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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 25 July 2018

* Google Docs uses AI to catch your grammar mistakes >>
* Google is Building ‘Virtual Agents’ To Handle Call Centers’ Grunt Work >>
* Both Amazon and Walmart announce expanded grocery delivery operations >>

* AI to digitally add BIKINIS onto nude photographs bid to censor racy images online >>
* Startup is building a new kind of holographic display >>

* Iris scanner AI can tell the difference between the living and the dead >>
* ‘The downloadable gun’ becomes available August 1 >>
* 1 million Facebook users watched a video that blurs line between bad satire and fake news >>

* NASA Remakes the Airplane Wing With Electric Propulsion and a Whole Lot of Propellers >>
* Photo Of Neptune From The Ground! New Adaptive Optics Makes Ground Telescopes Ignore Earth’s Atmosphere >>
* Researchers capture high-resolution image of a complete fruit fly brain >>

* Verizon is reportedly in talks with Apple and Google to stream live TV over its 5G network >>
* Google is adding new automated machine learning tools bringing AI software to call centers >>
* Chinese internet users employ the blockchain to share a censored news article >>

* Watch the Google Cloud Next day one keynote live right here >>
* Live from Google Cloud Next: Advancing every business in the Cloud >>
* Google Cloud goes all-in on hybrid with its new Cloud Services Platform >>

* Google announces Cloud Build, its new continuous integration/continuous delivery platform >>
* Google’s Cloud Functions serverless platform is now generally available >>
* Google to offer blockchain as part of cloud service >>

* Google announces a suite of updates to its contact center tools >>
* Google Docs gets an AI grammar checker >>
* Google Cloud will soon have a major new feature to better compete with Amazon and Microsoft >>

* Google brings support for custom translations and text categorization to AutoML >>
* Google’s Smart Compose is now ready to write emails for G Suite users >>

* Google Translate is freaking the f*ck out >>
* Google showed off another human-sounding software bot and its famed scientist insists it won’t kill jobs >>
* Google Translate could end up being the search giant’s next hit product. >>

* You can now tell Google Assistant to make Duo video calls >>
* Helping computers perceive human emotions >>
* Olympic officials take baby steps toward recognizing esports >>

* We might only see time because we can’t think in quantum physics >>
* Why we shouldn’t blame the world’s woes on the stupidity of others >>
* Japanese computers may go haywire when the emperor abdicates next year >>

* Cord cutting accelerates with millions leaving pay TV for Netflix, Hulu, Amazon >>
* The latest map of every known asteroid near Earth is mind-blowing >>
* Verizon to focus on 5G delivery, let competitors hunt for content >>

* A milestone for Chrome security: marking HTTP as “not secure” >>
* Microsoft delivers public previews of its Office 2019 server products >>
* ReactOS 0.4.9 Is Entirely Self-Hosting, Fixes FastFAT Crashes >>

* How NASA Is Using Lasers to Study Climate Change (Video) >>
* Scientists Definitely Have Not Found Life on the Moon >>
* Boeing’s Starliner Launch Abort Engine Suffers Problem During Testing >>

* “Netflix of gaming”? Microsoft might finally crack the code >>
* Early bird tix to our ML conference >>
* Rolls-royce’s Wants Their Flying Cars To Conquer The Skies >>

* “Dark Energy’s Known Unknown” — Could It Be Symmetron Field That Pervades Space Much Like the Higgs Field >>
* US extends five hydro dam construction licenses >>

* Laos hydro dam collapses while under construction with the possible deaths of hundreds >>
* Detailed analysis of 100% solar, wind and hydro plan has many flaws and crazy costs >>

* DARPA Is Funding Research Into AI That Can Explain What It’s “Thinking” >>
* U.S. Military Declares Mandate on AI: “We Want to Be the Threat” >>
* The BlackFly Flying Car is Making the Future of Flight Personal >>

* China sees fast growth in industrial robots production >>
* Cell-sized robots could help find disease within your body >>
* The next big wave >>
* Putin’s robo-nauts ‘to be in space by 2019 >>

* 16600 new Chinese companies describe their business using the word blockchain >>
* Bubbles or multi-trillion dollar futures for Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, AI and Cannabis? >>
* World’s Largest Robot Hauls Ore Through Western Australia >>

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