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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 29 July 2018

* A new ‘floating park’ made out of recycled plastic waste has popped up in the Netherlands >>
* From a Space Station in Argentina, China Expands Its Reach in Latin America >>
* Breakthrough could triple the energy collected by solar to 60% efficiency >>

* Hong Kong prepares to usher in virtual banks, as 60 firms apply to be pioneers in financial revolution >>
* Blockchain must drive the real economy for it to thrive >>
* Could blockchain solve China’s food and drug safety problems? >>

* How Banking Will Improve Thanks To Blockchain, And Why It’s Here to Stay >>
* Algo trading is a central example of AI risk >>
* Verizon’s new ‘Safe Wi-Fi’ is a VPN that blocks ad tracking >>

* Google Assistant can now do things automatically at a scheduled time >>
* Is Your Enterprise Well-Prepared for AI? >>
* A look at robotic process automation is as well as the future of it >>

* DevSecOps Reference Guide 101 >>
* The future of search-and-rescue robots might be centaur, not human >>
* AI Coaches Are Here To Unleash Your Inner LeBron >>

* China’s cold atomic clock becomes more accurate >>
* Dentists Are Now Using Tech to Monitor Patients’ Stress Levels >>
* Prices doubling every two weeks in Venezuela for inflation of over 6 billion percent >>

* China sees fast growth in industrial robots production >>
* China’s ‘big three’ telecoms operators look to ring in changes with blockchain tech >>
* Ctrip’s female CEO on gender inequality and fighting internet platform companies >>

* How To Make AI That Classifies Dog Breeds >>
* Adorable VR game ‘Moss’ now supports Windows Mixed Reality >>
* China could place thousands of marines in Djibouti as start of shifting focus from land to water >>

* Apple plans ‘Time Bandits’ remake as a new TV show >>
* Hands-on Agile: Agile Failure Patterns 2.0 [Webinar] >>
* Research: Concerns About AI >>

* API Governance Models in the Public and Private Sector >>
* Summer of Big Data Innovation 2018 >>
* This Creepy Robot Centipede Toy Is Cool >>

* Behold, the most Burning Man thing ever >>
* How fire scientists see through flames >>
* Spacex’s Hyperloop Race Was All About ‘MAXIMUM SPEED’ >>

* In California, 100% Solar and Wind in 2045 will need $350 billion in energy storage >>
* How to make sure no one is spying on your computer >>
* IBM Watson is dishing out dodgy cancer advice, and why Google Translate isn’t better than humans yet >>

* Improving flow in lymph nodes in the neck improves memory and learning and could reduce memory loss from aging >>
* No, Pirate Sites Are Not the #1 Online Source For Malware >>

* WireGuard claims to be faster and more secure than OpenVPN >>
* Inside the U.S. Military’s Secret Doomsday Defense >>
* The Peculiar Math That Could Underlie The Laws Of Nature >>

* We tried Mohu antenna for free TV channels >>
* Western navies are worried about Russia’s submarines, and the US Navy is placing an order for more sub-hunting gear >>
* Tesla’s second-quarter earnings are expected to be terrifyingly bad >>

* What happens in a solar cell when the lights go out? >>
* New virtual reality experience delivers extremely high quality imagery >>
* Optical neural network demo >>

* Engineers track neural activity, muscle movement in ageless aquatic creatures >>
* Occult and AI >>
* 4 Billion New Minds Online: The Coming Era of Connectivity >>

* Could We Use Space to Pay for a Universal Basic Income? >>
* Dive Under the Ice With the Brave Robots of Antarctica >>
* Decisions are not about changing the world, they are about learning what world you live in >>

* VR Mental Health-Focused Adventure Anamorphine Finally Releases >>

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