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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 2 August 2018

* Speed limits and traffic jam information beamed straight to car dashboards in new high-tech trial >>
* Researchers successfully transplant bioengineered lung >>
* This AI is better at naming Burning Man camps than actual Burners >>

* Boffins train ImageNet-based AI classifier in just 240s >>
* AI camera to help spot the best grapes for making pesticide-free wine >>
* How the rise of driverless cars could lead to city car parks being turned into houses to solve Britain’s housing crisis >>

* Google Maps AI update can tell you how much you’ll like a restaurant or bar >>
* France bans smartphones in schools >>

* Google is reportedly working on a censored search engine for China >>
* Forget “don’t Be Evil”: Google Eyes An Unholy Alliance With China >>
* Google reported to launch censored search engine in China, marking shift in strategy >>

* Researchers chart a course for AI-aided diagnosis of degenerative eye conditions >>
* Samsung’s new Galaxy Tab S4 tries to beat the iPad at productivity >>
* Facebook has detected a coordinated effort to influence US politics ahead of the 2018 midterm elections >>

* Adults now spend 11 hours each day checking their social media apps, watching TV, or playing video games >>
* Mars and Saturn Are Truly Spectacular in These Hubble Telescope Views >>
* Lockheed Compact Reactor is 100 or more times worse than initial claims >>

* When you ride the subway you share bacteria with everyone in your city >>
* Elon Musk doesn’t think he can fix MoviePass >>
* Asteroid Sample-Return Spacecraft Are Approaching Their Targets >>

* Op-Ed: Western system of alliances is nothing more than a Cold War relic >>
* China launches traceability management platform for NEV batteries >>
* Starbucks sees rare fall in profits in China in 3rd quarter >>

* Boeing’s new R&D center focuses on autonomous flight >>
* Here’s Why Boeing Used an Inflatable Spaceship to Test ‘Starliner’ Landing Recovery Plans >>
* VR headset helps people who are legally blind see again >>

* Everything you need to know about the 3D printed gun debate >>
* Row over 3D-printed firearms distracts from US gun violence crisis >>
* The Gun That Sparked the 3D-Printed Weapons Debate Has an Unexpected WWII History >>

* Boy’s brain works just fine after a large piece was removed >>
* The Neural Link Between Depression And Sleep Identified (S) >>
* Will Lockheed Martin Change The World With Its New Fusion Reactor? >>

* Breakthrough for topological spintronics memory up to 100 times better in many ways than STT-MRAM >>
* Six inch wide diamond disks guide megawatt of microwave heating for nuclear fusion >>
* Mars Terraforming is only possible with new technology but mass colonization of Mars capability provides it >>

* Startup JITX Uses AI to Automate Complex Circuit Board Design >>
* Interactive: The Top Programming Languages 2018 >>
* The 2018 Top Programming Languages >>

* Download Your Free Evaluation of LabVIEW >>
* Researchers reveal the ‘danger points’ of the Cascadia fault that could cause a MEGAQUAKE >>
* Newly-discovered type of lung cell has central role in cystic fibrosis >>

* Dexterous AI-operated robot hand taught itself to manipulate objects >>
* Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S4 is an Android tablet that becomes a pseudo-laptop >>
* Donald Trump may finally appoint a science adviser after 18 month wait >>

* Multiple pregnancies seem to age women’s cells >>
* NASA’s plans to end the ISS could put its Mars missions in danger >>
* Duolingo hires its first chief marketing officer as active user numbers stagnate but revenue grows >>

* Build a document search bot using Amazon Lex and Amazon Elasticsearch Service >>
* Scientists shed light on how blue diamonds form >>

* Undoing Aging 2018: Nichola Conlon; Systems pharmacology interventions in aging >>
* Great Pyramid can collect and focus energy >>
* How Is Netflix Actually Making Money? >>

* How to Easily Do Accessibility Testing in Continuous Integration >>
* Automate It: Be Lazy (Part 2) >>
* We Can Now Successfully Transplant Lab-Grown Lungs in Pigs >>

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