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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 28 July 2018

* Magic Leap details what its mixed reality OS will look like >>
* Curing syphilis with malaria, ejecting bears from planes, and discovering new beer yeasts >>
* IBM’s Watson reportedly created unsafe cancer treatment plans >>

* Artificial intelligence has learned to probe the minds of other computers >>
* AI learning how write its own poetry >>
* AI creates Shakespearean sonnets – and they’re actually quite good >>

* Zbiotics says it’s bioengineered a hangover cure >>
* Artificial intelligence will both disrupt and benefit the workplace, Stanford >>
* The bomb that can see through bad weather: Raytheon’s StormBreaker in ‘operational testing’ >>

* Amazon’s Facial Recognition Wrongly Identifies 28 Lawmakers, A.C.L.U. Says >>
* NASA’s 3D-printed Mars Habitat competition doles out prizes to concept habs >>
* Facebook just shed $130 billion in two hours, Mark Zuckerberg lost $16.8 billion >>

* Continuous learning critical to digital transformation: AWS >>
* Scientists Perfect Technique To Create Most Dense, Solid-State Memory in History that Could Soon Exceed the Capabilities of Current Hard Drives By 1,000 Times >>
* AI is being used for the first time to diagnose a diabetes-induced condition that can cause blindness >>

* GitHub and Google reaffirm partnership with Cloud Build CI/CD tool integration >>
* Windows 10 To Use Machine Learning in Latest Attempt To Make Reboots Less Annoying >>
* ‘Surgeon Simulator’ arrives on Nintendo Switch this fall >>

* Google adds AI features to G Suite, including ‘Smart Reply’ for Hangouts Chat >>
* Cracking down on illegal cannabis with edible barcodes and blockchains >>
* Scientists say they revived 42,000-year-old frozen worms >>

* Key Researchers on Pace and Peculiarities of Developing Quantum Computing—and Possible End of Bitcoin >>
* Google is launching its own USB hardware security keys >>

* Centauro: A New Disaster Response Robot From IIT >>
* Intel Drives New Bus for Future Chiplets >>
* Doctors are using VR to help combat eating disorders >>

* AI-Based Scenario Planning for Risk Management >>
* Self-healing graphene could make robots that fix themselves with water >>
* This mind-controlled robotic arm lets you do two things at once >>

* What a week! 105 announcements from Google Cloud Next ’18 >>
* Day 1 Keynote: Building a Cloud for Everyone (Cloud Next ’18) >>
* Day 2 Keynote: Bringing the Cloud to You (Cloud Next ’18) >>
* Day 3 Made Here Together: Developer Keynote (Cloud Next ’18) >>

* Imagining the Future of Cloud (Cloud Next ’18) >>
* Keynote Fireside Chat: Computer Architecture Past, Present, and Future (Cloud Next ’18) >>
* Reinventing Databases for Your Journey to the Cloud (Cloud Next ’18) >>
* Serverless on Google Cloud (Cloud Next ’18) >>
* ISSUE 127: Google Next 2018 >>

* China rapid debt rise was because of property so China economy is not at extreme risk >>
* Tech and Economic Boom for a Roaring 2020s >>
* Smart Grids, robofish and chaos… get on top of machine learning and AI >>

* Do you know enough? (Too much too choose from, too little time) >>
* The Troubled Quest for the Superconducting Wind Turbine >>
* Check out this first of its kind, direct-to-consumer urine-testing app with FDA clearance >>

* RISC-V’s Open-Source Architecture Shakes Up Chip Design >>
* Construction of integrated gene logic-chip >>
* Prices doubling every two weeks in Venezuela for inflation of over 6 billion percent >>

* Turbo Codes Supercharge Internet of Things >>
* Boeing’s Starliner and SpaceX’s Crew Dragon Prepare to Visit the International Space Station >>
* Video Friday: Soft Robot Impedance Control, Autonomous Rescue Drone, and RoboSimian Skating >>

* JWT –100 Times the Power of the Hubble Space Telescope >>
* Putting Boots on Mars Requires a Long-Term Commitment, Experts Tell Senators >>
* Virgin Galactic’s VSS Unity Space Plane Aces Test Flight, Reaching Mesosphere for the 1st Time >>

* Andromeda Shredded And Consumed A Massive Galaxy About Two Billion Years Ago >>
* How to See Mars Opposition and Its Closest Approach to Earth >>
* New Moon Landing May Nix USA Putting Humans on Mars >>

* Oracle puts release of new freebie mini-database on ice to work out kinks >>
* Americans have some really mixed feelings about editing human embryos >>
* Google Drive will surpass a billion users this week >>

* The first ‘blockchain baby’ is here >>
* Google Home can now schedule routines >>
* MoviePass Having Outage Issues Because It Couldn’t Pay Its Bills >>

* Full Nerd ep. 60: MacBook Pro throttling vs. Core i9 laptops, will Core i7 lose hyper-threading? >>
* The cloud continues to grow in leaps and bounds, but it’s still AWS’s world >>

* Chocolate, bioterrorism and the birth of Brazilian funk >>
* The $2.5 trillion reason we can’t rely on batteries to clean up the grid >>
* Intel says it will finally have 10nm PC processors by holiday 2019 >>

* Police Are Seeking More Digital Evidence From Tech Companies >>
* Age restrictions proposed for drone use in UK >>
* Congress seeks more info on Amazon’s facial-recognition tech >>

* How (and how not) to fix AI >>
* DRAM Industry Likely To Face Oversupply in 2019 >>
* This online course will give you one of the most in-demand data skills and it’s only $79 >>

* Flying car concept inspired by flapping wings soars silently through the air and can take off and land anywhere >>
* Cambridge scientists have unlocked the secret to fast-charging devices >>
* Virgin Galactic’s Space Plane Reaches New Heights (Video) >>

* Star Wars Episode IX Cast Announced — Including Carrie Fisher >>
* Transfer learning for custom labels using a TensorFlow container and “bring your own algorithm” in Amazon SageMaker >>
* New Scientist Live: will we ever understand the true nature of time? >>

* Breakthrough could triple the energy collected by solar to 60% efficiency >>
* Why cuts in your mouth heal 10 times faster than skin wounds >>
* Facebook lost more than $100 billion in just one day >>

* Flippy the robot hamburger flipper has a new gig – at Dodger Stadium >>
* Automation could transform the public sector more than any other – that’s a good thing >>
* New algorithm could help find new physics—inverse method takes wave functions and solves for Hamiltonians >>

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