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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 3 August 2018

* Mysterious signal sent from an unknown source in deep space, picked up by new £12 million telescope in Canada >>
* Apple is worth over $1,000,000,000,000 >>
* Researchers tap AI for more efficient road maintenance >>

* Basically, no one is using bitcoin to buy things >>
* Modified mosquitoes wipe out whole city’s dengue for the first time >>
* 3D-Printed Deep Learning Neural Network Uses Light Instead of Electrons >>

* Amazon sparks privacy concerns as patent reveals AR goggles to direct employees through warehouses – and monitor their every move >>
* Bio-engineered lungs are the first successful organs made in the lab >>
* NASA’s Open Source Rover lets you build your own planetary exploration platform >>

* WhatsApp starts to charge businesses to send YOU messages inside the popular chat app >>
* In the Future, We’ll Know Everything—Thanks to This Tech >>
* Facebook Built A Camera System To Capture Mirrors >>

* Starbucks to launch virtual stores, coffee delivery service to combat sales slump in China >>
* Sinespace’s New Archimatix Support Enables Real-Time 3D Modeling And Customization While In VR >>
* New study finds it’s harder to turn off a robot when it’s begging for its life >>

* Ultimate Photonic Rocket >>
* Nuclear Fusion Updated project reviews >>
* Apple Is Worth $1 Trillion; 21 Years Ago It Was on the Brink of Bankruptcy >>

* AI Learns to Create Drugs From Scratch >>
* Tesla aims to make 10,000 Model 3 cars per week in 2019 >>
* Fashionably AI; Eison Triple Thread reimagines suit-making with music and artificial intelligence >>

* Dark matter might be harder to detect because it’s not from our galaxy >>
* Planes can be brought DOWN by an overheating laptop in a checked-in bag as sparks from the device >>
* Google Glass app uses emojis to help children with autism read faces >>

* Mass extinction that wiped out the dinosaurs 66 million years ago allowed SHARKS to thrive >>
* Scaring Animals Can Help Save Them >>
* Streaming TV consumption more than doubled since last year, report says >>

* Problem Recognition, Evolving Floorplans, Google in China, and The Bullshit Web >>
* Seismic CEO Rich Mahoney will discuss wearable robotics at Disrupt SF >>
* The Expensive Education of Mark Zuckerberg and Silicon Valley >>

* Arm acquires data management service Treasure Data to bolster its IoT platform >>
* Boeing delays first crewed spacecraft test to mid-2019 >>
* Full Nerd ep. 61: Core i9-9900K rumors >>

* Engineer incorporates code with AI to teach machines how to paint like humans >>
* 120GB SSDs are selling for a ludicrously low $28 >>
* RED Hydrogen One phone will have a massive battery >>

* Can What You Eat Affect Your Mood? >>
* Women are more likely than men to lose their appetite for meat after seeing images of cute baby farm animals >>
* More VR Devs Are Looking To Rift For Next Project Instead Of Vive >>

* Material could offer ‘smarter’ wound healing >>
* What If Earth Turned into a Giant Pile of Blueberries? >>
* Exploring New Research to Combat Disease-Causing Viruses >>

* Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 will probably cost around $1,000 >>
* HSBC looks to ramp up machine learning usage with Google Cloud >>
* Boeing Delays Starliner Uncrewed Test Flight After Abort Engine Test Problem >>

* Ultracold Atoms Provide Insight into Early Universe’s Dramatic Expansion >>
* We Need to Keep Looking for Aliens, Scientists Tell Senators >>
* Stars (Including 1 Daredevil) Circle the Milky Way’s Monster Black Hole (Time-Lapse) >>

* Humans in deep space? NASA says we need these five things first >>
* Rewiring rodent brains makes epilepsy seizures less severe >>
* The £1,200 TV that can hide in your living room! >>

* What is a 3D printed gun, and how is it legal? Your questions, answered >>
* New research suggests that narcissists might be able to ‘learn’ empathy — but there’s a catch >>
* Jeff Bezos, Style Icon >>

* Broadcom to Help Design Wave’s 7-nm AI Chip >>
* New radio telescope picks up mysterious signal from space >>
* A kernel of promise in popcorn-powered robots >>

* Artificial intelligence system designs drugs from scratch >>
* FCC loosens utility pole rules to accelerate 5G rollouts >>
* How Many Days’ Worth Of Food You Can Buy With $100 In Different Cities, Charted >>

* Everything coming to Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HBO Now in August >>
* Why Third Generation Cryptocurrencies Are Game-Changers for Venezuela >>
* How is Blockchain Revolutionizing Banking and Financial Markets >>
* a16z Podcast: Cryptonetworks and Cities — Analogies >>

* Augmented Reality Recreates A New York City Not Seen for Centuries >>
* Functional Programming Unit Testing in Node (Part 2) >>
* What Comes After JDK 8? >>

* All aboard: China’s high-speed rail 10 years on >>

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