon Spaceship >>

* Revising the Classical ‘Habitable Zone’ >>
* 170 Years Ago, a Monster Stellar Blast Hurled Gas at Record-Breaking Speed >>
* Andreessen-funded dYdX plans ‘short Ethereum’ token for haters >>

* How to Get Started in Machine Learning and Robotics >>
* Christopher Robin has been banned in China >>
* Scientists present concept for the elimination of traffic jams >>

* Researchers Create New Form of Light >>
* AI software market to hit $78B by 2025, here are the top applications for the technology >>
* A World-Leading Technologist on What the Year 2038 Will Look Like >>

* ISSUE 128: Stacking up the Cloud-Native Stack >>
* The Inevitable Forces That Will Shape Our Future with Kevin Kelly >>
* A World-Leading Technologist on What the Year 2038 Will Look Like >>

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