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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 26 July 2018

* Making Medical AI Trustworthy and Transparent >>
* Internet of Things as Easy as Sticking Nanoelectronics on Objects >>
* Tau uses AI and blockchain so a stadium of people can understand each and reach enlightened decisions >>

* New ‘trackless train’ which runs on virtual rail lines launched in China >>
* Virtual Surgery Intelligence is the future of medical care >>

* Mind-Controlled Robotic Third Arm Gives New Meaning to ‘Multitasking’ >>
* Google Glass Is Back—Now with Artificial Intelligence >>
* It’s a ‘flying motorbike’! Impressive homemade drone takes off >>

* Mars has tons of newly discovered water in a 12-mile-wide reservoir >>
* Scientists Definitely Have Not Found Life on the Moon >>
* A Watery Lake Is Detected on Mars, Raising the Potential for Alien Life >>
* All that dust on Mars is coming from one weird giant alien structure >>

* Men Are Freaking Out About Sperm Counts >>
* Mayfield Robotics Cancels Kuri Social Home Robot >>
* Google’s YouTube VR finally comes to Samsung’s competing VR headset >>

* SpaceX launches 10 satellites, perfect landing, but boat net misses nose cone due to ‘worst ever’ weather >>
* ‘Mirror’ analyzes your personality to show dangers of A.I. >>

* An ‘obesity virus’ could be to blame for many people being overweight >>
* World’s 1st Computer Algorithm, Written by Ada Lovelace, Sells for $125,000 >>

* Learning from Customers at Google Cloud Next ‘18 >>
* About Half of Google’s Workers Are Contractors Who Don’t Receive the Same Benefits as Direct Employees >>
* Hooray: Google App Engine finally ready for Python 3 (and PHP 7.2) >>
* Google Cloud AutoML: Neural nets designed by neural nets? It may as well be AI hyped by AI >>
* Cloud Services Platform debuts, mixing containers, monitoring, AI, management, etc >>
* Mining Web API Specifications >>
* Google Drive will hit a billion users this week >>
* Google is baking machine learning into its BigQuery data warehouse >>

* Google brings its search technology to the enterprise >>
* Google is making a fast specialized TPU chip for edge devices and a suite of services to support it >>
* Bringing intelligence to the edge with Cloud IoT >>
* Google is rolling out a version of Google Voice for enterprise G Suite customers >>
* Google Cloud introduces shielded virtual machines for additional security >>
* Bringing intelligence to the edge with Cloud IoT >>

* Scientists identify biomarkers to detect and prevent stillbirth >>
* Tomorrow’s transplant organs could come from human-pig hybrids >>
* Yanmar’s robotic tractors bring autonomous vehicles out to farm >>

* ‘Amazing dragon’: New dinosaur species discovered in China >>
* Waymo Teams Up With Walmart, Avis and Others for Short Driverless Rides >>
* Developing Brain Atlas through Deep Learning >>

* Snark AI looks to help companies get on-demand access to idle GPUs >>
* The race to build the best blockchain >>
* Here’s What’s Coming and Going From Netflix in August 2018 >>

* Android P’s final test release is here >>
* Computer vision researchers build an AI benchmark app for Android phones >>
* GitLab 11.1 devops tool improves security controls >>

* Preparing Americans for the jobs of the future >>
* Artificial intelligence will create as many jobs as it destroys, according to a PwC analysis >>
* What Are The New Jobs In A Human + Machine World? >>

* Nikon is officially working on a full-frame mirrorless camera with a new lens mount >>
* Geoffrey Landis reviewed interstellar propulsion concepts >>
* Vodafone’s Vittorio Colao bows out >>

* See the Dramatic Increase in Near-Earth Asteroids NASA Has Discovered (Video) >>
* Watch SpaceX and Arianespace Launch Satellites Wednesday in Early-Morning Doubleheader >>
* Mars Meets The Minimoon During The Longest Total Lunar Eclipse Of The Century >>

* a16z Podcast: Scaling Companies (and Tech Trends) >>
* a16z Podcast: Beyond Zero-Sum Thinking in the Game of Tech… and Life >>

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