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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 24 July 2018

* Warr Hyperloop wins race with record speed of 290 mph >>
* Commercial 1000 horsepower Gravity human flying suit will add 3d printed wings and AR displays >>
* Sony unveils world’s first 48-megapixel smartphone sensor >>

* $610 million real estate company doesn’t have an office for 13,000, — instead, everybody works from this completely virtual island >>
* Canadian Scientists Brew First True Cannabis Beer >>
* Photo Shows The Martian Dust Storm As It Was Just Getting Going >>

* The Andromeda galaxy ate our sister galaxy >>
* Boston Dynamics To Produce 1,000 SpotMini Robo Dogs Annually >>
* ‘Scraper’ Bots and the Secret Internet Arms Race >>

* Qualcomm unveils first mmWave 5G antennas for smartphones >>
* Researchers design self-powered robots the size of human cells >>

* China also making large low-cost robotic submarine drones >>
* Engineers, coders – it’s down to you to prevent AI being weaponised >>
* DARPA pushes for AI that can explain its decisions >>

* Boeing’s spacecraft faces even longer delays after propellant leak >>
* Scientists Take Step Toward Creating Artificial Embryos >>
* Building a better cloud with our partners at Next ‘18 >>

* Hidden Environmental Cost of Amazon Prime’s Free, Fast Shipping >>
* The 4-day work week works. So why aren’t we using it? >>
* ‘Cosmos: Possible Worlds’ trailer explores alien life and butterflies >>

* Rental attacks mean that blockchains must evolve or die >>
* Boston Dynamics Is Gearing Up To Produce Thousands of Robot Dogs >>
* Use Augmented Reality to Become a Better Artist With This App >>

* Qualcomm’s 5G antennas are primed for next year’s phones >>
* Europa Lander May Not Have to Dig Deep to Find Signs of Life >>
* Likely organics and microbial life in all the liquid oceans of the solar system >>

* Artificial Intelligence Shows Why Atheism Is Unpopular >>
* AI will add smartness for better products and an eco >>
* China creating second largest marine corps to secure Belt and Road Interests >>

* Samsung’s Giantest Giant TV Could Be Coming to Homes Next Year >>
* SpaceX Enters a New Stage of Reusability >>
* Drone development should focus on social good first, says UK report >>

* How to take machine learning from exploration to implementation >>
* Cell-sized robots can sense their environment >>
* How Artificial Neural Networks Can Code Smarter Than GUI Programmer >>

* Space Explorer Hayabusa2 Prepares to Land on a Diamond-Shaped Asteroid 900 Meters Wide >>
* Ideas sparked by “What if?”: TED@UPS 2018 >>
* Serverless Computing: Building it, managing it, developing it >>

* Nikon teases its first full-frame mirrorless cameras >>
* Peter Griffin: Robot pals will help keep us alive >>
* Fritz wants to help developers bring machine learning to their mobile apps >>

* Reveling in a complex, unknowable future >>
* A mathematical view on cell packing >>
* The EcoQube Sprout is a micro-garden for apartment dwellers that’s on Kickstarter >>

* Chinese Sexbot Maker Embraces 3D Printing >>
* Lime hits six million rides >>
* The Best Costumes at Comic-Con 2018 >>

* UK sets out plan to spend billions on fiber and 5G broadband for all >>
* What’s Coming and Going From Netflix the Week of July 23, 2018 >>
* Banking on the cloud: how financial services organizations are embracing cloud technology >>

* Liquid Battery Based on Methuselah Molecule >>
* 5 Mistakes Companies Make About Growth Mindsets >>
* Don’t be “tech basic”: Here’s how your AI-enabled device understands your voice >>

* Nintendo Asks GitHub to Shut Down Game Boy Emulator >>
* Astronaut Tim Peake launches an online competition to name the ExoMars rover set to search for life on the red planet in 2021 >>
* Deadly heatwave hits Japan and Korea as temperatures soar past 40°C >>

* We cannot breathe easily when deadly air threatens young children >>
* We could find life on Europa by just scratching its surface >>
* Deep Learning Algorithms Help Map Developing Brains >>

* New malaria treatment paves way for eradication >>
* From Aquaman to The Walking Dead: 10 things we learned from Comic-Con 2018 >>
* Mark Hamill Joins The Dark Side, Quietly Attends Comic-Con As Stormtrooper >>

* If only A.I. had a brain >>
* Fastest-spinning manmade object clocks 60 billion rpm >>
* This AI can see what you’re thinking — and draw a picture of it >>

* How to train neural network on browser >>
* Billionaires Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk hit launch in web space race >>
* RESTful API Design—Step By Step Guide >>

* Failure during engine test could delay Boeing’s new passenger spacecraft >>
* The new trailer for James Cameron’s Alita: Battle Angel adds backstory and battle >>
* Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s master plan is clearly working, and the company is soaring toward $1 trillion >>

* Samsung Teams With NASA For A Moon For All Mankind VR >>
* Scientists develop eye drop that can save sight of millions of people >>
* China Tower taps Alibaba, ICBC, Hillhouse as cornerstone investors in US$8.7 billion IPO >>

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